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The Giving Keys: Integrated Marketing Plan

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This presentation was created by my daughter who's a senior in High School. This plan was prepared for her involvement in DECA, which prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. The Giving Keys staff was not involved in the preparation of this plan.

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The Giving Keys: Integrated Marketing Plan

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 IN T EGRAT ED MARK ETING C AM PA IG N – P ROD UCT Milan Brito, Shaan Parol, Giselle Roque Valley Christian High School 100 Skyway Drive San Jose, CA 95111 January 5, 2019 INTEGRATED MAR KETING CAM PAIGN – PROD UCT THE GIVING KEYS
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  3. 3. I . E X E C UTIVE SUMMARY The Giving Keys is a jewelry company based in Los Angeles, California that hires and employs homeless individuals in the community to create their products. They sell variations of jewelry and accessories which all include keys. The keys are one-of-a-kind and hand-stamped with words intended to inspire the owner. The owner, once they embrace their word, is encouraged to pass on the key to someone else. Sold in over 1,200 stores across the United States and online, The Giving Keys is known for their fashionable, unisex, and motivational apparel. However, the once well-known company has decreased in popularity in the recent years. In our 45-day integrated marketing campaign, we seek to solve this problem. Our target audience is 18 to 30-year- old social media users. Although we’re targeting both women and men, our primary audience is women since they are more likely to purchase jewelry. We’ve devised the #MoreThanAStory campaign, which encompasses the idea that when a key is passed on to another person, not only is their personal story affected, but their outlook on life is changed as a result. Our objectives are to increase brand awareness, drive engagement on social media, and improve in-store displays. The tactics include increasing coverage in traditional media, share customer Pay It Forward stories, purchase sponsored ads, produce a branded YouTube video, and redesign in-store presentation.
  4. 4. I I. DES C RIPTION OF THE P RODUC T SITUATION ANALYSI S Founded by musician Caitlin Crosby, The Giving Keys began in 2009 as an inspiration to help others struggling with life challenges – death, divorce, breakups, job loss, and cancer. She realized that “we’re all like these keys – unique, flawed, scarred,“ and the keys were a reminder that words can help one persevere through rough times. She encouraged people who wore them to pay it forward and give it to someone in need once they have embraced it themselves. As demand grew for their products, she was constantly making them in between concert tours. One day as she was walking down Hollywood Boulevard, Caitlin saw a homeless couple named Rob and Cera holding a sign. She invited them over for dinner and learned that Cera made jewelry. She adopted the idea of hiring the homeless to help manufacture the jewelry as demand for her product increased. As of today, over 150,100 hours of work has been created by The Giving Keys for recovering homeless. The Giving Keys has partnered with many nonprofits and charities such as Chrysalis, Invisible Children, Project Semicolon and more to reduce homelessness and raise funds and awareness for other social causes. Each product includes a key, hand-stamped with inspirational words such “strength,” “faith,” or “love.” The Giving Keys offers an array of products including keychains, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. They have a variety of styles, sizes, colors, along with pre-selected words of inspiration for the keys. Each key is unique, and several products have the option of stamping a custom word on the key. MARKET ANA LYSIS GE OGRAPHI CS The Giving Keys has one flagship store located in Los Angeles, California, adjacent to Skid Row, an area well known for its large homeless population. The Giving Keys also sells at boutique retail stores throughout the country, and is highly concentrated on each coast. They also have partnerships with companies like PINKADOT, CorePower Yoga, and Nordstrom. The Giving Keys has multiple international locations in China, Australia, England, and Canada. 2
  5. 5. DE M OGRAPHI CS/PSYCHOGRAPHICS According to Accenture, 63% of consumers prefer purpose-driven products, and 86% want companies to stand for the social issues that are currently relevant. This puts The Giving Keys in a position to broaden their reach as LA’s homeless population has increased by 75% over the last six years. 
