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Tin Can Experience - How we learn and work

Slides from Brightwave's seminar at Learning Technologies 2013 - 'Tin Can Experience: how we learn and work',

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Tin Can Experience - How we learn and work

  1. 1. Tin Can ExperienceHow we learn and work30 January 2013Paul Burns, Head of Technologywww.brightwave.co.uk
  2. 2. Tin Can Experience• The LMS today• A look across the landscape• Tin Can - how can it help?• Practical examples• A commercial break - Tin Can at Brightwave
  3. 3. The LMS today• SCORM• All resources known to the LMS• Browser-centric• 70:20:10• Not all meaningful learning experiences recorded
  4. 4. Technology landscape• Dramatic changes• Mixed bag of software / hardware• Home-grown solutions
  5. 5. Technology landscape
  6. 6. Technology landscape
  7. 7. Learning and worklandscape Today at work People expect to take control of their own learning - to do their jobs better Organisations need people to perform - and share in a corporate vision
  8. 8. There is a reality gapHow can we make learningmore work-relevant?
  9. 9. How can Tin Can help?• Modernised version of SCORM• Record any learning experience• Data is freed• Correlation
  10. 10. What is possible?Record experiences from diverse sources - online andoffline in learning record store (LRS)The internet of things - record learning experiencesfrom any smart device or object
  11. 11. Tin Can API
  12. 12. What is possible?How will giving other devices at home and work IP addresses andsensors impact how we learn and perform our jobs?
  13. 13. How does this work inpractice? A sales trainingexample• Formal and informal learning resources• Analytics for stakeholders• Missing context and disconnected experience
  14. 14. Sales training superchargedwith Tin Can• Added real-world context• Personal work-relevant learning experience• Correlation to business metrics• Ability to understand high performance behaviours
  15. 15. Commercialbreak - Tin Canat Brightwave
  16. 16. Thankyouwww.brightwave.co.uk
  17. 17. Want to know more?Find out more and request a demo of tessello:www.brightwave.co.uk/tessello/tesselloDownload our latest resource:Next generation learning - Now, here and for uswww.brightwave.co.uk/nextgenlearning