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The State of Digital

  1. THE STATE OF DIGITAL TRENDS MOVING INTO 2013 2.5.13 Follow us on Twi+er: @brewcrea3ve 
  2. PURPOSE To examine the current state of digital and identify trends growing and expanding in 2013. Image Source: Shu+erstock ‐ KROMKRATHOG, 2013 business place concept ideas. 
  3. THE FORCES OF CHANGE BEHIND DIGITAL GROWTH THE GLOBAL WORLD ECONOMIC RECOVERY THE “NOW” CULTURE •  Technology has made a once •  More disposable income has •  With expanded convenience divided world connected aided the increase in sales comes the need for •  With technology embedded for new devices immediacy into daily life, widespread •  This demand has inspired •  The development of 24/7 accessibility is now an innovation which continues access creates the consumer expectation this circular process who is always plugged-in Image Sources: Global Trade Allied. 123RF, A green chart arrow in front of an economic recover graph. Shu+erstock ‐ Oleksly Mark,  Touchscreen smartphone with cloud of colorful applica3on icons. 
  4. MARKETING FOCUS 2013 – WHAT’S ON MARKETERS’ MINDS MICRO-TARGETING BIG DATA •  Today’s transparency gives the consumer the •  Data is allowing marketers to understand control lifestyles and psychographics 24/7 CUSTOMER EXPERIMENTATION •  Since consumers are “plugged-in” 24/7, •  The explosion of innovation provides new brands must operate as a 24/7 experience flexibility to explore undiscovered practices Image Sources: Shu+erstock – Gibsons, Target Market. 123RF, Stock photo., Iris Scan.    
  5. AGENDA The Internet Devices Social Media Expanding to more corners of the globe Moving Mobile Evolving for consumers and brands Image Sources: 123RF – alexmillos. Mashable, Facebook to Let Adver3sers Bid on Ads Using Your Browser Data.    
  6. THE INTERNET Image Source: Tech News, Don’t Get Stuck in the World Wide Web. 
  7. INTERNET POPULATION REACHING 1/3 OF THE WORLD •  Global online population: 2.4 billion –  Penetration growing 8% YOY •  U.S. online population: 244 million –  79% of the U.S. population is online Sources: Business Insider, The Future of Digital, 2012. Internet World Stats, 2012. Mary Meeker, 2012 Internet Trends Year‐End  Update, 2012.  
  8. CONTENT: NEWS AND ENTERTAINMENT THE WAY PEOPLE ARE CONSUMING MEDIA IS CHANGING •  Traditional media platforms are declining •  Consumption of online news is rising –  An increasing numbers of Americans are consuming their news via mobile devices, as well as social networking sites •  Over 50% of Americans stream TV episodes and movies –  Netflix is now used in 25% of U.S. households, up 20% from 2011 Sources: Pew Research, In Changing News Landscape, Even Television is Vulnerable, 2012. Business Insider, The  Future of Digital, 2012. USA Today, Love of Streaming Video Lis Ne]lix: In 25% of Homes, 2013.  
  9. DIGITAL ADVERTISING WHERE THE PEOPLE GO, ADVERTISING WILL FOLLOW •  Online advertising now accounts for 37% of U.S. advertising revenue –  Google owns 23% of this –  Amazon is becoming a valuable ad platform due to consumer data •  In the past year, online ad revenue grew by 23% •  In 2012–for the first time–Google surpassed newspapers in U.S. ad revenue by approximately $1 billion Sources: Business Insider, The Future of Digital, 2012.  Warc, Amazon Pushes New Ad Tool, 2013. 
  11. 2013 WILL BE THE YEAR FOR THE TABLET MARKET •  Globally, Apple and Android smartphone and tablet sales have exceeded the number of PCs •  31% of U.S. adults now own a tablet •  Apple’s iPad is the leader in the global tablet market with a 55% share –  14% share was given up in Q3, 2012 Sources: Business Insider, The Future of Digital, 2012. Mary Meeker, 2012 Internet Trends Year‐End Update, 2012.  Gartner Says Worldwide Media Tablets Sales to Reach 119 Million Units in 2012, 2012. ABI Research, Apple Maintains Lead in Tablets  but Market Share Down 14% in Q3 2012, 2012. Pew Internet, Mobile, 2012. 
  12. SMARTPHONE MARKET U.S. PENETRATION HAS NOW REACHED 55%, GLOBAL PENETRATION IS 17% •  Globally, there are 1.1 billion smartphone users •  U.S. smartphone market has passed penetration with 55% –  87% of Americans have a standard mobile phone •  4 out of every 5 minutes on smartphones are spent on apps -  Smartphone apps remain the top environment for post-PC media consumption •  *Android holds the most global smartphone market share with 52% while Apple controls 36% * Sales for 12-week period ending Nov. 25, 2012 Sources: Business Insider, The Future of Digital, 2012. Mary Meeker, 2012 Internet Trends Year‐End Update, 2012. comScore,  Facebook Vaults Ahead of Google Maps to Finish 2012 as #1 U.S. Mobile App, 2012. comScore, Reports November 2012 U.S. Mobile  Subscriber Market Share, 2013. Kantar World Panel, Apple Achieves its Highest Ever Smartphone Share in U.S., 2012. 
