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Solar power the sunny side of life!

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The sun is one of the greatest energy sources on earth. Are you benefiting of this free energy supllier? Berhaps you should read this presentation to learn more what the sun and Bronswerk can do for you. Enjoy reading!

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Solar power the sunny side of life!

  1. 1. 14-1-2015Solar Power
  2. 2. Solar Power : The Sunny Side Of Life 14-1-2015Solar Power
  3. 3. • . 14-1-2015Solar Power .The sun. Power. Energy. The power station. Meters, gauges, instruments.
  4. 4. • . 14-1-2015Solar Power The sun. Power. Energy. The power station. Meters, gauges, instruments.
  5. 5. Solar Power • Solar Power stations are in the up-swing. • Power stations using the sun as their main fuel. • They have high sustainability and are environmentally neutral. • Mirrors collect and bundle the sun's rays. • The bundled rays heat up thermal oil or liquid salt to a temperature of up to 600°C. • The steam this produces then drives a generator through a steam turbine to generate electricity. 14-1-2015Solar Power The sun. Power. Energy. The power station. Meters, gauges, instruments.
  6. 6. Solar Power Case 14-1-2015Solar Power The sun. Power. Energy. The power station. Meters, gauges, instruments. • A client is looking for a separator between the first turbine stage and the reheater/second turbine stage. • The separator must absorb 5% water condensation that has occurred in the first turbine stage. • The condensation should not enter the reheater as it will work most efficiently when using all energy to superheat the steam. • A conventional design would propose a separator with a large diameter of two meters that, in addition, due to a relative high internal pressure of 25 bar(g), must be thick-walled. Challenge / question
  7. 7. Solar Power Case 14-1-2015Solar Power . Our solution • Thanks to an innovative solution involving state-of-the-art internals, we were able to limit the diameter to 1.3 meters. • Moreover, we are able to guarantee that all internals can be removed for maintenance via the 24" manhole. • In consultation with the client, we integrated a hot well in the design and created flange connections. • Our solution saves space, time and weight and has a lower pressure loss (energy saving). The sun. Power. Energy. The power station. Meters, gauges, instruments.
  8. 8. Solar Power • Solar Power is related to the following products: • Superheater : http://www.bronswerk.com/en/Superheater/PT86/ • Steamgenerator: http://www.bronswerk.com/en/Steam-Generator/PT28/ • Preheater: http://www.bronswerk.com/en/Pre-Heater/PT66/ • Dumpcondensation system: http://www.bronswerk.com/en/Dumpcondensation-System/PT21/ • Condenser: http://www.bronswerk.com/en/Condenser/PT50/ 14-1-2015Solar Power
  9. 9. Solar Power • Interested? Can we help you with your business? • Read more about heat exchange solutions for different markets: • Power: http://www.bronswerk.com/en/Power/MT40/ • Gas: http://www.bronswerk.com/en/Gas/MT14/ • Oil: http://www.bronswerk.com/en/Oil/MT4/ • Chemical: http://www.bronswerk.com/en/Chemical/MT24/ • Air Handling: http://www.bronswerk.com/en/Air-handling/MT30/ 14-1-2015Solar Power
  10. 10. • Can we improve your energy ROI? • Ask our colleague nl.linkedin.com/pub/bram-marcus/11/24b/34b or contact our company. 14-1-2015Solar Power
  11. 11. 14-1-2015Solar Power • Like to know more about our company? • Have a chat with Bronswerk people via our website or • Visit our website: http://www.bronswerk.com/en/
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