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Uncommon Quotes to Help You Embrace Your Employees

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As leaders, we must remember that our teams look to us to set the standard. It’s just as important to celebrate characteristics, like joy, curiosity, humility, fortitude and gratitude, as well as deliverables, like results and metrics. Encourage both accomplishments and failure. These qualities help to nurture the essence of a team so employees feel more comfortable being themselves and can embrace their differences, creating a more functional and real culture. Just consider the success of companies that genuinely embrace these qualities—like Pixar, Southwest, Google. 

Our Uncommon Quotes are designed to help elevate these qualities.

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Uncommon Quotes to Help You Embrace Your Employees

  1. 1. IT IS THINKING OF YOURSELF LESS. – RICK WARREN True humility is not thinking less of yourself—
  2. 2. INCUBATOR FOR THE HUMAN SPIRIT. – ANITA RODDICK The workplace should primarily be an
  3. 3. OUTSIDE THE COMFORT ZONE. – MICHAEL JOHN BOBAK All progress takes place
  4. 4. ONE PERSON WITH PASSION – E.M. FORSTER is better than forty people merely interested.