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Innovation Hacking

What can Enterprises learn from Startups and how can they differentiate and continually evolve to stay ahead of the competition. I believe this is the next evolution of Growth Hacking and provides opportunities for organizations to truly be innovative.
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Innovation Hacking

  1. 1. INNOVATION HACKING From a Technology Startup’s Perspective 26th November 2013
  2. 2. ABOUT  THE  SPEAKER   Chi Tran @buzzoids CEO |1CloudStar | AWS Consulting Partner •  •  •  Passionate about all things Digital and Innovative Believes in the complete eco-system from Startups to Enterprises Former Vice President and Regional Chief Technology Officer OgilvyOne APAC, IBM, CSC, E-Technology Manager at Hutchison 3G.
  3. 3. BACKGROUND   Almost Six Years ago At OgilvyOne We had an Idea
  4. 4. BACKGROUND   Online Storage You can send files You can share files You have an exclusive invite for friends to join You can store your mobile files
  5. 5. We tried to sell it into clients for 2 years… @US$X Million
  6. 6. We tried to sell it into clients for 2 years… @US$X Million What is DropBox’s valuation? @US$8 Billion
  7. 7. BACKGROUND   What can Brands and Agencies learn from Tech Startups?
  9. 9. INTRODUCTION   INNOVATION HACKING " The marketing technique that combines:" " 1. Growth Hacking" 2. Lean Startup" 3. Accelerator models " " to sell products, gain exposure and be Innovative Local Incubation, Brand Innovation, Global Acceleration
  10. 10. INTRODUCTION   Before we can understand Innovation Hacking, we must start from the beginning and understand a few things first.
  11. 11. GROWTH  HACKING               Growth Hacking “Is a marketing technique developed by technology startups which uses Creativity, Analytical Thinking and Social Metrics” Wikipedia
  12. 12. GROWTH  HACKING               Important parts of “growth hacking” is that you see opportunities from API documents and integration hooks… understanding them from a marketing perspective, from a manipulation and growth perspective
  13. 13. GROWTH  HACKING               Gartner 2013 CMO prediction: 50% of new marketing hires will have a Technical background
  14. 14. SUCCESS  STORY             Airbnb crawled Craigslist to enlist them onto Airbnb in addition to integrated listings through URL hacking and screen scraping
  15. 15. LEAN  STARTUP             Startup Bible – The Lean Startup “The Lean Startup method teaches you how to drive a startup-how to steer, when to turn, and when to persevere-and grow a business with maximum acceleration.” Eric Ries
  16. 16. LEAN  STARTUP             Minimum Viable Product Customer feedback over intuition Iterative approach vs large waterfall Understand when to Pivot or Perish Experimentation over elaborate planning
  17. 17. SUCCESS  STORY             Dropbox utilized these 2 approaches to great effect Created an Interactive Video First Beta registration validated customer demand (25x in one day) In 15 months, went from 100,000 registered users to over 4,000,000 To start there was no advertising; another consideration was scaling was hard Eventually hired SEO/SEM – Cost per Acquistion $233-$388 ($99 product) Switched to a WOM strategy – Viral Referral program increased 2way loyalty by 60%. 35% of all sign ups was through WOM
  18. 18. SUCCESS  STORY             Who has heard of the Orchestra, a company behind a “to-do” app? Who has heard of Mailbox the company behind the mobile first email experience for gmail? Now acquired by Dropbox
  19. 19. ACCELERATOR  MODEL           The last piece of the puzzle Accelerators
  20. 20. ACCELERATOR  MODEL           h7p://www.youtube.com/watch?hl=en-­‐GB&gl=SG&v=6ERQ7ZtseWo    
  21. 21. ACCELERATOR  MODEL          
  22. 22. PuSng  it  all  together   What are the various examples of Innovation Hacking?
  23. 23. SUCCESS  STORY             Innovation Hacking Example: Innovation Day “Atlassian had inspired the bank to Innovate more” Suncorp CIO, Jeff Smith keynoteat AWS Reinvent “Ship-it-day” held quarterly Bonfire (Jira Capture) app generating more than $1m annually created on one of the days Nintendo reached out for help on Innovation
  24. 24. SUCCESS  STORY             Innovation Hacking Example: AWS Kinesis – real-time data analytics https://www.gosquared.com/blog/kinesis-demo-aws-reinvent-2013
  25. 25. SUCCESS  STORY             Innovation Hacking Example: PepsiCo10 “Exploring the future of Digital” Complete eco-system from Startups to Enterprise, PR, Social, Publishing Utilizing Growth Hacking, Entrepreneurs & Accelerators models to bring Innovation Instead of spending $Xm on a TV ad campaign to be “Innovative” – BE INNOVATIVE
  26. 26. h7p://www.youtube.com/watch?v=is_TwMWrCbk  
  27. 27. WHAT  ARE  YOU  GOING  TO  DO?             Innovation Hacking is already here Cloud is a key enabler for Innovation and agility The Innovative corporations are are already leveraging the techniques and those who aren’t are looking for people to take them on that journey
  28. 28. InnovaXon  Hacking           Innovation Hacking Local Incubation Brand Innovation Global Acceleration
  29. 29. GET  IN  TOUCH             Thank You Email: Chi@1CloudStar.com Twitter: @Buzzoids