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Digital Transformation in the Automotive Sector

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Mikel Lorente - Technical Director of AIC - Automotive Intelligence Center

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Digital Transformation in the Automotive Sector

  2. 2. 2 Digital transformation in the automotive sector Table of Contents • Digitization in the Automotive Sector • AIC, an automotive innovation center
  3. 3. Autonomous Sustainable Safety Modularity Customization Lightweight Connectivity Intelligenc e Advanced manufacturing Digital transformation in the automotive sector Strategic areas for automotive technological development 3
  4. 4. 4 Digital transformation in the automotive sector Digitization is an integrator and a catalyst
  5. 5. • Traffic management. • Energy consumption • Efficiently connected means of transport • Commercial transport efficiency through the optimal use of vehicles based on fleet management • More effective prevention of dangerous situations. • Recognition of emergency vehicles with priority. Connected vehicle Economic, environmental and social benefits • Improving the experience inside and outside the vehicle. • Access to the internet in the vehicle enables a whole new series of applications and services. • Real time automatic information sharing. • More efficient transport > time and available resources. • Traffic systems smartly connected to different transports will allow intermodal customized solutions for users. • Parking spaces availability management in order to reduce traffic. Digital transformation in the automotive sector Connectivity 5
  6. 6. Digital transformation in the automotive sector Autonomous Driving 360° View Highly robust in all situations Architecture Sensor redundancy, ECU, and action Security Protection against deliberate attacks and system malfunctions Localisation Precise and trustworthy estimation of vehicle positioning Intelligence Understand the situation, plan, decide and act Legislation Global standard with clear responsibility Autonomous driving will…  Increase road safety  Synchronise traffic, increasing the level of efficiency and reducing emissions.  Enable a better use of time on the road.  Enable mobility for all ages. 6
  7. 7. Advanced Manufacturing Processes Human Factory Customer Focused Manufacturin g Smart Manufacturin g Digital and Virtual Factory Multitask hybrid machinery Machine to machine/syste m to system communication Supply chain management smart systems Life Cycle tracking systems Human- Machine Interaction Automation of knowledge work New manufacturing training methods Concurrent engineering Simulation and virtual immersion Customer Co-creation/ Open innovation Data driven design to value Data driven demand prediction Advanced energy management tools & platforms Adaptive Manufacturin g Resource Efficient Factory Data acquisition and management systems Human-Robot collaborative interaction Flexible and reconfigurable machinery Equipment and processes monitoring Assets smart management Process simulation and control systems Digital quality management Augmented reality Unitary traceability Consumption monitoring & control systems Power generation Key information systems Digital transformation in the automotive sector Digitization throughout the manufacturing strategy
  8. 8. 8 AIC – Automotive Intelligence Center A unique value generating Center
  9. 9. Lean organization Integral Agenda Advanced services Cutting edge facilities Specialized equipment Unique model AIC Value drivers Settlement support Members Network 9
  10. 10. Working under a cooperation and open innovation philosophy that contributes to the development of joint projects Focused on Automotive sector In a high-level environment Open to the world Integrating both its own and third parties’ capabilities Market-oriented Based on cooperation and open innovation Unique model Value-creating Center AIC focuses on providing value to the automotive sector Prime location including modern first- class facilities International vocation, clustering companies from 6 different nationalities Creating talent by bringing together its own capabilities with the capabilities of both member companies and the network it works with Through the development of market- oriented projects “Innovation through cooperation” AIC, a model supported by the European Union 10
  11. 11. Lean organization Professionality as a hallmark AIC staff AIC members – 750 professionals Industry knowledge and experience In private sector Multidisciplinary education AIC is focused on its member companies, ensuring the availability of its team’s talent and professionality The sum of AIC Team’s capabilities, the capabilities of member companies and the capabilities of the Center’s network, leads to AIC model’s distinguishing talent. AIC network Flexible teams are built up integrating specific capabilities on a project- basis Proximity and swiftness Creativity with values 11
