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Master Resume 1

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PM/Program Resume

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Master Resume 1

  1. 1. Connecting People with Projects<br />719.487.5840 – 719.495.4708 – pmsystem10@yahoo.com<br />PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY<br /><ul><li>20+ years of professional leadership experience - personnel & project management
  2. 2. Established greater international Profit & Loss management resulting in increased project efficiency and effectiveness
  3. 3. Managed 70+ projects including budgeting and strategic planning ($5 million+)
  4. 4. Developed a process that provided immediate price adjustment from vendor to customer via Internet; saved 20+ hours of staff time and provided immediate quotes
  5. 5. Traveled internationally improving staff relations and meeting program needs/requirements in a culturally diversified organization</li></ul>EXPERIENCE<br />Homeland Security Careers—Chief Operations Officer2009-Current<br /><ul><li>Develop corporate objectives and strategies
  6. 6. Developing a brand and marketing message including core values and a brand promise
  7. 7. Establish teams and assign members according to abilities and experiences
  8. 8. Project Planning—define goals of project deliverables; created a charter; risk assessment, project execution, deliverable implementation, and project assessment
  9. 9. Guide development and execution of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS); identify strategies, and develop schedules including Gantt charts
  10. 10. Staff administration—assign team leaders and team staff, organize and motivate teams, prioritize staff responsibilities with multiple consultants
  11. 11. Schedule and facilitate meetings
  12. 12. Correspond regularly with owner and other stakeholders</li></ul>IBS-STL—Director of Project Management 1997-2008<br />Management/Leadership<br />Trained international staff, volunteers, and board members <br />organizational policies and procedures, vision and mission statements, and knowledge-sharing and innovation on Critical Global Initiatives<br />Supervised staff responsible for project data, research, archiving, and international staff requests<br />Managed staff responsible for quotes, communication, and organizational publishing process <br />Supervised weekly traffic meetings; more than 90 publishing projects <br />Liaison serving global and headquarters staff <br />Style of leadership: mentor, collaborative, collegial, yet responsible for team<br />Program/Project Management<br />New Projects/Programs <br />Analyzed, researched, and reported on project/program plans<br />Strategy, fundability, measurability, risk/feasibility, global adaptability, and best-practices<br />Developed charters, procedures and forms of communication<br />Helped develop project management office<br />Execution<br /><ul><li>Managed 70+ international projects/programs and budgets
  13. 13. Provided approvals for funding; made and recommendations on continuance or cancelation to the Global Executive Leadership Team</li></ul>Audited and evaluated quality assurance; assisted in strategy evaluations for projects/programs in the field <br />Finances<br />Tracked $5 million in project budgets <br />Analyzed annual operating plans and budgets of international outreach and translation projects<br />Tracked more than $2 million in donor giving and pledges<br />Ensured donor-managed gifts (restricted gifts) were directed appropriately<br />Identified and helped manage “where most needed” donation funding<br />Analyst<br />Reviewed and supported contractual agreements and Memoranda of Understanding with partnering organizations for international programs <br />Served Executive Leadership Team, Resource Development, Finance, and Communications departments with reports, analysis, and other support<br />Evaluated accuracy of quotes to and from vendors, increasing accuracy and efficiencies <br />Qualitative analysis on 70+ projects and programs around the world <br />Business Operations<br />Managed international communication of project information <br />Key team member in developing and maintaining a worldwide information tracking system<br />Developed quoting/proposal forms and procedures that significantly increased efficiency of sales process and production and other support staff<br />Developed an Excel program that provided immediate vendor product pricing and quoting for the Internet, with markups and other variable pricing aspects<br />Developed storage archive system for international project/program information <br />Traveled up to 20% annually: Argentina, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Uganda, Ethiopia, Senegal, India, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Austria, Czech Republic<br />Various Retail Establishments <br />Store Manager and Customer Service Manager <br />Supervised and scheduled more than 30 staff<br />Managed sales and delivery staff; appointments/discharges, training, schedules, etc. <br />Managed customer accounts, service, delivery, installations and scheduling, collections, etc.<br />Responsible for retail store: layout, warehousing, stocking, receiving, etc. <br />Managed multi-million-dollar warehouse: receiving, storing, inventory control and other logistical duties <br />CURRENT COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT—Volunteer <br />Networking In Christ Available Talent— Facilitating Manager2009–Current<br /><ul><li>Coordinate and plan meetings
  14. 14. Support and encourage attendees
  15. 15. Facilitate and train those seeking a new career
  16. 16. Developing a plan of action for job seekers</li></ul>North Springs Alliance Church—Board Member January 2010–Current<br /><ul><li>Assistant Treasurer; designate donations and other revenue ($500,000+)
  17. 17. Prepare and distribute financial reports
  18. 18. Determine church policies and direction
  19. 19. Develop criteria for potential preschool </li></ul>Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce—Board MemberMay 2010–Current <br />(International Development Office advisory board member)<br /><ul><li>Strategic annual operating planning
  20. 20. Events:
  21. 21. World Trader’s Club
  22. 22. Cultural Receptions
  23. 23. Annual Luncheon
  24. 24. Membership development
  25. 25. Trade mission trips feasibility study and strategies</li></ul>QUALIFICATIONS & SKILLS<br />Microsoft Office: advanced – Word and Excel; intermediate – PowerPoint, Project, and Access<br />Mac: intermediate – Pages and Numbers; beginner – Keynote<br />Outlook: advanced<br />EDUCATION<br />University of Colorado, Colorado Springs – BA Communications<br />SERVICE<br />United States Air Force – Security and protocol (expired Top Secret Clearance)<br />