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Smarthome 3.0 by CITC (English version)

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Smarthome 3.0 by CITC is the 3rd version an original concept of the house of the future.

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Smarthome 3.0 by CITC (English version)

  1. 1. There have already been two editions The first edition was part of the trade show for personal services at Lille Grand Palais in 2011. A dozen partners around the CITC prepared the first demo of this kind in the region. It was on display for two days (from 13 to 14 May 2011) and raised the awareness of 2,000 visitors of the issues around tomorrow's housing. Opened on 22 November 2012 by Fleur Pellerin, Martine Aubry, Dominique Bur, Pierre de Sainti- gnon et Akim Oural, the 2nd edition of the Smar- tHome was on display for 20 months at EuraTech- nologies and raised awareness among more than 4,500 people. This edition enjoyed excellent press coverage. The SmartHome 3.0 is an invitation to live fully immersed in the home of the future, a world of discoveries where technological innovations are at the service of humankind and respond to its essential needs: auto- nomy, wellbeing, social ties, ease of use, responsible energy management, etc. It is a full-scale demo dedicated to promoting innovation in smart, sustainable and creative housing. A modular, scalable space that is a repository for the latest discoveries of tech- nological uses and innovations at the service of the resident. This project com- bines themes of technological innovation, sustainable development, life cycle analysis and social innovation. It is also a place to promote the expertise of cities, regions and nations, and an educatio- nal tool for the area. www.smarthome.fr Third edition: stay tuned! The third edition has the ambition of responding to the major issues around tomorrow's homes and neighbourhoods. These issues include: responsible energy management; accessibility and autonomy; convenience; social ties, espe- cially the community dimension of connected neighbourhoods; services of daily living; solidarity; ageing well; access to culture and leisure; and household budget optimisation. SmartHome 3.0 by CITC is a testing ground for partners' projects and a laboratory for uses in which new products and uses may be tested in order to quickly benefit from feedback. This home with an area of more than 90 sq m is on display in the EuraTechnologies Atrium.
  2. 2. All furniture is modular and adaptable. It was specifically designed to integrate technological innovations by offering simple, intuitive visualisa- tion of information. You will discover the different apps for the Smar- tHome 3.0 by CITC described below : Opening of the SmartHome When an individual attempts to enter the Smar- tHome 3.0, a smart access system detects and manages access rights to the home based on the profiles authorised for entry. The door opens auto- matically, rendering the SmartHome acce ssible to people with reduced mobility. The bike ride The resident can partly power their home by pedalling a power-generating bike. To make for a pleasant experience, the bike is connected to a platform of geo-tagged videos displaying different routes that pass before the resident's eyes based on the speed and rhythm of their pedalling. The DashBoard The DashBoard is an interface and management tool for all the home's information services. The information offered includes: rubbish collection, citizen info, neighbourhood info, the market, the neighbourhood Twitter feed, a participatory citizenship social platform, sensor information, energy consumption in euros and units, energy production in euros and units, mean neighbou- rhood consumption, and temperature control for the different rooms. The DashBoard can be accessed from a coffee table, TV or tablet. Cooking Ideas The Cooking Ideas app, connected to the living room DashBoard, displays the resident's stock of food products. The app offers recipes based on the products available, resident profiles (diabetic, vegetarian, allergic to gluten, etc.) and expiration dates. After choosing a recipe, all the resident has to do is drag and drop it in the "Let's cook!" area. The recipe will then be sent to the Smart Cooking app in the kitchen.
  3. 3. Lectura Club Lectura Club is a new smart device that lets you share your library with your friends and access your friends' books to promote swapping, sharing and bonding over books. The app is also connec- ted to the catalogues of nearby libraries so that the resident can conduct a search, find out whether or not an item in the catalogue is available and recommend it to a relative or friend. The resident also has the option to leave their reviews of the works. The Table Fantastique The Table Fantastique app lets them discover the local scene. This app is based on a new concept: every month, the city's multimedia library sends its subscribers, based on their preferences, flyers inviting them to learn about one or two local artists. The resident then places the flyer on the Table Fantastique and can listen to one or more excerpts of music by the artists. The magic mirror When the resident picks up their toothbrush, the mirror identifies them and displays information related to their profile and interests (sports scores, traffic information, weather forecast, etc.). A three-minute counter starts when the resident picks up their toothbrush to encourage them to brush for this period of time. Debimeter The smart flow meter records the flow of water used in the shower and displays it on the bathroom screen. SmartPharma SmartPharma is a device that helps the resident take their medicines as prescribed. The device sends an email or text message alert to the resident's carer or a member of their family if their medicines are not taken. Thanks to a smart pres- cription system, the prescribed dose can be ente- red simply by scanning it on the device –
