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How Capital Power Overcame 7 Common SharePoint Intranet Challenges

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Watch a recording of the webinar here: http://hubs.ly/H07H2Lw0

Watch Robin Morgan, Intranet Project Lead at Capital Power, share his learnings from a recent intranet redesign project. Like many organizations who have implemented custom-built Intranets on SharePoint and Office 365, Morgan and his team came to recognize the inefficiencies and complexities the system created for everyday business operations.

You will learn how the power company developed an Intranet that is:

- Flexible and easy to use for all users including content authors
- Cost effective to maintain, manage and grow
- Mobile responsive for anytime, anywhere access
- Trusted with search results that are always relevant
- Consistent for user experience across the board
- Well maintained with governance that makes it so

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How Capital Power Overcame 7 Common SharePoint Intranet Challenges

  1. 1. How Capital Power Overcame 7 Intranet Challenges with SharePoint Online & Office 365
  2. 2. Robin Morgan • Upgrading Capital Power to SP 2010 to 2013 • Passionate about analyzing data for decision making • 16+ years designing and implementing intranets Intranet Project Lead, Capital Power krmorgan@capitalpower.com
  3. 3. INTRANET INNOVATION AWARDS What we’re all about Dynamic Owl are Thought Leaders in: • Beautiful and functional Intranets based on organization business needs • Promoting innovation, engagement and collaboration in organizations using best of breed technology • Intranets based on SharePoint and Office 365 that embraced by all levels an organizations • SharePoint consultingservices • Microsoft Gold Partner and Managed Partner • End-to-end SharePoint Implementations • 3x Microsoft SharePoint MVP’s on staff • Branham ICT Companies to watch 2nd place 2015 • Commended entry Intranet Innovation Awards 2015 Bonzai Intranet Introduction http://bonzai-intranet.com/
  4. 4. Some of our Awesome Clients 300K Active Users per day Bonzai Intranet Introduction http://bonzai-intranet.com/ 45+ Deployments of Bonzai to real customers
  5. 5. Today's Agenda Solutions to Challenges7 Intranet Challenges Q&A
  6. 6. Question 1 Do you believe your Intranet environment is effective? http://bonzai-intranet.com/
  7. 7. Question 2 What challenges does your (intranet) need to resolve? http://bonzai-intranet.com/
  8. 8. 20162013 7 Common SP Intranet Challenges
  9. 9. 1. Inflexible & Costly to Manage Custom Intranet solution built on SP 2010 Difficult for end-users to edit and update content Required technical knowledge to make changes (css, javascript, html) No support, maintenance, or ongoing improvements http://bonzai-intranet.com/
  10. 10. Cost of Custom Solution http://bonzai-intranet.com/
  11. 11. Cost of SaaS Solution http://bonzai-intranet.com/
  12. 12. 2. Not Mobile Responsive Intranet only accessible through private network Third-party application required for devices to access intranet Hindered adoption http://bonzai-intranet.com/
  13. 13. Today…true-responsiveness! http://bonzai-intranet.com/
  14. 14. 3. Over-crowded Homepage No sense of content hierarchy to crease a sense of priority Lack of information architecture Content not targeted to employee interests/information needs http://bonzai-intranet.com/
  15. 15. Homepage Before http://bonzai-intranet.com/ What’s important to me? Where should I focus my attention? What content is newly added? What content do my colleagues care about?
  16. 16. Homepage After Overview of Bonzai 1.5 http://bonzai-intranet.com/ Clear attention drawn to important news and announcements Content targeted to users based on role, department, location Social cues to indicate what colleagues care about
  17. 17. Question 3 Can your rely on your Intranet’s search engine? http://bonzai-intranet.com/
  18. 18. 4. No Trust in Search Employees could not find the information they needed to do their jobs Global search pulled results from the entire SP site collection No consistency in secondary navigation http://bonzai-intranet.com/
  19. 19. Advanced search…that works! Employees can now find what they are looking for in seconds Type ahead search helps to narrow down results and provide suggestions Trust in search has been earned http://bonzai-intranet.com/
  20. 20. 5. Missing Team Site Governance Plan Employees could post content wherever they wished No understanding difference posting to Intranet vs. Team Site Employees would post content to Team Sites when better suited for the intranet http://bonzai-intranet.com/
  21. 21. What we did to create governance…. http://bonzai-intranet.com/ We assigned an owner to every page of content on the new intranet We reduced the number of permissions groups – currently 2 Developed a process with HR to ensure page editors and approvers remain up-to-date
  22. 22. 6. Inconsistent User Experiences Inconsistent editing and approval process for publishing all types of content Created difficulties for site editor’s, approvers and administrators Made training an issue as there were too many variables to cover http://bonzai-intranet.com/
  23. 23. Bonzai provided this consistency Editing and approval process is now the same for editors, admins and approvers These features are built into the Bonzai Intranet platform and Sharepoint The result: content and new information delivered faster http://bonzai-intranet.com/
  24. 24. 7. Outdated Design Poor design and custom work resulted in no change to intranet for 4+ years Lack of internal resources with technical capabilities to make changes Employees dreaded using the intranet http://bonzai-intranet.com/
  25. 25. Capital Power’s Intranet Today
  26. 26. Capital Power’s Intranet Today
  27. 27. Capital Power’s Intranet Today
  28. 28. Capital Power’s Intranet Today
  29. 29. Results Since Re-design Improved employee communications Increased productivity and time saved Improved engagement and better usage Better tracking with Google Analytics 39,847 Page Views 1,406 Documents Loaded 38% Targeted Content 3,924 Users http://bonzai-intranet.com/
  30. 30. Q&A 2013 2016
  31. 31. bonzai-intranet.com @bonzaiintranet sales@bonzai-intranet.com +1 (844)-547-2662 675 W.Hastings, Vancouver B.C. V6B 1N2 You Digital Workplace on SharePoint & Office 365