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The Small key

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A short story won third place in Jose Garcia Villa’s Roll of Honor for the Best Stories of 1927.

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The Small key

  1. 1. Born Paz Latorena 19 January 1908 Boac, Marinduque, Philippines Died October 19, 1953 (aged 45) Nationality Filipino Alma mater University of Santo Tomas PAZ LATORENA (January 19, 1908 – October 19, 1953)
  2. 2.  She received her elementary education in at the St.Scholastica's College and her secondary education at the Manila South (now Araullo) High School. She earned her bachelor of science degree in education at the University of the Philippines College of Education and took a graduate course at the University of Santo Tomas (UST). She taught English at the UST. was a poet, editor, author, and teacher. one of the foremost writers of the first generation of Filipino English writers, in both literary writing and education.  In 1934, her doctoral dissertation, “Philippine Literature in English: Old Voices and New,” received the highest rating of sobresaliente.  also wrote poetry under the pseudonym, Mina Lys.
  3. 3.  While still a freshman in college, Latorena started writing in earnest as Paz Marquez-Benitez. The editor of Herald Midweek Magazine encouraged her to write and publish her works in the magazine. She became nationally known when Jose Garcia Villa included her story, “Sunset”, in his anthology Philippine Short Stories in 1929. It was considered the best published that year.  In 1943, Latorena authored her last story, “Miguel Comes Home.” She died a decade later, on October 19, 1953, of cerebral hemorrhage.  Latorena's stories have a wistfulness which tells of a gentle disillusionment with life. Many of her stories chronicle the unexpressed heartaches of women. There is bitterness, however, but sadness over certain dreams left unfulfilled.
  4. 4. A short story won third place in Jose Garcia Villa’s Roll of Honor for the Best Stories of 1927 THE SMALL KEY
  5. 5.  Pedro Buhay- husband of Soledad, also known as Indo.  Soledad- wife of Pedro Buhay, also known as Choleng.  Tia Maria- housemaid of Indo and Choleng.  Dr. Santos- doctor of Soledad. THE CHARACTERS:
  6. 6. S U M M A R Y: Soledad knows that the small key is a key to a different trunk. She tries to busy herself so that she will not think about what the smaller trunk contains, but she cannot stop thinking about it and reveals that the small trunk contains clothing that belonged to Pedro's first wife. She wonders why it is that he keeps her old clothing and why he seems to have a special feeling about them. She obviously fears that Pedro still loves his first wife even though she has been dead for many years by now. She reveals that she hates the things in the small trunk and worries that they will destroy the relationship between her and her husband. Despite her attempts to not think about the contents of the small trunk, Soledad opens it. At this point, Pedro returns home to find Soledad in bed supposedly with a fever. It turns out she does not. The next morning Pedro discovers a pile of ashes and half burnt clothing in the backyard. He realizes what Soledad has done and rushes to look in the trunk to confirm it. Soledad has indeed, burned his first wife's clothing. Pedro is angry and bitter that this has happened and he expects that Soledad will explain things later. He thinks to himself that he will forgive her because he loves her but that even if she did it out of love for him, it will always remain a matter of some resentment toward her for doing it. It is about a woman named Soledad who is married to a man named Pedro Buhay. They live on a farm. One morning Soledad finds herself knowing that the farm will produce plenty but that she still had some inner feeling of discontent. She planned to mend some of her husband's shirts, which were in a locked trunk. Pedro took out from his pocket a string which held two keys, one large and shiny and one small and rusty. He gave Soledad the large key to his trunk and put the small key back in his jacket pocket. Since it was hot that morning, he removed his coat before leaving to work in the field. When he was gone, Soledad began to fold the jacket and the small key fell to the floor. It is obvious that Pedro values the small key while Soledad fears it.
  7. 7.  SETTING: In the Farm  THEME: " In life people do something to satisfy themselves even when they are fully aware of what the consequences of their actions will be.“  SYMBOLISM:  Small Key: a small rusty key, has a big meaning in the story because it served as the object that reminds him of his first wife  Large Key: It represents to Soledad because she has a power to burnt the clothes of the first wife of Pedro  Trunk: symbolized how Pedro tried to hide his memories of his dead wife  Dead Wife’s Clothes: the remains served as the main memories of his past wife  Farm: it represents the feelings of Soledad to the first wife of Pedro.