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Buyer presentation

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Buyer's presentation from Blair Humes

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Buyer presentation

  1. 1. Let’s find your new home. Blair Humes, Broker/Owner Realtor®
  2. 2. Blair Humes, Broker/Owner Realtor® Based in Western Washington Bio: Grew up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, went to college at San Luis Obispo and Sacramento State Universities, went to Sea as a Merchant Marine for 16 years, built several homes in the Gig Harbor WA area, owned a Franchised Retail Store of a National Chain in the Port Orchard area for four years, currently own an E- Commerce store, am a Professional Class A driver as well as a Formally Trained Chef, World traveler of over 37 different countries and circumnavigated the glob three different times, working Author, community activist, and Professional Real Estate Agent. About me
  3. 3. About my business Moved to Western WA1992 Bought/Built 1st home on Raft Island 1996 Broker Associate at KW West Sound Realty 2011 Best of Trulia / Top Agent Award 2014 Started own company, BDH Realty – Powered by eXp Realty 2016 Blair Humes is a real estate broker for eXp Realty working throughout the Kitsap Peninsula with specialties in buying and listing properties, relocation, foreclosure, commercial, and property management. His dedication and enthusiasm for real estate are second to none. Blair works tirelessly with a team of professionals to teach the First Time Home Buyer Education Seminars sponsored by the Washington State Housing Finance Commission for absolutely no cost to students. Whether you are a first time Home Buyer, current owner, or an investor, you will find his knowledge of the real estate market comforting. Blair Humes: your local expert on the Kitsap Peninsula.
  4. 4. Why I’m the best Realtor for you What really sets me apart from other agents is my diverse background in business, construction, fine arts, travel, marketing, sales, technology, and having lived on the Kitsap Peninsula since 1992. My Unique Process
  5. 5. What my clients are saying Eric Sachs “John is a true professional. I’d recommend him to my friends and family in a heartbeat.” Nathan Froelich “John is guided us through the entire process. If we move again, John is the first person I’m calling. He’s the best Realtor in town.” Ethan Conley “John is a great real estate professional. His negotiation skills are the best in the business, and saved us a ton of money!
  6. 6. Getting started Some of the first things we will need to discuss: • Finding the right home • Agency Relationships • Financing • Search tools • Making an offer • The Transaction • Closing day
  7. 7. Financing • Choosing a lender • Band vs. Broker • Application • Pre-Approval • Types of loans • Credit • Closing costs • Down payment
  8. 8. Finding the right home Understanding what you’re looking for is a top priority. Let’s talk about the features of your future home. • Location • Price • Square feet • Bedroom and baths • Style • Features • Schools
  9. 9. • Transaction Broker • Referee • Facilitates Transaction • Buyers Agent • Coach • Increased Responsibilities • May offer opinion or past experience • Requires an Agency Agreement Agency Relationships
  10. 10. Search tools • Agent search • MLS • Agent network • My website • Customer search • Websites • Yard signs, opens houses, model homes, friends, FSBO • High-tech tools • Automated home search system—checks for new listings everyday and notifies both agent and buyer
  11. 11. Making an offer • Assist you in pricing • Prepare the offer • Present and negotiate • Going under contract My Promise to You Finding you the right home and closing the offer are two of my main goals. I promise I will make myself available through all means of communication from beginning to end until I hand you the keys to your new home!
  12. 12. The transaction • Maintain and monitor dates and deadlines • Communicate with you • Communicate with lender • Communicate with other agent • Inspection process • Final walkthrough
  13. 13. This is the big day! I’ll accompany you to closing, answer any questions, and verify the closing paperwork matches our purchase contract. • Bring your identification • Everyone who is purchasing the property must be present. If this is not possible let me know in advance. • You will need to bring a certified check or wire your down payment and/or closing costs. Closing day