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PowerPoint - Miners Network Consulting, LLC - 2016

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PowerPoint - Miners Network Consulting, LLC - 2016

  1. 1. SCOPE Initiative Strategy, D Challenges with Solutions Sourcing Commodities Contact 4
  2. 2. MNC Initiative
  3. 3. Common Business Challenges…  Sourcing mission and goals are not aligned to the strategic objectives of the department/company  Failure to leverage volume (economies of scale) - with fewer suppliers  Increasing cost pressure and competitive threats  Difficulty collecting and analyzing key data, compounded by poor quality of data  Lack of automated, integrated process; failure to utilize technological solutions  Strained relationships and lack of trust with suppliers  Lack of innovation and new-value creation from supply base  Competitive outsourcing solutions vs. internal operations  Reduce overall category spend and total landed cost at raw material and component level  Internal vendor management o effectively manage supplier capabilities  Leverage technology and streamline routine procurement processes  Influence key business strategies early in the decision process  Fact-based decisions supported by rigorous data analysis and information accessibility  Define, monitor and measure key supplier performance metrics  Contingency planning; proactive risk prevention and mitigation strategies ready to be deployed when necessary Benefits & Solutions… Challenges with Solutions
  4. 4. • Understand Business Strategy, Objectives and Situation • Conduct robust data and process gathering and analysis • Accurately describe and depict the current state DISCOVER DIAGNOSE • Identify performance or behavior indicators that are symptoms of a problem • Build Baseline by defining problems and key drivers • Evaluate advantages and disadvantages of alternatives DELIVER DEVELOP • Gameplan - Define project scope, objectives, approach, time line and deliverables • Create solution alternatives to address key issues; align solution to the business strategy • Customize solution to specific business needs and culture • Propose Actionable recommendations • Present plan or road map to implement plan and prioritize initiative • Gain key stakeholder support • Communicate, implement and execute transition plan Strategy – D4 1 2 34
  5. 5. Sourcing Commodities PRECISION MACHINING – Flanges, Bosses, Bushings, Spacers, Weld Nuts, Couplings, Rods, Shafts, Pins, Brass Fittings, Hydraulic Components FOAM – Absorption, Dampening, Acoustical, Thermal, Barriers, Gasketing, Insulation, Isolation WIREFORMS – Formed Rods, Handles, Stays, Torsion Springs RUBBER – Sheet (Adhesive), Bushings, Grommets, Gaskets, Seals, Moldings, Mounts, Shock Absorbers, Trim HARDWARE – Fittings, Fasteners, Hinges, Studs, Adaptors, Nuts, Bolts, Couplings, Retainers, O-Rings FABRICATIONS – Sheet Metal and Tubular, Stampings, Assemblies, Weldments, etc.
  6. 6. Metal Sourcing – Precision Machining Flanges Spacers/Couplings Bosses/Bushings Pins/Shafts/Threaded Rod
  7. 7. Weld Nuts Wireforms Hinges Brass Fittings Hydraulic Fittings/Plugs Metal Sourcing – Hardware and Wireforms
  8. 8. Misc. HardwareMisc. Precision Components Metal Sourcing - MISC
  9. 9. Metal Sourcing – Sheet Metal and Tubular Fabrication StampingsFabrications
  10. 10. Rubber Sourcing Sheet/Rolls (Adhesive) Bushings/Spacers/Grommets Gaskets/O-Rings/Trim Mounts/Shock Absorption Neoprene – Nitrile – EPDM – Chloroprene Rubber – Silicone – Flourosilicone Polyester Urethane – Polyether Urethane – Natural Rubber
  11. 11. Foam Sourcing Neoprene (Blend) – Polyethylene – Polypropylene – Flourosilicone Polyurethane – Open Cell – Closed Cell
  12. 12. Contact (336) 442-3122 Bryce Mullinnix sales@minersnc.com President www.minersnc.com