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Huge Inc.

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Huge Inc.

  1. 1. HUGE Make Something You Love Hamin Lee, Jeremy Ostrow, Claire Shannon, Bryan Zakalik
  2. 2. AGENDA. Company & Industry Overview Current Issues Internal & External Analysis Recommendations Strategic Positioning Financial Assessment Conclusion
  3. 3. Digital Marketing. Increased use of advertisements to promote businesses Search engines begin to organize internet content Social media allows users to create profiles and support companies and products Digital Marketing Create a graphical user interface to increase user experiences The mobile industry has become the fastest growing digital marketing format
  4. 4. Digital Marketing Projections By Format ($ Millions). $76,619 million in 2016 $41,003 million in 2012 $35,616 million increase in 4 years
  5. 5. HUGE Currently. Fastest growing digital agency in the United States Project selectivity of revenue exceeding $1 Million The introduction of HUGE Labs allow staff to design strategy for the company
  6. 6. SWOT Analysis. Strengths Weaknesses • High retention rate • Very opinionated project selection • Experts at perfecting the user (opportunity for growth) • Small revenue in comparison to experience • Remote client work industry industry HUGE Inc. Opportunities Threats • Very dynamic and volatile industry • High threat of substitutes • Untapped health market • Low barriers to entry • Geographic expansion • Hard to distinguish competitors
  7. 7. Current Issues. How can HUGE Inc. maintain earnings potential without compromising company culture? How can Huge Inc. gain a competitive advantage over IT and consulting firms that are becoming direct competition?
  8. 8. Alternatives. Sustain and develop long-term current client relationships Explore domestic and international growth Revert to traditional marketing efforts Penetrate the health care and pharmaceutical markets
  9. 9. Recommendations. Strategic expansion into global markets Expand into a nation with a fast-growing e-commerce market Establish clients in an area where digital marketing has potential to thrive
  10. 10. Recommendations. Strategic expansion into global markets 15% of commerce occurs over the internet • 44% of citizens have made an online purchase • 75% of firms have websites • Each firm has 4.5 domain names 22% of commerce occurs over the internet • 43% of citizens have made an online purchase • 84% of firms have websites • Each firm has 5.4 domain names
  11. 11. Denmark & UK.
  12. 12. Strategic Positioning. Analysis Development Optimization
  13. 13. Financial Analysis.
  14. 14. Financial Analysis. Huge Inc. has enough earnings potential to expand geographically and obtain a direct financing loan to achieve additional funding
  15. 15. Conclusion. Sustenance of firm values Financial feasibility Market Growth Successful Globalization
  16. 16. Questions?