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Buffer Marketing Culture

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A look into the foundation of our strategies and content on the Buffer marketing team and the driving values behind how we think about marketing.

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Buffer Marketing Culture

  1. Buffer Marketing Culture Version 0.1
  2. Purpose & Mission
  3. Values 1. Focus on improvement 2. Choose positivity 3. Set aside ego 4. Listen first 5. Work smarter, not harder
  4. Focus on improvement Educational content Detailed & specific Actionable Simple, clear language
  5. Choose positivity Optimistic Reasonable goals No bashing of approaches or network challenges
  6. Set aside ego Humble Relatable Conversational Experimental Transparent
  7. Listen first Community-driven Respond to comments Learn from others
  8. Work smarter, not harder Move fast, ship things No need to overly perfect, polish - a good plan this week is better than a great one next week Update and improve as needed
  9. How We Think About Marketing
  10. How We Think About Marketing Brand - Promoting Buffer culture, values. Altruistic marketing. The goal: Create a bias for Buffer ... so that when the decision time comes, we have an advantage. [Open blog]
  11. How We Think About Marketing Product - Goal: Getting people to know and understand what our application can do and how it supports all our customers in meeting their business needs. How are people using our application and why - to help people have more ideas and be successful [Closely tied to Happiness]
  12. How We Think About Marketing Education - Helping people with social media. Creating resources and adding value for people. [Social blog]