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Design Approaches For Immersive Experiences AR/VR/MR

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Presented at inaugural International Investment Forum in Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality (#IIFVAR 2017) at Technopark Zurich, organized by the Swiss Society of Virtual and Augmented Reality (SSVAR). Here I presented an overview of how to design products for virtual, augmented, and mixed reality experiences. With a logical framework of user experience, theater/film, and game design, we can use the best tools of those disciplines to approach immersive design with an understanding of story structure, user state, and interaction mechanics.

More discussion of the elements of the talk are available here:

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Design Approaches For Immersive Experiences AR/VR/MR

  1. 1. Design Approaches For Immersive Experiences AR/VR/MR Mark Melnykowycz International Investment Forum in Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Technopark Zurich April 20th, 2017
  2. 2. Seeing Understanding The wonderful wizard of Oz by Baum, L. Frank (Lyman Frank), 1856-1919; Denslow, W. W. (William Wallace), 1856-1915
  3. 3. The Sensorama: 1957 1965: The Ultimate Display The Nova—A DIY Oculus Rift! View-Master Virtual Boy
  4. 4. VR is Not a Medium FRONTLINE/Brown Institute BlackoutVR Film Carhub test drive Am I You Film
  5. 5. VR is Experience Design Samsung Rio interviews U.S. Navy VR parachute simulator Surgery training hGps://infinityleap.com/virtual-reality-for-surgeons-training/
  6. 6. Trending to Ubiquitous Computing
  7. 7. Interaction Evolution and UX DevicesInteractivity User patterns are learned and can help or present barriers to new device adoption ?
  8. 8. VR/AR/MR User Interaction Controller Gesture Raycast Teleportation Room-Scale Mobile
  9. 9. Gaze Tracking / Ray CasRng User head orientation or controller used to cast rays and interact with the world Motion Gaze
  10. 10. Physical User Comfort Zone Mike Alger VR Interface Design Pre-VisualisaRon Methods (hGps://vimeo.com/141330081) Chu, A. (2014). VR Design: TransiRoning from a 2D to a 3D Design Paradigm. The Inmates Are Running the Asylum: Why High Tech Products Drive Us Crazy and How to Restore the Sanity (Alan Cooper) Don't Make Me Think, Revisited: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability (Steve Krug)
  11. 11. Interactivity Design Layers Approach Story Structure VR/AR/MR Technologies User Flow Game Design
  12. 12. User State Design Experiential Interactive Film/Video GamesSimulation Modeling
  13. 13. VR/AR Product Design Film / Theater Game Design Story / Character driven Interactivity / Story / Character driven User Experience Interaction design / Journey mapping / Value proposition
  14. 14. VR/AR Design Mediums Video / Film 2D/3D Media Code 360 Mono/Stereo Volumetric Video Audio 180 Stereo Film / Theater Game Design Models Location Recognition Tracking GPS Feature Interaction Design AI User Experience ExperientialInteractive
  15. 15. Design Phases UX Design / Sketching Interaction Design Technology / Platform Build / Test Film / Theater Game Design User Experience
  16. 16. Immersive Interactive Environments Virtual Reality Holodeck/Cave Augmented / Mixed Reality hGps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cave_automaRc_virtual_environment#/ media/File:CAVE_Crayoland.jpg Hololens Call of the Starseed
  17. 17. AirMech Command Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth (iOS)HTC Vive / Oculus Tower Defense / Real-Time Strategy 3D / Standing Room-Scale VR 2D / Mobile Same basic tower defense game mechanics Enjoyable, but is it better in VR? Fluffylogic CarbonStudios
  18. 18. 0-12 fps = static image >10/12 fps = motion 12 to 40 fps (16 fps avg) Silent Film The Jazz Singer (1927) 24 fps 1895 to 1936 24 fps / 48 fps NTSC / PAL 1950’s to 2000’s 30 fps (60i) / 25 fps (50i) 60 fps Interaction Choice Frame Rate and UX Design VR / AR The Hobbit (2012) Cinematic Feel TV / Video Look
  19. 19. Mark Melnykowycz Artist-Engineer @idezo_ch