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How to create a go to digital workplace solution using office 365 Intranet

In this presentation, we will show you how to create a comprehensive digital workplace solution using Office 365 intranet and tools.

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How to create a go to digital workplace solution using office 365 Intranet

  1. 1. How to Create a Go-To Digital Workplace Solution Using Office365
  2. 2. Agenda 2 1) Introductions 2) What is a digital workplacesolution 3) How to better manage your business on Office365 4) How to create a digital workplace solution onOffice 365 5) How to bring it all together into one cohesive workplace solution(demo) 6) Q&A
  3. 3. Microsoft Gold Partner for15+ Years Focus Office 365 Users SmallandMedium- SizedBusinesses Enterprise (teams anddepartments) Expertise Intranet/business portals SharePoint Office 365 Microsoft platforms Who WeAre: BizPortals Solutions FullService Product / Development Implementation Office 365Services 3
  4. 4. What is a digital workplace solution? 4 Source:Deloitte • Enhancesproductivity • Minimizes spending • Brings in the righttools • Supports mobility • Focuseson employeeexperience • Housesyour intellectual capital
  5. 5. Collaborative Workspaces & Team Communication • Organizecompanystructure into department and teams sites • Collaborate withshared tasks,calendars, discussions, and documents • Chat, social, andvideo conferencing Document and Content Management • Collaborate andco- authordocuments • Powerful searchto find anycontent • Categorized results for easy navigation How to better manage your business on Office 365 5
  6. 6. • Manageyourportfolioand individual projects w/ consolidated dashboard view • Define project teams, assigntasksand duedates, track issues,and create custom trackinglists • Conduct groupdiscussions, share documentsand notes Project Management HR & Employee Management • Easily add HRinformation, announcements, policies, and benefits • Employee on-boarding, off- boarding, and performance management Office Forms • Replace commonly used paperformswith pre-built electronic forms • Automate multi-stage workflowsfor reviewsand approvals How to better manage your business on Office 365 6
  7. 7. Other Key Office 365 Features • Automated ProcessWorkflows / BusinessProcessManagement • Search • Employee Directory • BusinessReports andAnalytics • Information Accessand Mobility • Integration with ExternalSystems 7 How to better manage your business on Office 365
  8. 8. SharePoint HR Email Notifications 8 Cloud Storage Team Chat Forms Project DiscussionsDocuments Video Conferencing Projects Data& Reports Task Dashboards SmartTeamSites Tool How to create a cohesive digital workplace on Office 365 ERP CRM QMS Sales
  9. 9. Benefits of a digital workplace solution on Office 365 9 • Powerful Ecosystem • CostSavings • Quick Implementation • Built for Future
  10. 10. Steps to Creating a Go-To Digital Workplace on Office 365 10 1) Think about your needs and painpoints 2) Align needs with Office 365tools 3) Use SharePoint as your hub &launchpad 4) Bring it alltogether 5) Benefit from a cohesive and comprehensive workplacesolution
  11. 11. A simple way to organize, connect, and manage critical parts of yourbusiness all on the Office 365platform.  Revs up SharePoint into a productivityhub  Provides more than just collaboration tools – Projects, HR, Forms, and more  Integrates with Office 365 tools and business applications  Built for SMBs – simple, concise, and secure Bring your business and Office 365 together. 11 The BizPortals 365 Product
  12. 12. The BizPortals 365 Product 12  Single, easy-to-use, accessfrom anywhere workplace solution  Integrates functionality acrosstools, but keepscomplexity behind thescene  Go-to productivity tool that automates and reducesbusywork  Ready-to-go solution to minimize IT,setup, and maintenancecost  Asmart investment that scalesand gets more out of your Office365
  13. 13. Contact info: https://www.bizportals365.com bizinfo@bizportals.com 13 Thank You!