  4. 4. Supported by Lille Métropole, Région Nord-Pas de Calais, Euratechnologies, Euréquip, Stami, SRCM, Pangée Design, Dickson-Constant, Domosens, Crouzet Agencement, Eaux du Nord, LaboEM, Leroy Merlin, ComConcept, Comforyou. Their innovations are in the SmartHome 3.0 Modulhome, Ailyan, Cuisinix, GDF Suez, ID-RF, Ineat Conseil, Inria, Intent, Jooxter, Kinomap, Mines de Douai, Signée, Sopra, Webinage. Project Manager Ali Benfattoum - CITC-EuraRFID Head of Communication Alice HUYS - MOCHEZ - CITC-EuraRFID VISIT +33 3 20 19 18 52 contact@citc-eurarfid.com WHERE EuraTechnologies 165 avenue de Bretagne 59000 - LILLE WWW.SMARTHOME.FR Flash to read the video http://goo.gl/XtE9gT #smarthome by #CITC @eurarfid
  5. 5. Aquaponics: an expression of a sus- tainable life cycle Aquaponics consists of vegetable farming in "symbiosis" with fish farming. In a SmartHome, it consists of an aquarium in which the water is used to water a grow bed. This system is automated and requires very little maintenance. A display summarises the plants' state of health, harvest dates and conditions (temperature, etc.). A social dimension is added to the system. SmartShopper The SmartShopper app lets the resident prepare their shopping list based on the chosen products, mode of transport, price, goods, weather forecast and weight of the shopping (burden). It offers the optimal solution(s) to do the shopping. The resident can then load the list, as well as discount coupons and offers on select products, on their smartphone. The app suggests to the resident that they add regularly used pr–oducts, products needed to prepare recipes selected in the Cooking Ideas app and staples (salt, butter, etc.) to the list. The Naohome The Nao robot, a useful companion in the home, is an interface between the SmartHome and the resident. It can trigger activities at the resident's voice command (example: switching off the lights). It can answer the resident's questions about the weather forecast and the stock of food products-. It can also alert the resident to risks and malfunctions in the home. La cuisine + Again in the interest of the home's accessibility and security, the devices in the kitchen adapt to a resident's profile based on biometric recognition (-for a child, stores of hazardous products are locked). Smart Cooking After selecting a recipe using the Cooking Ideas app, the resident receives step-by-step support in preparing it. The app also displays the recipe and checks whether all the required ingredients are properly laid out on the worktop. The preparation of the recipe can then begin: the resident views the steps one by one. They can navigate with a simple gesture.
  6. 6. Testimonial “CITC offers us two very interesting assets: a proximity network of stakeholders working on contactless technologies and the Internet of Things, and a technical expertise supported by high-tech services such as testing or validation. The strength of CITC is that it knows its members very well, so it can be both proactive and efficient.” Thibaut PRUVOST, Managing Direc- tor, ETINEO “We worked with CITC to assess a surface that was experiencing opera- ting problems. CITC enabled us to identify the precise issues and work on the design of a new surface offering more power, a better detec- tion and the possibility to detect seve- ral objects on each cell.” Florent FORTAT, Security Program- mer - NFC Specialist, HANAKAÏ STUDIO “We are convinced that contactless technologies and the Internet of Things have a real future in video games as they are able to enhance the user's experience and offer new challenges. Thus, we joined CITC to enter into contact with experts in the industry and to carry out intelligence activities on technologies likely to be interfaced with video games.” Maxence DEVOGHELAERE, CEO, 3DDUO Created by CITC since 2011 The Contactless Cluster for the Internet of the Future An Innovation Centre To prepare the Economy of the Future The CITC (Innovation Centre for Contactless Technologies) is a major stakeholder in the Internet of Things and Ambient Intelligence. It operates as a centre for resources, technical expertise and experimentation in the field of identification, traceability, mobility and geolocation, taking into account environmental, ethical and security requirements. It helps mastering contactless technologies and the Internet of Things, designing innovative and standardised solutions, and developing new high-po- tential businesses. It takes part in the activities related to the Internet of the Future by leveraging the synergies between companies and research & training organisations. To best support the stakeholders of the ecosystem related to the Internet of Things and contactless applications, CITC offers a broad range of complemen- tary services. Technical Expertise Advice, Tests & Trials Prototyping, Prequalifica- tion, Precertification Recherche &Development Work Experimentation & Demonstrations Vocational Training Initial Training On-demand Studies Intelligence for technological, society and social issues, etc. WWW.CITC-EURARFID.COM