 TOM S Toms is a for-profit apparel company that, with each consumer purchase of shoes, donates another pair of shoes to children in third- world countries. Originally focusing on shoes, Toms’ “One for One” campaign promises to better the lives of those in third world countries by donating their products and services, which have expanded to include prescription glasses, access to clean water, safe births, and bullying prevention. Through Toms, more people have become protected from diseases and have the ability to receive education. COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS PURA VIDA Pura Vida is a jewelry company originating in Costa Rica. Pura Vida originally began when the two founders of the company, Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman, went on a trip to Costa Rica. They discovered two bracelet artisans who were living in poverty and asked them to create 400 bracelets to sell in the US. Pura Vida grew in popularity, and now partners with 174 different charities around the world and have donated over $1 million to various causes. These charity bracelets raise awareness for various causes and employ 350+ artisans from all around the world to craft them. ST RE NGTHS ‣ Fashionable for all genders ‣ Pay it Forward campaign inspires and motivates to give ‣ Employs members of the homeless community in LA WEAKNESSES ‣ Limited outlets for shoppers (Mostly online or sold in small stores) ‣ Spread too thin; not focused enough on one certain initiative ‣ Inconsistent with influencers OPPORTUNITI ES ‣ Expand into new markets ‣ Diversify product portfolio ‣ Partner with larger retail (ex. Target) THREATS ‣ Decrease in popularity; fad ‣ Losing revenue from physical stores and boutiques SWOT A NALYSIS 3
  6. 6. 
 I II . CAM PAIGN OBJECTIVES ‣ Increase reach & engagement on social media ‣ Drive in-store foot traffic and online sales ‣ Grow social community (followers) 4 I V. CAMPAIGN TA RGET M A R KET Our target audience is 18 to 30-year-olds, as 88% of people in this age group use social media, which is one of the major components of our campaign. In addition, younger generations have become increasingly concerned about social issues. 76% of young people have purchased or considered purchasing a product from a brand that took a stand on a social issue they cared about. In terms of the jewelry market, 44.48% of 18 to 30-year-olds owned fashion jewelry in 2018. Although women are more likely to purchase jewelry than men, many of the styles are unisex.
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 CAMPA IG N NA RRATIVE Humans have told stories since the beginning of time. Even before language, stories were scribbled onto cave walls. Before writing, oral histories were passed down from generation to generation. Before modern technology, mail was sent all across the planet to bridge the distance with words. Stories don’t always have happy endings, as anyone can attest. Everyone has struggles. Everyone experiences pain. But the beautiful part about humanity is that we have the ability to impact the stories of the people around us. There is power in sharing our broken stories, but there is even more power when we connect with those who relate to us, who are dealing with the problems we overcame, who need the hope we once desperately searched for. Our Pay It Forward stories aren’t about simply giving a piece of jewelry to someone. They provide encouragement and a reminder that no one is alone. When you pass on a key, you are doing more than altering a story – you’re changing a life. ‣ Identify and activate online influencers to share products and Pay It Forward stories ‣ Tell brand stories using videos of consumers sharing their Pay It Forward experiences ‣ Identify relevant journalists and pitch company initiatives and programs ‣ Produce a branded YouTube video which will also be shared on multiple social media platforms ‣ Purchase sponsored/targeted ads on Instagram and Facebook ‣ Participate in trade shows to increase availability for physical sales ‣ Redesign in store displays V. CAMPAIGN ACTIVITIES AND SC HE DULE STR ATEGIC APPR OAC H 5
