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Sri lanka slideshow

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Sri Lanka Slideshow

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Sri lanka slideshow

  1. 1. Low-lying agricultural areas in Kesbewa Urban Council (Sri Lanka) are facing rapid urbanisation.
  2. 2. Coupled to projected climate change impacts, flood risks are expected to increase
  3. 3. Indeed, where low-lying paddy lands are abandoned, this has resulted in recurrent flooding and related damage to infrastructure, utility supply and the urban economy in some parts of Kesbewa area
  4. 4. The Ministry of Agriculture, Western Province realised that well-maintained and well- drained paddy areas function as buffer zones in which water is stored and drainage regulated
  5. 5. Increased localised food production serves triple wins as a climate adaptation strategy, reducing of dependence on food imports and improving livelihood conditions (source image: Janathakshan)
  6. 6. Urban and peri-urban agriculture are now being integrated in municipal development plans and well as a provincial climate change action plan (source image: Western Province).