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Idea presentation for economics

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Idea presentation for economics

  1. 1. Planne r
  2. 2. Agenda •Description •Target audience •Location and Sales •Cost analysis •SWOT-Analysis •Local Competition
  3. 3. Description •Helps students to get organised •Funny (With pictures and jokes) •Clear •With images to collect •Buying planners and adding images/ pictures/ jokes •Cheap
  4. 4. Description Sellary •A small shop •At schools •Maybe mobile and visiting schools •Later via internet
  5. 5. Production Two possibilities: •Buying planners via eBay and add pictures •Doing the layout and going to a shop, there they print the planners
  6. 6. Agenda • Description • Target audience • Location and Sales • Cost analysis • SWOT-Analysis • Local Competition
  7. 7. Target audience •Children •Young people who have a lot of things to do. •Students that have difficults to get organised •Firms (sell them topupils)
  8. 8. Agenda •Description •Target audience •Location and Sales •Cost analysis •SWOT-Analysis •Local Competition
  9. 9. Location and Sales •Adding the images: at home •Sellary: -Via internet -In Malta -In Spain -In Germany Printing: for example in Munich
  10. 10. Agenda •Description •Target audience •Location and Sales •Cost analysis •SWOT-Analysis •Local Competition
  11. 11. Buying per eBay •Ca. 10 Euros per planner •Adding images at home •Just a few pieces •Sellary: ca. 11 Euros per planner •Lot of time
  12. 12. Just doing the layout •Printing:-5ct per page without colours (DIN A5) -50ct per coloured page (DIN A5) = ca. 15 Euros per planner •More expensive •More planners (around 60 at first?) •Less time
  13. 13. Agenda •Description •Target audience •Location and Sales •Cost analysis •SWOT-Analysis •Local Competition
  14. 14. SWOT-Analysis STRENGTHS -Interesting, funny -Special -Clear -No electricity -cheap OPPORTUNITIES -Special! WEAKNESSES -Some peple like elektronic more THREATS - There are a lot of planners - You can do it at home without spending money
  15. 15. Agenda •Description •Target audience •Location and Sales •Cost analysis •SWOT-Analysis •Local Competition