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  1. 1. Profile Dr. Bindu Ajithkumar ABOUT ME Am an operations-management professional who is innovative and self-motivated. Have technical expertise in method development across various analytical technics. I am focused on improving efficiency, quality and revenue in all processes. I find pleasure in transforming vision into reality in the shortest possible time. I enjoy working on new and challenging tasks. I am fortunate to be part of organizations like Shantha Biotechnics, Advinus Therapeutics, GVK, Sigma Aldrich and now MERCK. Experience in different sectors like manufacturing, API, CRO, fine chemicals has helped me acquire skills like people management, customer satisfaction, delegation, prioritization, continuous improvement, project management skills. I believe that learning is a continuous process and taking up new roles has always been the driver for motivating me to achieve new heights as a professional. AREAS OF EXPERTISE Productivity and efficiency improvement through project planning and execution, change management, performance management, continuous improvement, cross-functional co-ordination, communication, training, problem solving and innovation are some my areas of expertise. INDUSTRIAL EXPERIENCE of 13 years December 2010 - Till date at Merck Life Science / Sigma Aldrich Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Joined as Principal Scientist to Analytical Dept then promoted to Deputy General Manager, Lab Operations Current responsibilities/capabilities:  Ensuring smooth work flow of the analytical and packaging departments & people development  Timely delivery of quality tested products and achievement of target cycle time. Contact Details: Mobile number-09740261700 E- mail id-bindu.ajithkumar@sial.com / bindu.ajithkumar2012@gmail.com
  2. 2.  Implementation of change strategies for the departments through operational improvements, automation and trainings to help increase the number of products that can be handled at these labs.  Support in the realization of revenue targets for Lab Ops through various inter-departmental projects.  Collect feedback from internal customers to generate ‘voice of customer’ data  Work with product development, custom synthesis and procurement teams keeping quality and customer inputs in purview to help develop new products to boost revenue and customer satisfaction.  Conduct internal as well as external audit  Plan the CAPEX and manage OPEX  Training to improve analytical strength in areas other than the regular test method eg enzyme mediated testing and synthesis.  Ensuring the successful implementation of SAPNEXT December 2010- November 2014 - Principal Scientist Analytical Department and Sigma Custom Synthesis Lab Core responsibilities  Management of overall activities in the analytical and genomics labs  Optimize the OPEX utilization  Launch new projects focussed on increasing the genomics lab product capabilities.  Lead productivity improvement projects  Training for cross functional departments on scientific topics as well as leadership trainings.  Ensuring that revenue targets are met consistently October 2008-December 2010 Senior Scientist Analytical Department, GVK BIO, Hyderabad Core responsibilities  Lead analytical labs at two units (IKP and Uppal), with two direct reports, total team size was 31  Complete charge of lab activities including analysis of RMs, FGs, IPC samples, using HPLC, GC, IR, NMR, polarimeter, titrators, CHNS, LC-MS equipment.  Optimised the turnaround time for analysis, implemented systematic process which lead to consistent TAT and high quality output. Implementation of Performance Metrics for the team, which helps to determine the manpower utilization efficiency and in turn justifies need for additional manpower etc.  Budget planning and ensuring that expenses are within budget.  Planning manpower requirements and lab expansion activities May 2006-October 2008 Research Scientist Analytical R and D Advinus Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd.,Bangalore Core responsibilities  In Charge of Tech-Transfer Projects for API Intermediates with a group of 4 analysts.  Method developments by HPLC and GC for chiral and achiral molecules.  Stability studies for API intermediates  Forced Degradation Studies for the API Intermediates  Validation studies for in-house developed methods for the API intermediates.  Structure Elucidation Studies for impurities and finished API intermediates.
  3. 3. July 2004-May 2006 Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (DBT) Department of Chemistry Indian Institute of Technology, Madras April 2003-July 2004 Assistant Manager, QA/ANALYTICAL LAB Shantha Biotechnics, Chennai  Overall responsibility of lab functions of the ANALYTICAL LAB with 4 analysts. Educational Qualifications: PhD Gifu University, Japan (2000-2003) MSc Chemistry SN College, Calicut, Calicut University (First Class) 1992-1994) BSc Chemistry Bishop Moore College, Kerala University (First Class) (1990-1992) Rewards /Recognitions 2013-2016 Won Top Solver award 4 times in Innovation@ work at Sigma Aldrich, Bangalore (Global Level) 2012 Second Prize for Team Excellence (Silver Award), Sigma Aldrich, Bangalore (second consecutive award in the category of Team Excellence) 2011 Second Prize for Team Excellence (Silver Award), Sigma Aldrich, Bangalore 2005 First Prize in Poster Presentation at IFCON, Bangalore 2001 Monbusho Scholarship for Foreign Students, Japan (For pursuing PhD) LEARNINGS  Trained on Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) concept which helped in substantial cycle time improvement for analytical lab from 90 % in 2 weeks to 90 % in 3 days.  Lead in advanced improver program (AIP)-which involved selection and execution of high impact productivity improvement projects globally, where by Lab operations productivity was improved by 20 %  Attended Crestcom International Bullet Proof Managers Training-which was a 12 month long training aiming at sharpening the leadership skillsets , as a result of which several operational excellence improvement projects and series of knowledge sharing sessions across departments were conducted. It benefited me as well as the organization
  4. 4.  Lead other activities like Wellness Club which helped me and employees understand more about health and wellness and being part of Woman in Leadership (WIL) forum helped improve networking.  Attended and received certification from TUV for IMS auditor training. PUBLICATIONS IN INTERNATIONAL JOURNALS 1. Bindu Ajithkumar, Vasudevan P. Ajithkumar, Ryozo Iriye,Yukio Doi, and Tadashi Sakai, Spore-forming Serratia marcescens subsp. Sakuensis subsp. Nov. isolated from a domestic wastewater treatment tank. Int J System Evol Microbiol , 53, 253-258, 2003 2. Bindu Ajithkumar, Vasudevan P. Ajithkumar, Ryozo Iriye, Degradation of 4-amylphenol and 4-hexylphenol by a new activated sludge isolate of Pseudomonas veronii and proposal for a new subspecies status, Research in Microbiology ,154, 17-23, 2003 3. Vasudevan P. Ajithkumar, Bindu Ajithkumar, Ryozo Iriye & Tadashi Sakai.Proposal of Bacillus funiculus sp.nov., for novel filamentous activated sludge isolates. Int J System Evol Microbiol 52,1141-1144, 2002 4. Ajithkumar,P.V., Bindu, A., Mori,K., Takamizawa, K., Iriye, R & Tabata, S. A Novel filamentous Bacillus sp. NAF001 forming endospores and budding cells. Microbiology (U.K):147, 1415-1423 , 2001: LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY  Proficient command of English language  Read, write and speak- Malayalam, and Hindi  Speak- Kannada, Tamil, and Japanese. INTERESTS  Interested in photography , travelling , swimming and zumba  Actively participates in social activities like waste management and lake conservation. Further details can be furnished upon request. (Dr. Bindu Ajithkumar)