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24 Way to Grow your MLM Bussines

  1. 24 Ways to grow your MLM business Bill Panopoulos
  2. Surprise your prospects positively
  3. Target the right people.
  4. Be more creative when presenting the products and the opportunity
  5. Focus on what actually interest your customers
  6. Guide you customers on how to think about your company.
  7. Make your promotion exceptionally good
  8. Be at the right place at the right time
  9. Name your product and your service.
  10. Be unshakable in what you are offering
  11. Get rid of self - centered nonsense
  12. Tell you customers all you know. (Within reason)
  13. Be generous with your Knowledge and what you are offering
  14. Make it your purpose to seek new potential customers all the time
  15. Always examine how you present your self on all levels
  16. Write things that lift your customers and tell them.
  17. Be a master on how you present the business opportunity.
  18. Focus on the reasons why your customers should work with you or be apart of your bussines .
  19. Develop your level of enthusiasm.
  20. Tell the story one part at a time. Don’t overload.
  21. Match your Marketing with your business.
  22. Personalize your communication.
  23. Use and take advantage of reference letters.
  24. Give the opportunity to your customers to respond.
  25. Make marketing the mission of your.