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Beginner's Guide To Instagram Marketing

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Brandnew IO's brand guide with basic tips and tricks for a successful Instagram marketing strategy.

Learn about influencer marketing, how to get started on Instagram, how to plan an Instagram photo contest, posting guidelines and more.

Refine your brand Instagram strategy with this brief beginner's guide.

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Beginner's Guide To Instagram Marketing

  1. 1. MARCH 2015 BRAND HANDBOOK Basic tips and tricks to a successful Instagram marketing strategy
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Influencer Marketing 2. Brandnew’s Campaign Types 3. Choosing the Right Campaign Type 4. Campaign Tips 5. Planning a Photo Contest 6. Getting Started on Instagram 7. Posting on Instagram 8. What To Do During a Campaign Photo by @raodtpeveywhere for Teatox
  3. 3. WHY INFLUENCER MARKETING?1 Break through the noise Influencer Marketing gives brands a mouthpiece to connect with thousands of consumers in a natural and unobtrusive form Create great content. Not ads. Photo by @spielkkind for LOVOO 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations. Only 33% trust ads.
  4. 4. Influencers are provided with branded materials / products which they will showcase attractively to their audience PRODUCT PLACEMENT Influencers post themed images and encourage further organic content creation and contest participation PHOTO CONTEST Influencers share a series of visual narratives which involve the use of a brand product or attending a branded event STORYTELLING WHAT ARE THE CAMPAIGNS LIKE?2 Photo by @silverspies for ASOS
  5. 5. WHICH CAMPAIGN TYPE IS BEST?3 Photo by @silverspies for ASOS If gaining followers is your main goal then a PHOTO CONTEST is the best choice If creating outstanding content is most important then PHOTO CONTEST, STORYTELLING & PRODUCT PLACEMENT are suitable campaigns If extensive reach for your brand is top priority then PHOTO CONTEST are campaigns that can achieve this If building awareness of your brand is what you want to achieve then STORYTELLING will best help you to do this If promoting your brand product is your objective a PRODUCT PLACEMENT or STORYTELLING campaign can accomplish this GAIN FOLLOWERS CONTENT CREATION REACH BRAND AWARENESS PRODUCT PROMOTION While all our campaign types can achieve multiple goals, some are better suited to produce particular results
  6. 6. CAMPAIGN TIPS The key to a great photo contest is to keep it simple. Choose a theme that content can easily be created for, ensuring that the contest is accessible to everyone. The hashtag chosen should reflect the theme - remember that hashtags are not only used to connect but also to inspire. Photo Contest Storytelling When it comes to storytelling campaigns there is a world of options. If you are opting for this campaign type, don’t limit yourself and make sure to allow influencers some artistic freedom within your guidelines. They are top Instagrammers because of their creative talent - so let them use it. Photo by @hannes_becker for Germanwings 4 Product Placement Make a product placement campaign great by providing some extras, e.g. additional merchandise such as stickers, badges etc. that could be used creatively. Or make it more personal for the influencer by including a note - that little step can help to make a connection to your brand or product.
  7. 7. Photo by @kitkat_ch for America Unlimited PLANNING A PHOTO CONTEST5 Things to consider: Theme Hashtag Prize Terms and Conditions To-Do List: • If you do not have a brand Instagram account you can create one solely to support the contest during the campaign period • Post the terms and conditions of the contest on your Instagram page • If there is a webpage relevant to the contest you can add the link in the bio • Post some images using the contest hashtag to inspire the Instagram community Theme: “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” Hashtag: #americaunlimited_nevada_contest Prize: Trip for 2 to Nevada Results Submissions: > 1490 Total Campaign Reach: > 11M Contest Example
  8. 8. HOW TO START YOUR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT Photo by @anasbarros for Lumix 6 Include a trackable link Use your brand’s logo as you profile pic Use the bio field to explain who you are and what you do Choose a name, ideally your business name Choose images that represent your brand to get your account started
  9. 9. • post images that will catch a consumer’s attention • use high quality images • pick a style and stick to it • post on a regular basis • write clear, concise captions • use the location feature when relevant • use only relevant hashtags Do POSTING DO’S & DON’TS Photo by @oliviathebaut for ASOS 7 • overuse hashtags in your captions - no more than three is a good rule of thumb (use the comment section for more) Don’t
  10. 10. WHAT TO DO DURING A CAMPAIGN8 Brandnew offers workshops for a fully comprehensive Instagram management training Having an Instagram account to support a campaign is a good idea. How you manage the account will depend on your campaign goal and your Instagram intentions after the campaign ends. Respond to interactions Observe your brand Repost content • Respond to comments on your posts • Like and comment on influencer posts for your brand • Search for content associated with your brand using hashtags and like and comment where appropriate • Post influencer campaign content on your account with an @mention Continue this behaviour after the campaign if you wish to grow your brand Instagram account. Dedicating just 10mins a day to Instagram can help build your brand image Photo by @oliviathebaut for ASOS
  11. 11. advertisers@brandnew.io +49 30 57704147 www.brandnew.io Brandnew IO Advertiser Relations Photo by @robinmay for Moe’s Southwest Grill