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  1. School Uniform Suppliers In UAE www.budgetuniform.ae/school-uf/
  2. About Us W W W . B U D G E T U N I F O R M . A E / S C H O O L - U F / We at Budget Uniform are one of the top wholesale uniform suppliers in UAE. We provide a huge collection of uniforms catering to variety of industries, including education, hospitality, aviation, sports, and many more. Due to our extensive range of variety and collection, we are known as the one-stop shop for uniforms in the UAE. Uniforms are crucial for building a brand, and we help by providing high-quality, distinctive products. Our cloth/fabric is obtained from reliable sources followed by a careful quality check. Our uniforms are not only comfortable but also appropriate as per the nature of the profession. We provide uniforms at a budget-friendly and competitive price without compromising on quality.
  3. Our Products • Corporate Uniforms • Industrial Uniforms • Hospitality uniform • School Uniforms • Sports Uniforms • T Shirts W W W . B U D G E T U N I F O R M . A E / S C H O O L - U F /
  4. School Uniform Suppliers In UAE We are one of the top school uniform suppliers in the UAE who can create best quality uniforms in accordance with the school requirements. As students must spend a lot of time in school, we ensure that uniforms are made using comfortable materials. School clothes need to fit properly as well. We carefully measure your child to ensure that the uniforms are made to precisely suit them. We are constantly prepared to make any necessary revisions or adjustments right away. We also create logos and prints for uniforms as necessary. You can rely on us to make your child's uniform as we are one of the top suppliers of uniforms in UAE. W W W . B U D G E T U N I F O R M . A E / S C H O O L - U F /
  5. Contact Us W W W . B U D G E T U N I F O R M . A E / S C H O O L - U F / Abu Dhabi Al Falah Tower – Muroor Road, Office No: 101, Al Falah Street, Abudhabi- UAE, Post Box No. 92060 +971 55 126 1357 info@budgetuniform.ae Dubai Pagoda House, Block- 10, Near Dubai Feed Factory, Dubai Investment Park 1. Pox Box No-8948 +971 48 831 588 info@budgetuniform.ae Umm Al Quwain New Industrial Area, Umm Al Thoub 7Street : ithihad, Umm Al Quwain-UAE, P.O.Box:1289. +971 65 219 203 info@budgetuniform.ae