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Bedrock Fundamentals of Digital Marketing


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Bedrock Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

  2. 2. GOOGLE ADWORDS NOW GOOGLE ADS • Rebranded to make it easier for small businesses to advertise • Smart Campaigns ■ Minimal ongoing management necessary • Other Google Ad Campaigns ■ You choose your own keywords, set bid prices, and structure your account
  3. 3. TIP: GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER • Estimate of search volume (user’s interest) • Number of results (competitiveness) • Difficulty level (low hanging fruit) Create strong ads with strategic keyword placement
  5. 5. • Quality Score is vitally important • Factors affecting Quality Score – Expected CTR – Ad Relevance – Landing page • New keyword automatically assigned a 6 • Location and Keywords more important than quality score for local ad extensions Quality Score Affects your CPC 50.00% Discount 44.20% Discount 37.40% Discount 28.60% Discount 16.70% Discount Google Benchmark 25.00% Increase 67.30% Increase 150.00% Increase 400.00% Increase QUALITY SCORE 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
  6. 6. • PPC Management ■ Google Ads Editor ■ AdWords Performance Grader ○ Free. Thorough audit of Google Ads account in 60 seconds or less • Keyword and competitor research ■ Google Keyword Planner ■ SEMrush ■ SpyFu • PPC call tracking tools ■ CallRail HELPFUL TOOLS
  7. 7. CONTENT STRATEGY Providing High Quality Information to Your Audience
  8. 8. CONTENT – QUALITY OR QUANTITY? • Both. Google rewards websites that provide high quality, sophisticated content on a regular basis. • The most authoritative content will come from the experts – your lawyers (or yourself) • Your content should be specific, grammatically correct, and meaningful • TIP: 500-700 words per page
  9. 9. STRATEGIC CONTENT DEVELOPMENT • Create keyword rich content - be careful not to spam. • Google seeks unique and informative content – FAQ style content • Primary and supporting content – Long-tail search terms • Leverage your experts to write content on different topics to maximize your depth of credibility
  10. 10. GO LOCAL IN CONTENT • Take opportunities to get location-specific in content to establish authority • Think beyond state-level terms • City and county terms TIP: Do not copy and paste content from one location page to another—even if laws are identical, make the content fresh.
  11. 11. Rich Content Produces Enhanced SERPResults • Google replaces short meta descriptions with quality content • Gives reader more information which results in greater traffic and conversions VS. regular SERP result
  12. 12. TIPS TO BECOME A THOUGHT LEADER • Establish a Brand - Niche Blogging • Become a trusted source - provide information on trending topics • Set yourself apart - Stick to expert’s genuine interest. Will result in greater contributions and richer content • Create FAQ Videos - can increase engagement, time on page, and conversion rates • Pro Tips: Provide expert content or quotes for guest blogs to obtain backlinks from authoritative sites.
  13. 13. TIPS FOR IMAGES IN YOUR CONTENT • Google Advanced Image Search • https://www.google.com/advanced_image_search • Image size • Colors in images • File type (PNG) • Advanced image title search • Usage rights
  14. 14. TIPS FOR LEVERAGING VIDEOS & PODCASTS • Transcribe videos and podcasts • Be sure to include titles and descriptions with keywords • Be sure to markup appropriately
  15. 15. TECHNICAL SEO Optimizing Behind the Scenes
  16. 16. • Optimize for Mobile • Title Tags • Meta Descriptions • Page Speed • Schema TECHNICAL SEO
  17. 17. • PageSpeed Insights https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ • Mobile and Desktop Speed • Suggestions to improve speed • Good score - 80-100 • 2-4 second load time PAGE SPEED
  18. 18. • Speak Google’s Language – Structured Data, Schema markup • Schema markup allows the search engine to understand the website and its content, and then display your content properly on SERPS • Types of Markup • Geographic • Reviews • Main Menu • Industry/Business Type • Social • Video Regular SERP result Rich Snippets STRUCTURED DATA AND RICH SNIPPETS The More Google Knows, The More Google Can Show
  19. 19. HELPFUL PLUG-INS FOR WORDPRESS • SEO Yoast • Google XML Sitemaps • W3 Total Cache plugin
  20. 20. RECOMMENDED SEO TOOLS AND RESOURCES • Moz - Open Site Explorer • SEMrush • Ahrefs • www.blog.google/ • Search Engine Land • Whitespark Local Search Blog Pro tip: follow SEO industry influencers on social media – they tease new releases, etc
  21. 21. LINK BUILDING Establishing Relationships Online
  22. 22. BECOME AN AUTHORITY OTHERS WANT TO CITE Content & Link-Building Come Together • Create content other sites want to link to – Be educational & informational – Add charts and statistics in your content • Bonus: Markup the charts to potentially achieve featured rich snippets • Make your site look authoritative • High-quality content earns
