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Sms in nepal

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Sms in nepal

  1. 1. Support My School Campaign in Nepal
  2. 2. Why Support my School? • Schools are one of the most important centres in our communities • Schools need an environment that inspires and supports children to learn o An active student body o Capable & committed teachers o Effective management system o Basic amenities such as safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) facilities as well as education and sports facilities
  3. 3. Why Support my School?• Most schools in Nepal do not have this learning environment o Only 36% of schools in Nepal have separate toilets for boys and girls. Many of the toilets are poorly maintained and are not user-friendly, especially for young children and girls• Government is taking some positive steps but this alone is not enough• A citizen campaign is also required to support schools become healthy and active learning centres
  4. 4. Support My School Campaign• Objective: Create a healthy and active learning environment in schools and also assist young children become agents of change in our society• Components o Improvement in facilities for WASH, education and sports o Active engagement of students, teachers and management o School led initiatives in surrounding communities o Mobilize local resources o Networking• Partners o School management, alumni, teachers & students o Government – KMC +… o Private Sector - Coca Cola Company +… o NGOs - ENPHO, CEN, Rotary Club +…
  5. 5. Support My School Campaign in India• Initiated in January 2011 as a partnership between UN-Habitat, Coca Cola & NDTV• Objective: Healthy & Active Schools o WASH facilities o Rain water harvesting o Computer & library facilities o Sports facilities/playgrounds o Landscaping• Reached out to over 100 school in 10 states• Season 2 target: 250 schools
  6. 6. Sachin Tendulkar as Campaign Ambassador
  7. 7. Using the Power of Media to RaiseAwareness & Funds Stars at Telethon organized by NDTV
  8. 8. Support my School Campaign in Nepal• 1st Phase: December 2012 – March 2013• Launch campaign it at least 10 schools in Kathmandu Valley o Select schools o Mobilize local resources o Capacity building o Improvement of WASH, educational & sports facilities o Reach out to communities o Regular monitoring• Mobilize partners for expansion of the campaign• Communication campaign
  9. 9. Proposed Schools for 1st phase School No. of StudentsAdarsha HSS, Thimi 810Gyanodaya Ma. Vi. , Bafal 1994Janak Siddhikali, Thimi 300Padma Kanya Vidyashram, Dillibazar 540Ratna Rajya Higher Secondary School, Baneshwor 1867Shanti Nikunja Secondary School, Maruhiti 365Shree Saraswati HSS, Thecho 760Tarun Ma Vi., Balaju 1851Tika Vidyashram HSS, Sanepa 350Tri Padma Vidyashram HSS, Pulchowk 893TOTAL 9380
  10. 10. Proposed Schools in 1st Phase of Support My School
  11. 11. Shanti Nikunja, Maruhiti • Drinking water facility available • 38000 ltr concrete tank • Sufficient hand washing facility • Sufficient & separate toilets for girls, boys and staffs Possible interventions • Rainwater harvesting system • Sports: TT Board & Children’s play ground • Garden & greenery improvement
  12. 12. Tika Vidyashram, Sanepa • Rainwater harvesting system supported by Rotary – but limited storage facility • Separate toilets for girls, boys and staffs – but needs improvement • Big school ground – needs maintenance Possible interventions• Toilet improvement: door frames• Hand washing platform• Sports facilities: Badminton Court, TT board• Garden & Greenery
  13. 13. Padma Kanya Vidyashram, Dilli Bazar • Drinking water is available. Water is tested. • Overhead & underground tank (10,000 ltr concrete and 6,500 polythene) • Sufficient hand washing facility available • Newly built toilet Possible interventions• Education facility: ECD Class• Sports: Badminton court• Overall environment: Painting & landscaping
  14. 14. Shree Saraswati HSS, Thecho • Rainwater harvesting and ground water recharge • Not adequate water storage and hand washing facilities • Colorful toilets but needs better ventilation & partition • Area available for garden Possible interventions • Hand washing platforms • Water storage tank and taps • Urinal improvement • Garden & greenery improvement
  15. 15. Tarun Secondary School, Balaju • Adequate water supply • Newly constructed toilets • Solid waste is a problem • No playing courts • Planning to develop computer lab and library Possible interventions• Improvement in sanitation facilities – partition walls, sanitary pad management facility• Sports: Children’s playground• Overall environment: Painting & landscaping
  16. 16. Tri Padma HSS, Pulchowk • Good drinking water system • Good and sufficient hand washing facility • Toilets in good condition • Basketball court used for volley and badminton also • Well managed garden Possible interventions• Rainwater harvesting and recharge• Sports facilities: TT board• Garden & Greenery
  17. 17. Gyanodaya Secondary School, Bafal • Drinking water and hand washing facility available • Separate toilet for girls & boys but needs improvement • Basketball court, volleyball court and badminton court • Well equipped computer lab of 60 computers & internet Possible interventions• Rainwater harvesting and recharge• Improvement of toilets• Painting & Greenery
  18. 18. Ratna Rajya HSS, Baneshwor • Drinking water is sufficient • Rainwater harvesting • Toilets not sufficient and in poor condition • Hand washing platforms not sufficient • No sports facilities Possible interventions• Improvement of toilets• Sports facility: TT & badminton/volleyball courts• Improve library• Painting & Greenery
  19. 19. Janak Siddhikali HSS, Thimi • Water available but not treated • Hand washing facility not sufficient • Separate toilets for girls & boys • No sufficient space for outdoor games • No computers • Library in poor condition Possible interventions• Repair water supply and hand washing facilities• Sports facilities: TT board• Garden & Greenery
  20. 20. Aadarsha HSS, Sano Thimi • Water supply and hand washing facility is sufficient • Toilets in poor condition • Enough space for playground but not courts • Well furnished computer lab • Insufficient library Possible interventions• Improvement of toilets• Water treatment• Improve library