  13. MOBILE COMMERCE TABLETS LEAD M-COMMERCE GROWTH •  Mobile commerce currently makes up 11% of total U.S. retail online sales •  Tablets are leading m-commerce sales accounting for approximately 55% •  Smartphone owners are 3-times more likely to use their mobile device for in-store activities –  Retailer apps are growing and are consuming 27% of consumers time spent in shopping apps Sources: Adver3sing Age, Mobile Payments S3ll Tiny, Set to Explode in Next Four Years, 2012. Catalog Spree, Why are Tablets the Future of  E‐Commerce?, 2012. Symphony Telecas, The Meaning of Like 2012,2012. eMarketer. Tablets, Smartphones Drive Mobile Commerce to  Record Heights, 2013. Business Insider, Tradi3onal Retailers Succeed In Winning Back Mobile Shoppers, 2013. 
  14. SHOPPING EXTENDS BEYOND SALES MOBILE AND SOCIAL HAVE MADE COMMERCE A CONNECTED EXPERIENCE WHETHER IN-STORE OR ONLINE •  Currently, consumers use their smartphones to help make their purchasing decisions –  Consumers are using their smartphones to locate stores, compare competitors’ prices, look up reviews and coupons, scan QR codes, navigate stores’ web site and use company app •  Some ecommerce retailers are pushing social sharing by offering discounts and deals •  The growth of social searching and feedback: –  40% of twitter users search for products via twitter –  60% of Facebook users will discuss a product/service if they were offered a discount or deal Sources: Symphony Telecas, The Meaning of Like 2012. Nielsen, Mobile Devices Empower Today’s Shoppers In‐Store and Online, 2012.  Image Source: Tobi,  Screengrab. 
  15. MOBILE PAYMENTS STRENGTH OF PURCHASE EXPECTED TO EVOLVE •  By 2016, U.S. gross transactions via mobile payments is expected to reach $62 billion U.S. Annual Payment Transac3ons via Mobile  •  The average mobile payment user spent $62 in 2012, that is expected to grow to $1,294 in 2016 •  With this increase we will see a transition from low-strength purchase (i.e. coffee and movie tickets) to medium-strength purchase (i.e. groceries, gas, dining) Sources: Adver3sing Age, Mobile Payments S3ll Tiny, Set to Explode in Next Four Years, 2012. eMarketer, Proximity Mobile Payments Set  to Explode in US, 2012.  
  16. MOBILE APPS SOCIAL COMES IN AT TOP SPOT •  U.S. smartphone owners have an average of 41 apps •  Facebook surpassed Google Maps to finish off 2012 as the #1 U.S. mobile app –  The change in power is mainly due to the iOS 6 update •  Facebook ranks highest in mobile app engagement, accounting for 23% time spent on apps •  Total Google apps account for 10% of time spent Sources: Comscore, Facebook Vaults Ahead of Google Maps to Finish 2012 as #1 U.S. Mobile App, 2012. Nielsen, State of the Appna3on –  A Year of Change and Growth in U.S. Smartphones, 2012.  
  17. MOBILE ADVERTISING STILL IN ITS INFANCY, CHALLENGES COME FROM DEVICE CAPABILITIES •  Mobile ad revenue accounts for approximately 5% share of U.S. digital advertising market –  In the U.S., mobile ad revenue has grown 71% over the past 5 years •  Currently, mobile ads are 62% search, 28% display and 10% messaging •  By 2014, the U.S. mobile advertising market is predicted to reach $6.6 billion Sources: Business Insider, The Future of Digital, 2012. eMarketer, Twi+er Tops Facebook in US Mobile Adver3sing Revenue, 2012. 
