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  2. Research in Education (Prof. Ed 8)
  3. 4 General Forms of Research Russell
  4. General Forms of Research ✘ The general forms of research define the purpose and approach of the study 5 Russell
  5. Scientific Research ✘ is a research method that seeks to explain naturally occurring phenomena in the world by generating credible theories. 6 Russell
  6. Research in the Humanities ✘ seeks to define the purpose of human existence by tapping into historical facts and future possibilities. 7 Russell
  7. Artistic Research ✘ provides alternative approaches to establish concepts by conducting practical methods as substitutes for fundamental and theoretical ones. This research generates new knowledge through artistic practices such as defining new concepts, creating new processes and devising new methods 8 Russell
  8. 9 Research Design Analyn
  9. Research Design ✘ Enables the researcher to organize the components of his or her research in an orderly and coherent manner. This will ensure that the researcher or study will effectively address the research topic or problem. 10 Analyn
  10. 11 Example of Research Design Analyn
  11. 1. Action Research ✘ The research design follows a cyclical process. The researcher identifies a problem and determines a plan of action to address it. 12 Analyn
  12. 2. Causal Design ✘ This research explores how a specific change impacts a certain situation. This research design employs a hypothesis that seeks to establish a cause and effect relationship between variables. 13 Analyn
  13. 3. Descriptive Design ✘ This design answer who, what, when, where, and how questions related to a particular research problem. 14 Analyn
  14. 4. Experimental Design ✘ in this design, the researcher controls the factors and variables related to a certain phenomenon and tries to change or manipulate one or several factors to determine the possible effects.. 15 Lydia Mae
  15. 16 Three Types of Experimental Research Design Lydia Mae
  16. 1. Pre- Experimental Design ✘ one short case study in which one group is exposed to a treatment or condition and measured afterwards to see if there were any effects. 17 Lydia Mae
  17. 2. True Experimental Design ✘ is statistics approach to establishing a cause and effect relationship between different variables. 18 Lydia Mae
  18. 3. Quasi - Experimental Design ✘ the studies that aim to evaluate interventions but that do not use randomization. 19 Lydia Mae
  19. 5. Exploratory Design ✘ This research focuses on topics or problems which have had little or no studies done about them. the purpose of the design is to gain information and insight that can be used for later researchers. This design is often used to determine which method or approach to use for a certain topic or problem. 20 Lydia Mae
  20. 6. Cohort Design ✘ This research identifies a group of people sharing common characteristics who are then studied for a period of time. The researcher seeks to identify how these groups are affected by certain factors or changes and related the information gathered to the research topic or problem. 21 Lydia Mae
  21. 7. Cross-Sectional Design ✘ this research design look into a large group of people, composed of individuals with varied characteristics. 22 Ellen
  22. 8. Longitudinal Design ✘ This research follows group of people over a long period of time. 23 Ellen
  23. 9. Sequential Design ✘ This research is carried out in stages to gather sufficient data to test the hypothesis. 24 Ellen
  24. 10. Mixed-Method Data ✘ This research design combine qualitative and quantitative method. 25 Ellen
  25. 26 Importance of Ethics in Research Ate Nikki
  26. Importance 27 Ate Nikki
  27. Ethics 28 Ate Nikki
  28. Research 29 Ate Nikki
  29. Research Ethics 30 Ate Nikki
  30. What is Ethics in Research and Why is it important? 31 Ate Nikki
  31. Ethics promoted the pursuit of knowledge, truth and credibility 32 Ate Nikki
  32. Many of ethical norms ensure that researchers are held accountable to the public 33 Ate Nikki
  33. Adherence to ethical principles helps build public support for research 34 Ate Nikki
  34. 35 Thank You for Listening!
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