  12. 12. AIC’s commitment to move from ideas to business creation The Basque Country AIC Lean Organization Cutting-edge facilities Specialized equipment Advanced services AIC Agenda Ideas identification and competitive analysis R&D Projects Training Creation of new business Integral Agenda AIC Agenda 12
  13. 13. Advanced services Whole innovation cycle Advanced services  Opinion reports  Market reports and tailored made reports  Surveillance services Competitive Intelligence Training and talent attraction Research & Development Branding and access to international markets and customers Entrepreneurship and support for investments  Creation of Talent - Training  Industry awareness  Recruiting  Counseling  Project design  Coordination  Execution  Awareness  New products, processes and technologies development  New businesses support  International network  Communication platform 13
  14. 14. Member companies 30 Professionals 750 The integration within AIC premises of different companies (different nationalities, sizes, processes/products ..) working independently but in a coordinated way, encourages open innovation and the accomplishment of high value-added cooperative projects • Industrial diversity (automotive components manufacturing, engineering and consultancy services, etc.) • Integrating different processes • Leadership in the use of cutting-edge technologies AIC members and network A powerful platform AIC members AIC network High level partnership network that gives crucial support and a guarantee of accomplishment when developing their projects and initiatives Collaboration with OEMs & Tier1s Collaboration with other partners institutions Associations Financial institutions Media organisations Universities and vocational training Centers OEMs & Tier1s 14
  15. 15. Activities A unique center for generating value 15
  16. 16. Think Tank Advisory body Competitive Intelligence Virtual Development Center Smart Factory Digital area Electrification area Digital companies Engineering companies Incubators & Start-ups Structural Solution Development Digital Infrastructures Collaborative projects Advanced programs Dual Vocational Training Formula Student Experiential Learning Trainees grants Dissemination activities Administrative support 16
  17. 17. Strategic areas for Technological development ICE advanced systems Propulsion advanced technologies Vehicle electrification Safety Sustainable mobility Materials, manufacturing and design Competence Centers Lightweight Virtual Development Smart Factory AIC Technical Unit 17
  18. 18. LIGHTWEIGHT SMART FACTORY COMPETENCE CENTER VIRTUAL DEVELOPMENT COMPETENCE CENTER CENTER COMPOSITE ALUMINUM H.S.STEE L The Lightweight Competence Center includes three kind of facilities to develop strategic multimaterial & lightweight R&D projects: • Composites Center: Glass and Carbon Fiber characterization and SMC process manufacturing. • Aluminium transformation by Low Pressure Die Casting (LPDC) process. • HSS: cold and hot stamping processes. Product and process validation through prototyping and material characterization. The Virtual Development Competence Center covers component & system modelling and integration; vehicle model development; driver-in-the-loop validation through driving simulator. Use cases • Vehicle dynamics computational models validation. • Component/System model development and validation • Vibration control for ride handling/comfort purposes. • SIL/MIL/HIL+DIL • Others The Automotive Smart Factory (ASF) is an advanced manufacturing pilot plant providing first in class engineering and training services. The facilities include stamping and MAG welding processes as well as in-line dimensional control and flaw inspection systems. The Smart System manages the results of the verifications and real-time modifications of stamping and welding process parameters for a zero defect manufacturing system. Research areas include: • Machine learning • Big Data • In line inspection systems • Others AIC Competence Centers AIC Technical Unit 18
  19. 19. Virtual Development Center The Virtual Development Center aims to be a reference in virtual design, development and validation of systems embarked in tomorrow’s vehicle.  The center is able to assist companies in their development process at various stages Component, System and Vehicle modelling DIL Simulation Correlation with physical models SiL MiL HiL Hardware Software 6 DOF motion base - Six servo actuators - Houses the seat, steering wheel, partial dashboard. Visual & Audio - 3 x 42’’ vibration insulated LED panels - 4-speaker audio systemSteering system - Control loading force feedback steering system Modular control software Enables the flexibility of running component, system or complete vehicle models. Dynamic model Enables the execution of industry-standard handling performance testing. Tracks, roads & enviroments New graphical environments may be integrated to allow for other testing purposes. AIC Technical Unit 19
