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Inspiration Lab - Winner IFLA Biblibre 2016 marketing award

prosentation of the project, WLIC 2016, Columbus Ohio

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Inspiration Lab - Winner IFLA Biblibre 2016 marketing award

  1. 1. Inspiration Lab Launch Campaign Sandra Singh, Chief Librarian sandra.singh@vpl.ca August 17, 2016
  2. 2. About Vancouver First Peoples: Three Coast Salish First Nations Incorporated as city in 1886 115 square km / 605,000 people (2011) 52% residents w/ first language other than English Economy: Port Metro Vancouver, HQs for resource industry companies Tech and digital sector Film and television industry Biggest challenge: Housing affordability
  3. 3. About VPL (2015) 21 branches, including Central Library 6.8 million in-person visits 6.4 million digital visits 257,832 active cardholders 74,063 only used tech and digital resources 9.4 million collection items used (physical and digital) 9,700 free programs 277,000 program attendees
  4. 4. Inspiration Lab: A Brief History  2013-2015 Strategic Plan Consultation  Asked staff to start thinking about a digital media lab  Met with Tech/Digital sector leaders to get feedback  Set budget: $600,000 and space: 7,500 sq ft  Dec 2013-Feb 2014: Finalised components  Fall 2015 - May 2015: (De)Construction  May 2015: Launch event
  5. 5. the lab
  6. 6. CREATION STATIONS 12 high-performance desktop computers providing: Microsoft Photo Gallery, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Movie Maker, Adobe PremierePro, Audacity, Reaper, Sigil, Adobe InDesign DIGITIZATION STATIONS Flatbed photo/negative/slide scanner station; 8mm Video Cassette Walkman; VHS video tape-to-digital conversion station; Audiotape-to-digital conversion station; A/V Hook-up Stations RECORDING STUDIOS Sound Booths 1, 2 & 4 (1-2 people max.) Mixer; USB tabletop microphone; webcam; headphones Live Room (4-6 people max.) Mixer; studio monitors; Pro-con; USB tabletop microphone; webcam The Terry McBride Recording Studio (2 min. to 8 people max.) Studio Mixer; studio monitors; Pocket Cinema Camera (35 lens and short condenser shotgun microphone); dual LED light kit; Daylight LED Video Light with Remote; green screen; headphone distribution amplifier Additional Bookable Studio Equipment Studio Condenser Microphones: C-3 & C-1; ULTRA-DI DI100 box
  7. 7. marketing strategy and positioning
  8. 8. Targeting: We wanted broad reach (lab is for everyone) Appeal to early adopters who are familiar with tech but without it at home
  9. 9. Small budget for advertising 2,000 CAD plus staff time Roughly 1,600 USD or €1,400
  10. 10. Created an identity for the Inspiration Lab1
  11. 11. Vancouver’s free digital media hub
  12. 12. A place that combines traditional, digital and new media in a custom-built space.
  13. 13. Dedicated to digital creativity, collaboration and storytelling.
  14. 14. High-performance computers, analog- to-digital conversion, sound studios, video editing and self- publishing software.
  15. 15. And all free to use with a library card.
  16. 16. Built concept around activities in lab: Discover, Create, (Self) Publish, Learn, Design, Imagine, Record + Edit, Share
  17. 17. Putting the identity and messaging to work with a limited budget.2
  18. 18. Making our small budget do big, big work Fall 2014: Media advance (early media feed) Launch Campaign (1st week of May 2015)  Media relations  Launch event  Advertising and promotional materials  Social Media
  19. 19. Media awareness began months ahead of launch Every media interaction/interview reminded them that the lab was coming
  20. 20. launch event and media relations
  21. 21. Making our small budget do big, big work Media relations and launch  Media advisory of launch – 5 days in advance of launch event  Called each major outlet with a more detailed pitch
  22. 22. Worked with online and weekly media in advance Facilitated their stories ahead of time, with them publishing day-of Gave a few media outlets a preview of space
  23. 23. Making our small budget do big, big work Launch event  Media  Elected officials (City)  Foundation and donors  Staff and Friends
  24. 24. Launch event live-tweeted and streamed live via Periscope #Inspiration Lab trending regionally
  25. 25. Launch event: Virtually every major news outlet in the city attended, including: Vancouver Sun The Province CBC TV | CBC radio CityTV Huffington Post Georgia Straight Vancouver Courier Westender CKNW radio
  26. 26. “This is kind of a creative playground where anyone can experiment with cool technology, without having to buy their own – and that is very enabling.” —Sam Chandola, Founder and CEO of Victory Square Games
  27. 27. “If you aspire to be an artist, a publisher, a videographer, an author, a musician, a game developer – these tools are as important as a smartphone is to a journalist.” —Andrea Reimer, Deputy Mayor
  28. 28. Earned media coverage Vancouver Sun, Ottawa Citizen (syndicated use of the Sun’s piece), The Province, CBC TV, CBC radio, Société Radio-Canada (CBC French), CityTV (Toronto), Huffington Post, Georgia Straight, Vancouver Courier, Westender, CKNW radio (news coverage and a talk show), AM730, Vancity Buzz, 604 Now, DJ Magazine, Vancouver 24 Hours, Metro News, Jack FM radio, American Libraries Magazine, Sing Tao, Ming Pao, Fairchild TV (Chinese- language), reddit r/Vancouver, Asian Pacific Post 25 outlets and some of the content was picked up on syndication
  29. 29. 2.5 million impressions
  30. 30. advertising, promotional, social media
  31. 31. Making our small budget do big, big work Advertising  Leveraged City of Vancouver’s access to bus shelter ad space  “ditto” for digital signage
  32. 32. 25 transit shelters around the city digital signage at major intersection downtown 9.1 million impressions
  33. 33. Making our small budget do big, big work Promotional materials  Variety of take-aways for launch and VPL branches
  34. 34. Making our small budget do big, big work Social media  Re-skinned our Twitter and Facebook pages using the Inspiration Lab identity for the launch
  35. 35. Making our small budget do big, big work Total Cost of launch  Promotional materials and posters: $2,000  Launch event: $1,200 Results  Impressions: 11.6 million  Trended on twitter
  36. 36. Vancouver has embraced the lab
  37. 37. Tours post-launch: So popular, we had tours hourly for first two days First month: tours (56) almost daily, with nearly 600 attendees
  38. 38. First 8 months: 300+ programs 1,850+ attendees 4,400+ studio bookings, with 7,300+ patrons
  39. 39. “I don’t have money to pay to record an album. But I’ve recorded more than 20 songs already. I made a CD from the library that I’m selling now.” —Alfredo Flores, musician
  40. 40. Documentary filmmakers (sound and video) Podcasts Community groups for music recording
  41. 41. What worked well? Staff time on media relations Leveraging relationship with City in lieu of ad buy
  42. 42. What was challenging? Promoting a space/facility that was unfamiliar to the public (this was where media relations was vital)
  43. 43. Do-over. What would we do differently?
  44. 44. Create supplemental materials that contain far greater detail
  45. 45. VPL Marketing + Communications Adrienne, Tina, Stephen, Maria, James (Stephanie, Marya not shown)
  46. 46. VPL Marketing + Communications In a city far, far away (well, a little ways) from Columbus, Ohio
  47. 47. Thank you