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Business process automation with office 365

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Automating repetitive and manual business processes, workflows, and tasks is moving the needle of business efficiency and simplifying employees’ lives. Organizations that embrace Business Process Automation have cut costs, saved time, and eliminated errors. All while reducing their IT burden, improving employee productivity, and ensuring stronger accountability and compliance.

Little do businesses know – Office 365 can be used to easily automate a wide range of workflows and tasks from simple to complex.

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Business process automation with office 365

  1. 1. Business Process Automation with Office365 Copyright © 2015–2017 BizPortals Solutions
  2. 2. Agenda 1) Introductions 2) Business Process Automation on Office 365 3) Building Business Process Automation on Office 365 Copyright © 2015–2017 BizPortals Solutions
  3. 3. BizPortals Solutions Full Service Product / Development Implementation Office 365 Services Expertise Intranet/business portals SharePoint Office 365 Microsoft platforms Focus Office 365 Users Small and Medium- Sized Businesses Enterprise (teams and departments) Microsoft Gold Partner for 15+ Years Copyright © 2015–2017 BizPortals Solutions
  4. 4. Common Challenges Companies Face  Paper Forms  Manual Processes  Lack of Accountability and Communication  Lack of Proper Record Keeping and Compliance  Disparate Systems Copyright © 2015–2017 BizPortals Solutions
  5. 5. Business Process Automation Capabilities with Office365 DigitizeForms Automate Workflows Integrate with otherSystems Automate Reporting Streamline CommunicationEnsureAccountability, RecordKeeping, and Compliance Copyright © 2015–2017 BizPortals Solutions
  6. 6. Types of Business Automation with Office 365 HR / Admin  Time-off management  Expense and purchase approvals  Invoice processing  Employee on- boarding/off- boarding  Performance reviews/tracking I Operations  Work orders  Inventory management  Quality management  Project management  Compliance approvals  Financial Reporting IT  Help desk tickets  User rights provisioning  Infrastructure Purchase Requests  IT Systems Monitoring and Alerts Notifications  IT Reporting Copyright © 2015–2017 BizPortals Solutions
  7. 7. Business Process AutomationExample - Form Processing Manual Process Automated Process Locatethe current version of theform Print,Fill, andScan Email / Hand Hard Copyto Manager Manager Approval Email / Hand Hard Copy Finance Dept. Final Approval Manually Track & File for Compliance Initiate, fill and submit form Manager receivesemail notification Finance department receivesemail notification Final approval Manager approves Automated Tracking& Filing for Compliance =manualtouchpoint Copyright © 2015–2017 BizPortals Solutions
  8. 8. Building Business Process Automation on Office 365
  9. 9. Getting Started with Business Process Automation on Office 365 Option 1: Build Business Process Automation on Your Own  Create forms and workflows you wish to automate  Document the process  Configure/customize your Office 365  Invest a lot time and money with increased risk Copyright © 2015–2017 BizPortals Solutions Option 2: Go with a turnkey Office 365 Solution  Leverage ready-to-go forms, automation, and integration  Avoid recreating the wheel  Get ongoing product updates, maintenance, and support  Save time and money with reduced risk and quicker ROI
  10. 10. 12 Copyright © 2015–2017BizPortalsSolutions Let us know how we can help Contact info: https://www.bizportals365.com bizinfo@bizportals.com