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How to Generate, Capture and Follow-up With More Leads In Less Time

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Keeping the pipeline filled is arguably one of the most important activities for any company. The health of a company often strongly correlates with how full you can keep the pipeline. But generating leads alone is not enough. In fact, what comes next is what really matters: how you capture and follow up with those leads. That’s what we’ll be talking about in this month’s webinar with the experts at Front.

Join us on this webinar and you’ll discover:

-How to scale personalized outbound campaigns to increase lead velocity
-The 3 biggest challenges of outbound sales and how to overcome them
-The right way your sales team should be capturing inbound leads
-3 critical factors to managing large lead databases
-How to find the right balance between automation and personalization
-How to make sure no lead falls through the crack

We’ll also wrap up with Q&A so that you don’t leave the webinar with any lingering questions on how you can generate, capture and follow up with more leads in less time for your company.

This presentation was brought to you by PersistIQ

Our software empowers sales reps to easily create personalized outbound campaigns at scale.

Move faster and sell smarter than ever before.

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How to Generate, Capture and Follow-up With More Leads In Less Time

  1. 1. @FrontApp How to Generate, Capture and Follow-up With More Leads In Less Time
  2. 2. @FrontApp Table of Contents 1. Introducing Brandon from PersistIQ 3 a. How to Generate More Leads 4 b. 3 Biggest Challenges of Outbound Sales 9 c. 5 Steps to the Perfect Outbound Campaign 13 2. Introducing Roxana from Front 22 a. How to Capturing and Follow-Up with Leads 23
  3. 3. @FrontApp Brandon Redlinger Growth Marketing
  4. 4. @FrontApp How to Generate More Leads 1. Manual prospecting 2. 3rd party sources 3. Outsourcing 4. Get creative!
  5. 5. @FrontApp 1. Manual Prospecting • Speed matters • Quality or quantity? • Know your business economics
  6. 6. @FrontApp 2. 3rd Party Sources data.com Sales Intelligence Lead Sourcing
  7. 7. @FrontApp 3. Outsourcing A. Create a process B. Hire and evaluate freelancers C. Verify data D. Review performance E. Rise and repeat!
  8. 8. @FrontApp 4. Get Creative 1. Join associations 2. Sponsor events 3. Scrape the web 4. Work with your marketing team 5. And more...
  9. 9. @FrontApp The 3 Biggest Challenges of Outbound Sales 1. Balancing automation & personalization 1. Using the right tech 2. Following up correctly
  10. 10. @FrontApp What should be done by a human? What should be automated? 1. Balancing Automation & Personalization
  11. 11. @FrontApp 2. Using the Right Technologies • Marketing automation is different than sales automation! • Dead giveaways that you’re using automation
  12. 12. @FrontApp 3. Follow Up Correctly • Number of touchpoints • Time between touchpoints • Reason for following up • Channel Diversity
  13. 13. @FrontApp 5 Steps to Executing the Perfect Sales Prospecting Campaign 1. Create your email templates 2. Set up your campaigns 3. Add your leads 4. Launch your campaign 5. Analyze and adjust
  14. 14. @FrontApp • Keep it short • Open strong • Offer a compelling value proposition • Include a call to action • Sound like a real person 1.Create Your Email Templates
  15. 15. @FrontApp [Subject line:] [Your Company] <> [Prospect’s Company] Hi [first name], I saw on LinkedIn that we’re connected through [common connection]. [Write one sentence about why that connection is relevant]. Given your position, I think you may be interested in what my company does. [Give your one to two sentence value proposition]. What does your schedule look like in the next few days? I’d love to jump on a quick call and see if it’s something that would be useful for you. Thanks! [your name]
  16. 16. @FrontApp Reason for Following Up • Re-emphasize business value • Offer insights • Educate • Share news
  17. 17. @FrontApp [Subject line:] Quick question about [pain/problem you solve] Hey [first name], Are you still interested in [your solution]? Cheers, [your name]
  18. 18. @FrontApp • Different campaigns for different segments of your list • A/B test your campaigns 2. Set Up Your Campaigns
  19. 19. @FrontApp Make sure you don’t have duplicates or the same leads in different campaigns! 3. Add Your Leads
  20. 20. @FrontApp • Review • Make sure you don’t have any missing variables • Send! 4. Launch Your Campaign
  21. 21. @FrontApp • Analyze and adjust 5. Analyze and adjust.
  22. 22. @FrontApp Roxana Siu Head of Marketing
  23. 23. @FrontApp Want to successfully capture leads? You've got 5 minutes!
  24. 24. @FrontApp Make sure no leads fall through the cracks Keep all leads in one place, even if you receive them through multiple channels
  25. 25. @FrontApp Make sure no leads fall through the cracks Quickly dispatch incoming leads • Create accountability • Clearly indicate who should take next steps • Reassign leads if a Sales Rep is unavailable
  26. 26. @FrontApp Accelerate lead conversion Create a good first impression
  27. 27. @FrontApp Accelerate lead conversion Circle back with qualified leads in a timely manner
  28. 28. @FrontApp Accelerate lead conversion Provide the right answer, faster
  29. 29. @FrontApp Reach out to more leads in less time See the whole picture
  30. 30. @FrontApp Reach out to more leads in less time Quickly reply to FAQs
  31. 31. @FrontApp Questions? Roxana Siu Roxana@FrontApp Brandon Redlinger Brandon@PersistIQ
  32. 32. @FrontApp Get In Touch With PersistIQ! Follow us @PersistIQ LinkedIn.com/company/PersistIQ PersistIQ.com/demo
  33. 33. @FrontApp Get In Touch With Front! Follow us @FrontApp FrontApp.com/contact