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Noah’s Ark (Picture Yearling Book) Discount !!The bee and the fox, the sheep and the ox–two of each kind trudged aboard No...
Fascinating & Accurate                                   My 4-year-old son was completely smitten with this book the first...
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Noah’s Ark (Picture Yearling Book) Discount !!

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Noah’s Ark (Picture Yearling Book) Discount !!

  1. 1. Noah’s Ark (Picture Yearling Book) Discount !!The bee and the fox, the sheep and the ox–two of each kind trudged aboard Noah’s famousvessel. Peter Spier uses his own translation of a seventeenth-century Dutch poem about thismost famous menagerie.An Almost Wordless Vision of Noah’s StoryThis book won Peter Spier the coveted Caldecott Medal for the best illustrated children’s bookin 1978. Most Caldecott Medal winners enhance the story with illustrations. But a few transcendthe written material by becoming the story. Noah’s Ark is of the latter category.The book opens with a scene of brutal war on the left hand page. On the right hand page is theimage of Noah tending to his agricultural tasks. The words at the bottom of the page say simply," . . . But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord." Next, there is a translation of a Dutch poemwritten by Jacobus Revins that tells the briefest outline of the Noah saga. The rest of the bookuntil the last page is wordless. The final page shows Noah after the flood tending to hisagriculture with the words, " . . . and he planted a vineyard."The illustrations provide nonverbal stories about Noah. You see the enormous task it was tobuild an ark, the difficulties of rounding up all the… 1/2
  2. 2. Fascinating & Accurate My 4-year-old son was completely smitten with this book the first time we read it. He loved to look at all the details; the illustrations are wonderful. The book beaufully portrays God’s vengeance and God’s ultimate love. What struck me was the accuracy of the biblical story that so many of today’s Noah’s Ark books overlook or twist: – the length of time the flood waters took to receed – enough time for the animals to procreate (especially the bunnies!); – that God chose Noah, not that Noah was some sort of savior who, on his own, saved mankind; – the depravity of humanity (a city on fire); – the mess and smell of animal waste and the hard work to care for the animals – it shows Noah shoveling manure. I strongly recommend Peter Spier’s "Noah’s Ark" for anyone who is interested in teaching children biblical truths so often secularized in today’s world and also for the beautiful illustrations and details. Great story beautifully told in pictures I am particularly struck by three things in Peter Spier’s Noah’s Ark. First, the panoramic quality and amazing detail of the illustrations. The more time you spend with each picture the more you find. Second, the way a fairly complex story is beautifully told without words. Third, the way Spier is able to convey depth and breadth and nuance of emotion in his drawings. He exquisitely captures the body language and small facial details, in drawings that seem simple but apparently are not. This adds realism, helps you put yourself in the character’s place, and is the part of Spier’s artwork I like most. Note that the illustrations at the beginning of the story depict violence and are somewhat gory if you examine the details. You might need to consider how to present this, especially with younger children (say under 4?) With the youngest, pre-verbal, you might want to skip the beginning of the story entirely.[/has_review] 2/2Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)