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 OLIVIA ROU YRE ME LAN IE LOCK E DAN IELL E CAR OLAN 568K Instagram followers 391k YouTube subscribers 40k–200k views/video 11K Instagram followers 214k YouTube subscribers 10k–200k views/video 235K Instagram followers 527k YouTube subscribers 50k–100k views/video PAY IT FORWAR D V ID EOS/T EST IM ON IA L S We will reach out to customers to share their Pay It Forward stories on camera. Our #MoreThanAStory campaign will highlight both perspectives of the key owner, the giver and the receiver. We will showcase these stories on The Giving Keys social media channels, promote them with paid media and also pitch the really inspirational stories to interested media outlets. INFLUEN CERS Leveraging YouTube influencers will allow us to reach new audiences with trusted, 3rd party voices. In general, these influencers have hundreds of thousands of followers and have the potential to influence purchase decisions through their posts. We will send the influencers jewelry and ask them to create videos and share their inspirational stories with their followers on Instagram. We will also supply the influencers with a unique coupon code so we can track sales generated from each influencer. 6
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 MEDIA RELATIONS We will reach out to influential journalists who write for The Hollywood Reporter, Refinery29, Mashable, and Vogue and pitch them stories about the brand, customers, sustainability initiatives, and community outreach programs. BRANDED YOUTUBE VID EO We will create a 60-second YouTube video and promote it to relevant audiences within the YouTube platform and partner networks. We will repurpose the videos and trim them into smaller vignettes and distribute them on other social media channels. SPONSORED ADS The shorter video clips and brand photos will appear on users’ timelines on Facebook and Instagram. We will showcase a customer story and also include a “Shop Now” button (Instagram) or link (Facebook) to purchase products directly from the channel. On Facebook, we will also include a link to the longer story on The Giving Keys website to further drive brand engagement. 7
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 APPAREL T RADE S HOWS Participating in trade shows will gain more publicity for the company and also help identify potential retail partners. There are international and national trade shows that happen consistently throughout the year. IN-STORE DISPLAYS Current in-store displays are plain and unappealing. There is one slab of wood with nails where the necklaces hang. In order to keep the style of the current Giving Keys display, we will create a display that still uses wood but make the necklaces more accessible and neat. For our campaign, we will be distributing the new displays to the 68 stores in the LA area, which we will then measure their impact – or lack thereof – on sales. If successful, we will distribute to the rest of the 1200+ stores in the US and internationally. SCHED ULE Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Media Relations Prepare story and pitch angles for targeted journalists Identify the most relevant media outlets and journalists Pitch to media and engage with targeted journalists Coverage Coverage Coverage Social Media Prepare editorial calendar for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Begin posting content and optimize each post times for maximum promotion Continue posting cadence, optimize performance in real-time Continue posting cadence Continue posting cadence Continue posting cadence Influencers Identify influencers; reach out and establish an agreement with those that are interested Provide influencers with products and a URL tracking ID Recommend posting schedule Influencers post about their own key and experience N/A Influencers post Pay It Forward story and share about their recipient N/A Paid Media Finalize creative assets, audience targeting,  and total budget Turn on paid media ads across all platforms Data analytics to determine efficacy of ads Optimize ads according to findings Continued Continued Trade shows Prepare trade show materials Prepare trade show materials Participate in trade show Follow up with attendees and retailers Send out products to retailers N/A In-store Displays Create design for displays Purchase material for displays Craft displays Distribute N/A N/A 8
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 VI . BUD GET TOTAL BUDGET: $ 55 ,00 0 BUDGET BREAKDOWN Direct Facebook ads: • $10K total budget • $7.30 CPM • 1.37M total Impressions • 0.9% average CTR (Click-through rate) • 12,330 clicks • 9% average conversion rate • 1,110 sales • $42 average sale price • $46,620 revenue Direct Instagram ads • $10K total budget • $6.30 CPM • 1.59M total impressions • 0.52% average CTR • 8,268 clicks • 3.1.% average conversion rate • 256 sales • $42 average sale price • $10,752 revenue YouTube ad (branded video)