  18. SOCIAL MEDIA Image Source: Crea3ve Agent Solu3ons, Social Media Management.  
  19. SOCIAL NETWORK SITE BREAKDOWN FACEBOOK TWITTER LINKEDIN TUMBLR • Launched: Feb. 2004 • Launched: July 2006 • Launched: May 2003 • Launched: April 2007 • Users: 1 billion • Users: 517 million • Users: 200 million • Users: 58 million • Time Spent: 7 hours • Time Spent: 21 • Time Spent: 17 • Pageviews: 15 billion per month minutes per month minutes per month monthly • Time Spent: 1.5 hours per month YOUTUBE INSTAGRAM GOOGLE+ PINTEREST • Launched: Feb. 2005 • Launched: Oct. 2010 • Launched: June 2011 • Launched: March • Users: 2 billion views • Users: 90 million • Users: 170 million 2010 per day • Time Spent: 4 hours • Time Spent: 3 minutes • Users: 20 million •  Time Spent: 3 hours per month per month registered per month • Time Spent: 1.5 hours per month Sources: AnalystTechCrunch, Analyst: Twi+er Passed 500M Users In June 2012, 140M Of Them In US; Jakarta ‘Biggest Twee3ng’  City, 2012. Slide Share, LinkedIn Sta3s3cs, 2013. Jeff Bullas, 48 Significant Social Media Facts, Figures and Sta3s3cs Plus 7  Infographics, B2C, 2012. Forbes, Why Pinterest Could Be The Next Social Media Giant, 2012. Mashable, Tumblr Hits 15 Billion  Monthly Pageviews, 2012. Mashable, This Is How Much Time You Spend on Facebook, Twi+er, Tumblr, 2012. 
  20. SOCIAL MEDIA POPULATION STILL VERY ACTIVE WHILE AGE RANGE IS EXPANDING •  Globally, there are more than 1.5 billion social network users –  It is fastest growing form of media technology •  57% of 50-62 year olds now use social media sites –  49% growth since 2005 •  In the U.S. social media now accounts for 18% of total time spent online –  The average American user is spending 6.9 hours per month on social media Sources: Pew Internet: Social Networking, 2012. McKinsey Global Ins3tute, The Social Economy: Unlocking value and produc3vity  through social technologies, 2012. Morrison Foerster, Socially Aware, The Growing Impact of Social Media, 2012. 
  21. MOBILE + SOCIAL + TV = 2013 Distribution of Social Media Time Spent •  U.S. consumers have increased their social app time by 76% in the past year alone •  Facebook’s mobile app has 680 61% 34% 5% million monthly active users –  Facebook’s mobile app audience is up 88% YOY –  Access via PC has shrunk 4% YOY •  25% of 18-34 year olds use social media to comment about a storyline while watching TV Sources: Nielsen, State of the Media: The Social Media Report, 2012. Facebook, Facebook Q4 2012 Quarterly Earnings, 2013. 
  22. SOCIAL MEDIA = SOCIAL CARE •  47% of social media users engage in social customer service –  70% of these users engage on a monthly basis •  Facebook is the top social site for customer service (both on company and personal page) Sources: Nielsen, State of the Media: The Social Media Report, 2012. 
  23. FACEBOOK 2013 UPDATE GRAPH SEARCH •  Graph search is currently in beta and is only available to a limited audience pool. The concept behind it is to make your social community more searchable and useful along with providing real life benefits to the user. •  The caveat: privacy constraints Professional Personal Image Source: Facebook, 2013. 
  24. KEY TAKEAWAYS Recap and trend forecast for 2013 Image Source: Shu+erstock – KROMKRATHOG, 2013 business place concept ideas. 
  25. THE INTERNET While internet access reaches more of the globe, it will continue to consume individuals’ personal and professional time. With this accessibility comes the convenience of accessing all types of content–online TV, news and music–anytime, anywhere. The growing dominance of this medium allows advertisers new opportunities to reach consumers while gaining measureable metrics and performance. Image Sources: 123RF – alexmillos.  
  26. DEVICES With the expansion of mobile, new opportunities are presenting themselves here. 2013 will be the beginning of the mobile wallet, with mobile not only being an environment for ones’ identity and social circles but also their financial spending. Consumers now have the ability to access anything through their fingertips at anytime. Advertisers must keep on-top of the capabilities here for they will continue to evolve as functionality matures on this platform.
  27. SOCIAL MEDIA Social media will continue to expand as its mobile focus accelerates. With this we will see social media incorporated into even more areas of consumers’ lives. It is ever present as people document the micro- moments of their lives and a constant companion, whether out with friends, hanging on the couch or shopping. With its evolving presence in daily life, social media demands equal attention from both marketers and advertisers. Image Sources: Mashable, Facebook to Let Adver3sers Bid on Ads Using Your Browser Data.    
  28. WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN? A HYPER CONNECTED WORLD: We have reached the age where all touch-points are aligning. As access continues to evolve for consumers, so will the transparency that lives here. In today’s connected world, the line that once divided these platforms has begun to blur. Consumers can engage anywhere with your brand and touch points (Website, online ads or social media)—whether on the couch, in the aisle or on the street. Image Sources: Oregon Live, Retailers use Facebook’s ‘like’ bu+on to drive sales, 2012. 
  29. MARKETING IN A CONVERGED WORLD Marketers and advertisers need to look beyond the platforms themselves and take a holistic approach to their communications planning. It is important to understand how, when and where consumers are interacting with your brand digitally to fully engage with consumers as they discover and purchase. Sources: Experian, Empower Meaningful Connec3ons, 2013. 
  30. THANK YOU.
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