  20. 20. VDC Projects Domain Areas Projects ALUMINUM H.S.STEE L Component, System and Vehicle Modelling Ride & Comfort Handling 6 Performance Autonomous Driving AIC VEHICLE MODEL SCOPE: Mathematical characterization of the main blocks of a vehicle to recreate their behavior in a simulator in order to validate different components. OBJECTIVES: • Have a complete vehicle model as close to reality as possible. • Create a flexible modular model that accepts different configurations. • Use the tool to improve the performance of the real implemented blocks. EXTERNAL STEERING MODEL SCOPE: Integrate an external high- level model of the steering system of a car. OBJECTIVES: • Imitation of steering feel and behavior for a generic car. • Use the model as a vibration control system of the steering block. • Study the influence of the variables that define the steering module. EMOTIONAL CAR SCOPE: Design and develop the first real-time emotional-state decoding application, conceived to significantly improve the interaction between computerized systems and human beings. Human Machine Interaction MOTION SICKNESS SCOPE: Evaluation of confort parameters in vehicle passengers in autonomous driiving scenarios. URBAN STRESS SCOPE: Anlysis of urban driving stress scenarios and mitigation of consequences through control of sensorial triggers. VIRTUAL REALITY SCOPE: Integration of inmersive virtual reality system in the simulator. URBAN LANDSCAPE SCOPE: Development of enriched urban graphical environment. AIC Technical Unit 20
  21. 21. Procesosde fabricación avanzada Fábrica digital,virtual y eco-eficiente Fábrica humana Fabricación orientadaal cliente Fabricación inteligente y flexible Entornos de fabricación dinámica para su integración ágil e inteligente, Sistemas Inteligentes en el Producto/Servicio y su convergencia, Monitorización de datos, análisis, y su aplicación en la fabricación, Advanced Manufacturing Processes Digital, Virtual and Resource-Efficient Factory Customer Focused Manufacturing Human Factory Estrategia de control de calidad para la fabricación multietapa, Smart and adaptive Manufacturing • ICT Solutions for energy-efficient product life cycles and ECO-usage • Manufacturing intelligence for informed product design • Cloud Computing • … • Advanced Materials • Integrated manufacturing processes • Manufacturing of high-performance flexible structures • Advanced joining and assembly technologies for advanced and multi- materials • Additive Manufacturing • Micro and Nano technologies • Integrated factory models for evolvable manufacturing systems • Intelligent maintenance system for increased reliability of production system • Energy monitoring and energy management • Multi-level simulation and analytics for improving production quality and throughput • … • New manufacturing education methods and e-learning • Advanced information models for knowledge creation and learning • New ways of interaction and collaboration between workers and other resources in manufacturing systems • … • Manufacturing solutions for modular, updatable, reconfigurable and disassemblable products (Smart products) • Collaborative Robot • Mechatronics and Cyber-physical System • M2M Cloud connectivity • … ASF-Automotive Smart Factory Strategy - Support throughout the entire process SPECIFIC ADVANCED SERVICES Services for modelling, performance simulation, Big- Data, Smart Interactions, Smart Cells... TECHNOLOGICAL TRAINING Development of technological capabilities through Experimental Learning. TURN-KEY ADVANCED ENGINEERING SERVICES Integral engineering services, from strategy definition to implementation. ADVANCED MANUFACTURING STRATEGY Ad-hoc roadmap definition of Advanced Manufacturing strategies. AIC Technical Unit 21
  22. 22. Smart Manufacturing Processes• In-line dimensional control • In-line welding flaw inspection • Machine learning: real-time manufacturing parameters modification/correction • Validate industrial scenarios • … • Data-matrix tag system • Embedded manufacturing parameters • Visibility with tagged material and product management • Error analyzing • Selective recalls • … • Automated process • Robot on AGV • Fencing removal • In-process decision making robot • Security • .... • Training people for smart manufacturing environments • Data analysis and interpretation • … • Weld joint tracking technology by laser scanners • Butt welding in complex geometries • … ASF-Automotive Competence Center Technologies and Funcionalities Track & trace Collaborative Robots Research, Engineering and Training Joining technologies • Tooling • … Stamping technologies AIC Technical Unit 22
  23. 23. 23 AIC – Automotive Intelligence Center Accelerating innovation THANK YOU