 • $20K total budget (10K production and 10K advertising) • $10K budget advertising • $9.68 CPM • 1.033M total impressions • 0.33% average CTR • 3,410 clicks • 1.4% average conversion rate • 47 sales • $42 average sale price • $1974 revenue Influencer Engagement (Instagram) • 3 total influencers, posting a total of two posts each on Instagram • $1,500 ($4,500 total) Total cost per influencer • 271K average # of followers per influencer x 3 influencers • 813K followers total • 3% average engagement rate • 24,390 impressions • 2% average CTR • 732 clicks per post x 6 posts = 4,392 total clicks • 2.55% average conversion rate • 112 total sales • $4,700 revenue Redesigned store displays:
 • $500 design and development • 4.5k manufacturing for stores nationwide • Increase brand appearance and consistency Apparel Trade shows:
 • Average $300 per local show • $500 including set up • Engage in 15 shows throughout the country in new developed urban areas • Estimated $4500 costs • Increase in physical store locations and implement new displays VI I. KE Y M ETRICS KPIs ‣ Increase reach of targeted ads by 10% week to week ‣ Increase engagement by 25% with each ad/content posted ‣ Increase online sales by 15% during the life the campaign ‣ Drive in-store and online sales ‣ Grow community on all social channels by 25% 9
  12. 12. 10 KPI METHODOLOGY M ED IA COVE RAGE We will track online media coverage using Google Alerts. We will also manually search Facebook and Instagram, and track specific keywords and phrases like “The Giving Keys,” “Pay It Forward,” and “#MoreThanAStory.” WE B AN ALYTICS/SALES We will use Google Analytics to track unique visitors, sales, most popular content and which keywords are driving the most traffic to the website. We will also track the influencer’s unique URL to see which ones are driving sales. PROFITS We will track marketing expenses and revenue to determine monthly profit. VI II . BI BLIOGRAPHY “2018 DoSomething Strategic's Survey of Young People and Social Change.” Engage for Good, 11 Sept. 2018, engageforgood.com/ 2018-survey-of-young-people-and-social-change/. Adams, Peter, and Erica Sweeney. “63% Of Consumers Prefer to Purchase from Purpose-Driven Brands, Study Finds.” Marketing Dive, 6 Dec. 2018, www.marketingdive.com/news/63-of-consumers-prefer-to-purchase-from-purpose-driven-brands-study- finds/543712/. “Bracelets.” Pura Vida Bracelets, www.puravidabracelets.com/. “The Giving Keys.” The Giving Keys, Facebook, www.facebook.com/thegivingkeys/. “The Giving Keys.” The Giving Keys, www.thegivingkeys.com/. “The Giving Keys (@Thegivingkeys) • Instagram Photos and Videos.” Instagram, www.instagram.com/thegivingkeys/. Holland, Gale. “L.A.'s Homelessness Surged 75% in Six Years. Here's Why the Crisis Has Been Decades in the Making.” Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Times, 1 Feb. 2018, www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-homeless-how-we-got-here-20180201-story.html. “How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost? [True Cost of Running Facebook Ads].” Influencer Marketing Hub, 24 Oct. 2018, influencermarketinghub.com/how-much-do-facebook-ads-cost/. “Melanie Locke.” YouTube, YouTube, www.youtube.com/channel/UCGXTcL9d367QXuRbKjAxo1Q. Nanji, Ayaz. “Social Media Use in 2018: Platform, Age, and Visit Trends.” MarketingProfs, MarketingProfs, 8 Mar. 2018, www.marketingprofs.com/charts/2018/33723/social-media-use-in-2018-platform-and-age-trends. oliviarouyre. “Olivia Rouyre.” YouTube, YouTube, www.youtube.com/user/oliviarouyre/videos. “Ownership of Fashion Jewelry in the U.S. by Age 2018 | Statistic.” Statista, www.statista.com/statistics/231407/people-who-bought- costume-jewelry-in-the-last-12-months-usa/. “Pura Vida Bracelets.” Pura Vida Bracelets. Facebook. www.facebook.com/puravidabracelets/ “Statistics Every Cause Marketer Should Know - Cause Marketing Statistics.” Engage for Good, engageforgood.com/guides/ statistics-every-cause-marketer-should-know/. thegivingkeys. “The Giving Keys.” YouTube, YouTube, www.youtube.com/user/thegivingkeys. Themakeupbydanielle. “Danielle Marie Carolan.” YouTube, YouTube, www.youtube.com/user/Themakeupbydanielle. Toms. “Together We Stand.” TOMS® Official Site, TOMS, www.toms.com/