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Your Employer Brand Under Siege: How Social Media is Changing Recruitment

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Think you control your employment brand? Discover how popular social media sites like GlassDoor.com are putting the power to shape your employment brand into the hands of employees and job seekers like never before. Internal information that in the past was not divulged publicly is now discussed openly. Job candidates even rate their recruitment experiences.

Find out how social media is reshaping recruitment and employment branding. Learn how the best organizations are building talent acquisition and retention strategies based on lessons from the in-bound marketing and sales in order to gain a competitive advantage.

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Your Employer Brand Under Siege: How Social Media is Changing Recruitment

  1. 1. Your Employment Brand Under Siege: how social media is changing recruitment STRATEGIC CAPABILITY NETWORK NOVEMBER 27, 2013
  2. 2. Discussion Points  is it business as usual?  employment brand 101  some emerging themes  some best practices
  3. 3. Business as usual? It’s always been difficult to find good people … and it’s getting harder  Unstable Markets & Governments  More Passive Job Seekers than in the past  Shifting Demographics    75M Baby Boomers Nearing Retirement Only 30M Gen-X to fill roles Globalization  Competition for Executive Talent  Uneven Quality of Education Systems
  4. 4. Employment Brand 101  Q: Who has an employment brand?   A: All companies do. What is an employment brand?  Boring Answer - “Represents the corporate identity to its current and prospective employees..” It is important that you have consistency between your internal and external employer brand
  5. 5. “ if it can be known, it will be known. With the rise of the web & social media, HOW you recruit is as important as WHO you recruit. ”
  6. 6. Review sites – glassdoor.com
  7. 7. Actual Employee Reviews Reviews from Glassdoor.com
  8. 8. Benefits  Recruit better candidates  Reduce employee turnover  Make better hiring decisions  Reduce recruiting costs  Improve Employee Engagement Infographic from - http://www.staffingdaily.com/how-employee-referrals-impact-your-employer-brand-infographic/
  9. 9. Emerging Themes  Transparency – If it can be known it will be known    Social Media Glassdoor.com Job Boards - Struggling    National/International - reduction in traffic and revenues Local/Niche/Specialist Job Boards becoming more effective Your own Corporate Career Websites becoming more effective  Opportunities for Future Candidate Engagement  Leveraging Social - Moving from one message to conversations with prospects  Companies reducing spending on 3rd party recruiters  New Technologies  Lots of new very interesting technologies emerging trying to disrupt hiring process  CRM for Talent  Candidate Profiling  eHarmony for Jobs
  10. 10. “ Best Practices How do we get started? ”
  11. 11. Differentiators & Competitive Advantage 1. Employer of Choice Branding Operational Excellence – be found & known 2. Candidate Experience – provide the best experience 3. Candidate Relationship Management – proactive recruiting 4. Technology Enablement – choose technologies that work & integrate 5. Crowd Sourcing, Market Intelligence – leverage referrals & social
  12. 12. Talk to Marketing Marketing & HR need to work together – here’s why.  Employer of Choice Branding  Provide rich company information  Company Career Page – Or Micro-Sites    Use corporate careers page as anchor – all others are hooks to it (inbound marketing) Participate in online conversations – Glassdoor, Indeed, Twitter, Facebook, etc. – Community Manager Focus on Candidate Experience  Make it easy to connect/apply  Treat candidates like you would your employees  Go through your own application process  www.thecandes.org - The Candidate Experience Awards – amazing resource!   Asking for feedback – “How has the process been so far?” Consider Evolution from Recruiter to Talent Advisor    Write inspiring job advertisements (not job descriptions) Illustrate career paths and the overall opportunity about the future Consider Building & Engaging talent community  Create a group of brand ambassadors  Learn from this group – they have the reason why they want to work for you.
  13. 13. Leverage Technology  Make sure your technology talks to each other   Avoid stand alone tools that don’t integrate with each other Be found – Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social, Web    Create great original content – company milestones, employee recognition Start with content you already have Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)   Crowd sourcing, Market Intelligence - Data Mining   Build relationships, manage expectations Employee Referrals, hunting on Social Media Mobile Optimization – You NEED to offer a mobile experience for candidates  72% of job seekers have visited company site on mobile device  Only 20% have a mobile optimized career site
  14. 14. Thanks! Bruce Richards @bruce_richards http://ca.linkedin.com/in/brucedrichards/  Some Resources  http://www.ere.net/  http://www.thecandidateexperienceawards.org/  http://www.hrtechnologyconference.com/  http://www.blogging4jobs.com Let me know if I can help!