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Content + Strategy = Traffic

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[Note: this is episode 4 of our "Let's Build a Profitable Online Business" series. We're building a website together to generate regular, even passive, income. In our first episode we chose our business model (https://ecommerceandbeyond.com/slides-lets-build-profitable-online-business/) and in the second we launched the website (https://ecommerceandbeyond.com/slides-lets-build-profitable-online-business-ep-2/)]

This month's topic is Content Marketing.

The success of your online business depends on the quality and quantity of your website traffic and there is no doubt - if you got no content, you got no readers.

You want people who are engaged and who keep returning to your site over and over again. You want to grow your traffic and your social media shares. You want to be the #1 resource out there in the wild internet.

You don't get away with a few keywords here and there any longer...

So, this month's topic is about Content, Content Strategy and Content Marketing. You will learn these advanced tricks while we apply them to our new online business:

Who (your target)
What (your content)
Where (your media)
How (your style)
When (your calendar)

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Content + Strategy = Traffic

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