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Moms & Me Time

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What do mom's do with their stolen moments?

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Moms & Me Time

  1. 1. MOMS& “ME TIME” A BLOGHER RESEARCH STUDY IN PARTNERSHIP WITH 99% 96% WATCH TV INDULGE GET ACTIVE ENJOY THEIR MEDIA EVERY MINUTE COUNTS 52% ALCOHOL 49% MANI/PEDIS 50% TV 49% SURFING WEB/ PLAYING GAMES ONLINE 6% PAD OUR TIME WHEN THE FAMILY VACATION 22% SEX 19% MY DEVICE!! 24% ADD ANOTHER 5 LBS OF MOMS SAY “TIME FOR MYSELF IS IMPORTANT FOR MY PERSONAL WELL-BEING” OF MOMS ARE INTERESTED IN MAKING MORE TIME FOR THEMSELVES OCCUPIED PLACES WE LOCK OURSELVES INTO TO “STEAL A MOMENT” WHAT DO MOMS DO WITH THEIR STOLEN MOMENTS? WHAT MOMS WOULD (AND WOULDN’T) GIVE UP FOR “ME TIME” MOMS ARE NOT ABOVE STEALING MOMENTS OF FREE TIME 33% OUT RUNNING ERRANDS 73% ENJOY A BOOK OR MAGAZINE 49% SURF THE WEB AND PLAY GAMES ONLINE 76% ENGAGE WITH OTHERS ONLINE VIA SOCIAL MEDIA 40% GET OUTDOORS 50% ENJOY AN OCASSIONAL TREAT 56% TV REALLY IS AN OCCASIONAL BABYSITTER (and so is the tablet 28%) 54% PURSUE HOBBIES 50% THE BATHROOM IS OUR HAVEN 48% EXERCISE 35% NOT JUST KIDS FAKE BEING SICK 59% “I offered to DRIVE FRIENDS TO THE AIRPORT, just so I could get out of the house and have a nice, quiet drive back by myself!” “I’ve ARRIVED EARLY TO DENTAL APPOINTMENTS just to have the extra 20 minutes in the waiting room.” “I GET UP AN HOUR EARLIER THAN I NEED TO just to have time by myself.” UP FOR GRABS DON’T TOUCH Source: The Moms and Me-Time survey, in partnership with fruitwater® 2014, BlogHer Visionaries Sample=415 BlogHer (www.blogher.com) is the leading cross-platform media network created by, for and with women in social media. BlogHer Visionaries is a dedicated panel representative of BlogHer's community of 20,000 influencers who reach an audience of 100 million across premium blogs, Pinterest™, Facebook®, and Twitter™. ©2014 glacéau. glacéau® and fruitwater® are registered trademarks of glacéau. Q: What would you give up for an extra hour a day for “me time?” THE CLOSET THE BATHROOM THE CAR