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ICURO ThingWorx case study

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Case study on healthcare IoT platform published by ThingWorx

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ICURO ThingWorx case study

  1. 1. Page 1 of 3 Case Study www.thingworx.comFacebook Twitter Linkedin Case Study The Internet of Things (IoT) is an evolving industry, with an overwhelming majority of connected products and data living in both healthcare and industrial manufacturing industries. But what do you do with all this information? How can you use it to your advantage, your customer’s advantage, and dissect the granular details that become proactive in fixing problems? ICURO, a digital business outcomes management organization, has implemented a strategy that allows customers in healthcare and industrial manufacturing to access and use information from ICURO’s unifying platform for delivering business outcomes. ICURO’s Healthcare IoT Dashboard
  2. 2. Page 2 of 3 Case Study www.thingworx.comFacebook Twitter Linkedin Case Study Key IoT Business Drivers and Challenges Before developing an IoT solution, ICURO hit a major roadblock with its healthcare platform. Limited data sharing between healthcare providers and insurance companies impeded effective communication, resulting in frequent duplication of efforts and making it difficult for each entity to deliver better care while maintaining reasonable costs. ICURO saw this problem as an opportunity to connect data in one accessible, central location. Bipin Thomas, Chairman of ICURO, remarked, “That’s how we got into the IoT space. To resolve these data sharing issues, we started developing tools and systems that connect products in meaningful ways, enabling both entities to collaborate more effectively.” The healthcare IoT division is led by a uniquely positioned team known as Health Transformers, who specialize in deploying evidence-based research strategies for the emerging consumer-centric healthcare environment. The ICURO Care Studio merges science and consumer-friendly technology to redesign individualized care and integrate it with healthcare delivery systems. We position ThingWorx as being an enterprise platform that has robustness, security, and the capabilities that at an enterprise would look for.” – Bipin Thomas, Chairman of ICURO TheThingWorx Solution: Reshaping Healthcare With ThingWorx, ICURO has enabled access to data by both entities in a central location – eliminating duplicate efforts and reducing costs without negatively impacting the quality of patient care. Thomas added, “In healthcare, everyone is seeking to lower costs. From this perspective, we wanted to build common platforms that would drive cost and process efficiencies for payers and providers.” Healthcare providers are now also implementing the platform to conduct patient care and facilitate patient communications. ICURO is redefining healthcare IT by enabling providers to work with patients remotely and determine proper care through the data being retrieved from patient metrics. By monitoring patients while they are at home, healthcare providers create an ecosystem around the patient and are able to more effectively tailor treatment to patients’ medical needs. With all of this new data, providers are better-equipped to create custom care and more accurately predict and prevent diagnoses. Thomas expanded on the enhancements, “With these measureable improvements in healthcare processes, the quality of patient care and patient enagement metrics went up, but the cost of care came down – because all of these practices are now unified, all under one roof, all on one platform.”
  3. 3. Page 3 of 3 Case Study www.thingworx.comFacebook Twitter Linkedin Case Study © 2016, ThingWorx, Inc. All rights reserved. Information described herein is furnished for informational use only, is subject to change without notice, and should not be taken as a guarantee, commitment, condition or offer by ThingWorx. ThingWorx, the ThingWorx logo, and all other ThingWorx product names and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of ThingWorx and/or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. All other product or company names are property of their respective owners. J6065-Icuro-CS-EN-0116 But, a good number of manufacturers are working with machines, devices, and other equipment that are not connected or ready to send data back to “home base”. These machines must be retrofitted and updated to enable data gathering and communication capabilities. Thomas says, “The main issue here is to design and build products with connected functionality. Retrofitting these machines can be a challenge because you are dealing with different standards and could potentially add on cost to make that machine talk to you.” Many manufacturers see it as a worthwhile endeavor in order to get unfettered access to the wealth of data in their systems. In the meantime, they must continue to push for the inclusion of connected functionality in industrial machines. ICURO andThingWorx:Transforming BusinessTechnology With ThingWorx, ICURO has successfully positioned its platform as a well-established, reliable tool for businesses. ICURO has been able to differentiate itself in healthcare and industrial manufacturing by focusing on the intersection of business and technology; they do this by bringing in a combination of functional and technology teams to enable a unifying IoT platform. Centralizing data in location eliminates the need to gather information from multiple sources, creates new process efficiencies, enhances insights, and improves outcomes. Thomas says these are all factors their clients come to expect. “Basically this differentiates us, not just as an IoT player, but as a unifying IoT platform that is transforming into a unifying intelligence platform.” This differentiates us, not just as an IoT player, but as a unifying IoT platform that is transforming into a unifying intelligence platform.” – Bipin Thomas, Chairman of ICURO Challenges, Solution, and Outlook for the Industrial Manufacturer Having recently expanded into the industrial manufacturing industry, ICURO identified unique data gathering and analysis challenges facing manufacturers. For those opertating large, nationwide or global businesses with operations in remote locations, it can be challenging and costly to get visibility into data on performance. The process typically involves sending a technician to the site to retrieve the data and then analysis is conducted to evaluate operations and diagnose problems – a costly and often ineffective process. To maintain optimal performance, this needed to be done on a regular basis. With ThingWorx, ICURO has built a solution that eliminates these manual processes. Manufacturers are now able to easily access this data remotely, resulting in a notable reduction in costs and significant improvement in data gathering and analysis. Thomas explained, “The IoT platform connects the machines to a gateway that sends all of that data to those who need it. Every part of the machine is sending data to the dashboard in real-time, making it possible to see the status and performance of any system as it is happening, even from across the globe.” Now able to access a wealth of data any time, anywhere, manufacturers gain new, real-time insights into performance and, ultimately, improve overall performance outcomes.