  23. 23. LOCAL LINKBUILDING • Build your firm a personality - people want to hire someone they like and trust • Local outreach programs – Recurring events offer consistency and legitimacy – Annual food/clothes/school supply drives – Scholarships – Seasonal nominations • Keep focus on providing value to community, but maximize link opportunities
  24. 24. MAXIMIZING RELATIONSHIPS • Leverage existing relationships in the community – Organizations you donate to – Organizations you volunteer with – Organizations you are a board member of • Make use of media and small business relationships
  25. 25. LINK BUILDING BEST PRACTICES • White Hat vs. Black Hat link building • White hat - Natural links through press or lawyer profiles • Black hat - hidden spammy keyword links on a page only the Google Bot sees, not users • Identifying spammy sites • “submit link here” • Low domain authority • International sites (.in, etc) • Broken Link Checker WP Plugin - resource intensive • Deactivate and uninstall after check. Check every 6 months • No Reciprocal Link Building
  26. 26. LINK BUILDING TIPS THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX Old School - Infographics (have potential to go viral) • Visual representation of information • Use proper outreach tools (BuzzStream, Cision, etc.) to make personalized outreach efficient New Ideas - Podcasts and FAQ Videos • Post on authoritative sites • Leverage your experts
  27. 27. KEEPING A HEALTHY LINK PORTFOLIO • Ahrefs - Useful tool to review backlinks and the rating/score of a potential referring domain or page • Monitor links to see where/why links might be lost TIP – Often these tools are inconsistent. Be sure to check against Google Console and other SEO tools.
  28. 28. LOCAL SEARCH Creating a Healthy Reputation in Your City
  29. 29. ORGANIC SEARCH & RANKING IN LOCAL PACK • Google My Business signals • Local citation signals • Review signals • Local link-building signals • Authority of website is a central factor • Link signals • On-page & technical signals • Behavioral signals LOCAL SEARCH ORGANIC SEARCH
  30. 30. • Have your ad show up in the local 3 pack PAY PER CLICK LOCAL AD EXTENSION
  31. 31. • Local Ad Extension - If you have competitors dominating the local pack - this is a good way to still appear locally • About 1 in every 3 queries returns a local pack ad LOCAL 3PACK - AD EXTENSION
  32. 32. • Multiple local ad extension appear in the map view PAY PER CLICK LOCAL AD EXTENSION
  33. 33. • Local pack may not show multiple results in the same building for same practice area ○ results are filtered to improve user experience • Others will be suppressed, though they may show in organic ranking or when you zoom in on map view • Plan accordingly for office expansion LOCAL 3PACK - FILTERING
  34. 34. GOOGLE MY BUSINESS • Build out GMB profile for visibility and legitimacy • This is the information people see when searching on Google Maps • New features are constantly coming out
  35. 35. IMPORTANCE OF KEEPING YOUR GMB PROFILE UPDATED • New features are constantly coming out in order to gain more information on user interaction with your business • Most important fields ○ Name ○ Address ○ Phone Number ○ Primary Category • A complete profile Allows for enhanced GMB Insight
  36. 36. EXAMPLES OF NEW FEATURES • Posts • Messaging • Business Descriptions • Additional Phone Numbers • Date business established • Short URL
  37. 37. GOOGLE MY BUSINESS INSIGHTS • Provides data on user engagement with GMB ○ 1 week, 1 month, 1 quarter timespans • Example of information ○ Queries used to search for your business ○ Map views vs Search views ○ Customer Actions (visit site, call, message, etc.) ○ Phone calls by day of the week
  41. 41. COMMON GMB ISSUES • WeWorks and Regis offices are sometimes recognized • Trouble verifying your location ○ Video verification does not have to be live anymore • Appealing GMB suspensions ○ New process for appeals • Trouble gaining access to an old GMB profile
  42. 42. REVIEWS: THE ULTIMATE CONVERSION FACTOR Learn how, when and why to get them!
  43. 43. REVIEWS DO: • Consistently monitor your reviews • Make it easy for clients! • Create a process DON’T: TIP: Timing is key. Ask for review right after winning a case • Pay for reviews • Engage negatively with bad reviews • Allow average to fall under 4 stars
  44. 44. DEALING WITH NEGATIVE REVIEWS DO: ● Report the review to Google from the primary owner or manager access account DON’T: ● Respond negatively to the review ● Response immediately to the review Flag as inappropriate
  45. 45. THIRD PARTY REVIEW PLATFORMS ● Review Gating against GMB Guidelines ● Items to look for in a review platform ○ Dedicated review page hosted on their website (for SEO value) ○ Does the platform allow your review to appear in rich snippets? Greater visibility ○ Easy to respond to reviews from the platform
  46. 46. QUESTIONS? CONTACT US! BLUSHARK DIGITAL (202) 664-8444 | info@BluSharkDigital.com BluSharkDigital.com If you have any questions about SEO or would like to Learn more, text “SEO” to (347) 661 9999