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NPIN's New Technologies Coming Soon!

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NPIN's New Technologies Coming Soon!

  1. 1. ´s New Technologies COMING SOON!
  2. 2. cdcnpin.org goes SOCIAL! COMING SOON to cdcnpin.org ´s New Technologies › Two-way communication between CDC and partners › Peer-to-peer knowledge transfer via conversations and resource-sharing › Private groups and wikis for collaborative work › Member directory to locate peers with needed expertise › Ability to follow specific social content, topics and members › E-mail notifications on content of interest › User-generated content throughout the site › Unified search feature to return database, static and community content
  3. 3. HIVtest.cdc.gov will be GetTested.cdc.gov Coming Summer 2014 on GetTested.cdc.gov ´s New Technologies › Includes testing for HIV, STD, and hepatitis, as well as hepatitis vaccines › Allows future integration of other tests › Explains connections between diseases › Offers a recommender tool to provide test and vaccine suggestions based on user’s responses; shows locations providing recommended services first › Uses a Google API auto-complete address feature › Supports content in both English and Spanish
  4. 4. ´s New Technologies STD microsite has a new look and feel cdcnpin.org/stdawareness/ › Clean and modern design with new layout, images and colors reflective of UX Testing results › Left navigation “accordion” menu (click the drop down arrow to expand and reveal subtopics) › New categorized menu for downloadable materials › Tailored for multiple devices using responsive design (HTML5)
  5. 5. New Testing & Treatment Widget “Wizard” Coming July 2014 on cdcnpin.org ´s New Technologies › Makes all NPIN Organizations Database information accessible, including HIV/AIDS, STDs, TB, and hepatitis organizations › Widget “Wizard” lets users change the header, description, types of information included, state, footer links, and labels, and choose from several widget sizes and color palettes › Widget code generated instantly for partners to add to their own sites › Enables users to search NPIN database information without leaving the partner’s website
  6. 6. ´s New Technologies WWW.CDCNPIN.ORG EMAIL: INFO@CDCNPIN.ORG Follow CDCNPIN on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and G+ for updates