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The Workspaces of Buffer

The team that builds Buffer's social media tools is distributed all around the world, with members working anywhere and everywhere they feel happy and productive. What does that look like? Take a peek!

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The Workspaces of Buffer

  1. The workspaces of BUFFER How we work, with 20+ team members all around the world!
  2. Buffer Value No. 8: Live smarter, not harder "You choose to be at the single place on Earth where you are the happiest and most productive, and you are not afraid to find out where that is."
  3. JOEL Founder and CEO His Workspace "I try to arrange my meetings in the time I spend at home or in the office (first 2/3 of the day) and do individual work in the coffee shop in the last 1/3 of the day." San Francisco, CA
  4. LEO Chief Operating Officer His Workspace "If I have my to-do list next to me, it's much easier for me to get into a good flow." San Francisco, CA
  5. SUNIL Chief Technical Officer His Workspace Sunil likes co-working and makes his home base at Canvas Co/work about 3-4 days a week. Washington, D.C.
  6. CAROLYN Chief Happiness Officer Her Workspace Carolyn can work from almost anywhere as long as she has tea. For a DIY standing desk, she sometimes works from her kitchen counter. San Francisco, CA
  7. ANDY iOS Developer His Workspace Good music and good coffee (Sightglass, preferably) are all Andy requires to be at peak performance. San Francisco, CA
  8. ÅSA Happiness Hero Her Workspace A frequent traveler, Åsa hasn't had a "real desk" for about 4 years. This photo is from her travels to Majorca, Spain. Stockholm, Sweden
  9. COLIN Back End Developer His Workspace Colin started at Buffer with four monitors and two computers. Now he lives on a boat (yes, really!) and is much more mobile. Cambridge, United Kingdom
  10. NIEL Front End Developer His Workspace Niel is one of Buffer's digital nomads, working anywhere and everywhere there's wifi – including a two-month trip across Southeast Asia :) Cape Town, South Africa
  11. BRIAN Product Manager His Workspace Brian works best in a clean, uncluttered space with "music, always." His dog, Taco, sometimes accompanies him to the office. San Francisco, CA
  12. ADAM Happiness Hero His Workspace The action figures on Adam's desk are "a reminder to stay lighthearted." Grand Blanc, MI
  13. MARY Happiness Hero Her Workspace Mary loved this sublet on top of San Francisco's Telegraph Hill for its view and daily workout of steps. San Francisco, CA
  14. DANIEL Weekend Warrior His Workspace “My office is the place with the best coffee and atmosphere, which in the Mission is everywhere. At home I like it the total opposite: quiet, relaxing, usually some incense or candles going.” San Francisco, CA
  15. STEVEN Growth Hacker His Workspace Steven is a minimalist by nature, but "this space is in my friend's house. It looks very maximalist!" Taipei, Taiwan
  16. COURTNEY Content Crafter Her Workspace "I work surrounded by thrift store finds, craft projects and clashing colors – it makes me feel more creative!" Nashville, TN
  17. KEVAN Content Crafter His Workspace "I try to keep as clean a desk as possible - helps me think more clearly. :) Some days are better than others." Nampa, ID
  18. PATRIK Happiness Hero His Workspace The tiny T Rex on his Patrik's desk was a gift. "I bounce ideas off him often." Knoxville, TN
  19. DAVE Weekend Warrior His Workspace Dave sits on the exercise ball daily and takes hula hoop breaks frequently. West London, United Kingdom
  20. RODOLPHE Product Specialist His Workspace "Earphones, tea (preferably kettle as well), real office chair, pen + paper pad make me happy." Paris, France
  21. NICOLE Community Champion Her Workspace Nicole switches between a standard desk and a treadmill desk. Out her window are chickens – she's an urban homesteader! Portland, OR
  22. DAN Front End Developer His Workspace Dan spends his work time at Projective Space NYC, the coworking space that was the site of Buffer's most recent company retreat. New York, NY
  23. OCTAVIO Happiness Hero His Workspace In the time it took for us to put this slide deck together, Octavio moved from Mexico to Argentina to Uruguay (and he plans on moving even more)! This photo is his view in Argentina. Montevideo, Uruguay
  24. MICHAEL Back End Developer His Workspace An ocean view makes sense for Buffer's surfing engineer. He shares a long desk with his wife (who took this photo!) "so it's great to be able to glance over to her side every so often :)" Cape Town, South Africa
  25. TOM Android Developer His Workspace "When I imagine my ideal office, there is an acoustic guitar, a window, a very good chair and a clean desk. And a tea." Guelph, Ontario, Canada
  26. MIKE Front End Developer His Workspace Mike's adorable kitten, Otto, is a frequent office companion. Barcelona, Spain
  27. JOIN US! Interested in being part of the Buffer journey? jobs.bufferapp.com