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Ccih2019 holistic-health-models-dykstra

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Ruth Dykstra, Public Health Graduate Student shares a study by Grand Canyon University of 10 holistic health models and the impact of faith-based global development to integrate the spiritual determinants of health into programming.

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Ccih2019 holistic-health-models-dykstra

  2. 2. TOPICS  Define Holistic Health Models  Examine Existing Models  Framework of HolisticCommunity Development  Measures of Success  Mapping of Models  Sustainability
  3. 3. HOLISTIC MODELS RESEARCH  Question: What types of Holistic models currently exist and could a developer use some sort of a guide to help them choose what to use in their situation?  Method: Review current literature  150 articles were fully reviewed  Identified similarities and differences  Compiled tables and graphs that may help developers choose appropriate methods
  4. 4. DEFINING HOLISTIC HEALTH MODEL A holistic health model seeks to complement existing health services by improving the relationships and addressing the conflicts hindering the living conditions and environment that promote health and work toward removing obstacles to freedom, while keeping a relationship with God at the center.
  5. 5. Name Organization or Group Initiator of Change Benefits Available Assessment Tools Available Training Tools Community Health Evangelism (CHE) Community Health Evangelism Individual Easily adaptable Has multiple learning tools and modules for specific populations Lesson plans Picture booklets Bible studies Church-Community Mobilization (Umoja) Tearfund Community Multiple tools and instructions on how to facilitate discussions; includes five stages of empowering the church. LIGHT Wheel Problem Trees Force Field Diagram SWOT, evidenced-based research on impact in 2013 and 2016. Facilitator guides Training manuals Bible studies; Pillars Guide; Learning Together Guide Transformational Development Frame World Vision Individual Focuses on children and families, making them agents of change. Twelve Transformational Development Indicators are assessed every 3 years Wholistic Worldview Analysis Wholistic Worldview Analysis Community Aides the community in identifying who they are and what their vision is 10 Seed Technique Holistic Health and Community Transformation Model Salvation Army Community Strengthens community cohesion and addresses community needs Health flip books Transformational Development Opportunity International Individual Using micro-finance programs to raise quality of life and teach empowerment, character, and service Macro indicators of abundance, empowerment, character, and service Financial mentoring Truth Centered Transformation Reconciled World Community Strengthens the community and places focus on God empowering/helpingthem and not relying on organizations Has 10 modules for the community to work their way through. Has newsletters for the communities