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The Marketing Matrix

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Presentation abstracted from my essay in the AGE OF CONVERSATION book.

The Age of Conversation book idea began has a dare between two bloggers. This dare quickly involved over 100 social media champions, each submitting a short essay to encourage businesses to enter the Age of Conversation. That was the first edition in 2007.

Now, in 2008, the second edition involves over 230 social media champions sharing essays challenging still-reluctant businesses to enter the Age of Conversation.

Learn much more at: AgeOfConversation.com

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The Marketing Matrix

  2. I’ve been watching you.
  3. You’re a marketer hardwired to be curious.
  4. You seek to be interesting and interested.
  5. You listen more than you speak.
  6. You never create marketing plans in a silo.
  7. Yet, you’re unable to overcome the inertia that binds you to the past.
  8. The inertia?
  9. It’s the MARKETING MATRIX …
  10. … an unreal landscape of illusion marketers have been working in for decades.
  11. The MARKETING MATRIX is everywhere.
  12. Unfortunately, you cannot be told what the MARKETING MATRIX is.
  13. You have to experience it for yourself.
  14. Here’s your chance.
  16. Choose the BLUE PILL and the story ends. You’ll continue to believe whatever you want to believe.
  17. Choose the RED PILL and your journey begins...
  18. … you’ll explore deeper and truer connections with your customers participating in the online groundswell.
  19. All I am offering you is the truth.
  20. You must decide to explore or ignore.
  23. Here’s hoping you choose to explore.
  24. abstracted from my essay in the AGE OF CONVERSATION book NOTE: idea inspired by Kelsey Ruger’s presentation at the GOT SOCIAL MEDIA event in Houston (Jan. 24, 2008 )
  25. www. AgeOfConversation .com