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Joe mcnally[celso ramirez]

Joe Mcnally conference at Mexico City on Fes Acatlan University

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Joe mcnally[celso ramirez]

  1. 1. Joe McNally  At The begining of the conference Joe McNally showed his job to the audience, for example he showed photos of famous artist such as Steve Martin, Cher and Michael Myers. He said that for him the most important thing in a photo was the color and the light. He also said that he risked his life many times just to get the right photo, but it was part of the job and he prefered that instead of being trapped in a office all day long.
  2. 2.  He explained that this photo was the perfect example for the danger that he had to suffer as a photographer because, he explained that he got hurt with a big piece of metal on his head while he was taking this picture.
  3. 3.  Another example of danger is this photography. He took this photo on a pyramid located in Las Vegas and he said that if one of those lights had heated at that moment, it had exploited and the impact of that explotion would be like a granade.
  4. 4.  He also talked a little about this photo. He said that he went to a famous studio that made angel wings for movies, but one of his assistants told him that he shouldn’t pay for the wings because they were too expensive, but at the end Joe said that it was worth it.
  5. 5.  He explained some of the photos that he took during the 2016 Rio Olympics. He thought that it was going to be imposible to take shots of the games because it wasn’t allowed to use flashes or alternative lights. Nevertheless, he did an amazing job and photographed Rio Olympics from a very different perspective. He took shots of gymnastics, wrestling, taekwondo and races.
  6. 6.  He took several photos during the conference to show the audience how to manage the lights correctly. He chose a person from the public and he started taking pictures of him. He made a lot of tests with his camera and he used the TTL (trough the lens) system as a tool, which basically he explained that is the camera judging flash exposure in relation to what the camera actually sees. He did experiments with his camera and with 4 flashes, 3 of them were in the backside of the theater and the other one was with him on the stage. At the end, he finally got the result he wanted.
  7. 7.  He talked about how we can avoid the overexposure by ajusting the ISO and the flashes, this flashes were controlled by Joe from his camera.  He also talked about his job on National Geographic and he exposed some of the pictures that he had taken for the NatGeo magazine, for example his job named “The future of Flying” or “Telescopes”
  8. 8. The future of Flying Telescopes