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BSmith Presentation Samples 0713

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BSmith Presentation Samples 0713

  1. 1. Instagramimagery Place+ persona So many people across the globe use music to broadcast their personalities and lifestyles to the world We use our imagery to capture this broad range of personas
  2. 2. Smartphones Drive Data Usage with iPhone and Android Leading Media Activities Used by Operating System Source: Nielsen Mobile Media Survey, US, Q2 2009 Mobile Internet App Downloads Mobile Video Mobile Commerce Location- based Services A Nielsen / McKinsey Company Apple iPhone Android BlackBerry
  3. 3. App Store Gmail Facebook YouTube Pandora Twitter 0 200 400 600 800 Android Market Gmail Facebook YouTube Pandora Twitter 0 200 400 600 800 Android OS (Minutes) Time per Person on Most Popular Apps Apple iOS (Minutes)
  4. 4. Conversations and Reciprocal Engagements
  5. 5. THE OSBOURNES *The portion of the network’s target viewing audience born after 1980. Retooling the MTV brand for the Millennial* generation • MTV faces turf incursions from all sides including the Internet, cell phones, and video games • Millennials place a very high premium on self-expression, by curating their identities on Facebook profiles • Keeping it real: one of the biggest put-downs in the Millennial world is to label someone as ‘fake’ • Snarkiness of Generation X carries lower appeal among those with less hierarchical upbringings • Generational archetypes: the creator, expressing who one is; the seeker, searching for their place in the world; the lover, navigating relationships; the soloist, craving a sense of belonging; the magician, seeking personal power; and the master, striving for control in life