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Experiences: The Seventh Era Of Marketing

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My keynote that sums up the introduction to my new book with Carla Johnson called Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing.

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Experiences: The Seventh Era Of Marketing

  1. experiencesThe 7th Era of Marketing
  2. @Robert_Rose Chief Strategy Officer, Content Marketing Institute www.7thEraOfMarketing.com
  3. What do you really do?
  4. First, let’s see how we got here.
  5. 20 years ago - this was the internet
  6. One upon a time, 20 years ago…
  7. This was the internet. And we danced to this.
  8. In other words, we are now to 1995, what 1995 was to…
  9. Is “delight” really out of reach?
  10. Because if you
 thought the
 last 5 years were
  11. What’s your 2020 Marketing Plan?
  12. You’re closer to 2020 than…
  13. You’re closer to 2020 than…
  14. You’re MUCH
 closer to
 2020 than…
  15. You’re closer to 2020 than…
  16. You’re closer to 2020 than…
  17. You’re closer to 2020 than… Almost >
  18. But things change quickly Maybe….
  19. Internet Population 2010 - 1.2 Billion 2020 - 5 Billion
  20. Where does that leave our question?
  21. What do you really do?
  22. Washington Market, New York, 1865
  23. Where is Content Marketing?
  24. Where is Content Marketing?
  25. Where is Content Marketing?
  26. Where is Content Marketing?
  27. Where is Content Marketing? It’s been infused throughout.
  28. What Do You Really Do?
  29. Consumers Have Adapted. We haven’t.
  30. Let’s Not Wait For The Trainwreck
  31. Let’s Evolve.
  32. “In the coming decade, marketing will be re-engineered from A to Z. Marketers will need to rethink,
 fundamentally, the processes by which they identify, communicate and deliver
 customer value.” Philip Kotler, 1999 Kotler on Marketing
  33. What has changed for marketing? 1. Evolution of customer relationship 2. Democratization of content & experiences 3. Marketing’s evolution in the business
  34. The disruption of digital…
 “Relationship” expectations
 have changed
 Loyalty is to the approach - not the product 1. The relationship has evolved…
  35. The slow death of “reach and frequency”
 The ease of publishing fosters “small marketing”
 It’s the power AND the risk of maintaining a brand audience 2. Democratization of content experiences
  36. Evolve beyond organizing by technology & channels
 Marketing must be the strategic differentiator
 We must adapt to create value, not just describe it 3. Marketing’s evolution in the business
  37. “The purpose of business is
 to create a customer. The
 business enterprise has 
 two - and only two - basic
 functions: marketing and
 innovation. Marketing and innovation
 produce results; all the rest
 are costs. Marketing is the
 distinguishing, unique
 function of the business.” Peter Drucker, 1954
  38. Nothing & Everything Has Changed Marketing doesn’t change content’s purpose. Content changes marketing’s purpose. 
 We delight and build audiences as a means to evolve customers. We not only describe value, we create it.
  39. What Have We Learned? Culture is still having breakfast. But lunch may be coming. 
 Silos suck. But content-as-a- function can unify
 9 out of 10 “do content” but 3 out of 10 feel good about it
 Lack of strategy and a process is single biggest gap 60% vs. 7%
  40. “If you can’t describe what your
 doing as a process, you don’t 
 know what you are doing.” - W. Edward Deming
  41. What Do You Really Do?
  42. Content Creation Management
  43. Create
  44. Don’t Plan A Campaign - Create A Movement INSPIRE: because facts don’t change beliefs RECRUIT: one house, one street, one neighborhood, one city…
 PLAN: you’re building a product, not a project
  45. Organize
  46. Organize: Time To Focus The Effort DEFINE: if it’s not real, it can’t be managed WRITE: Document it. Refer to it frequently
 CREATE: the process for content- driven experiences
  47. Organize: Time To Focus The Effort One leader Central, dedicated team Aligned to demand-gen Media lab team Creates content Innovation focused Small team Runs single content initiative Focused on data and insight
  48. Manage
  49. Manage: The Product of Content If you start here, you’ll already be behind. MAP: stories and experiences. Simplify. Reduce content. (yes really) BUILD: content products, not campaigns OPERATE: like a media company, not like an internal agency
  51. Measure: Content, Not The Teams ASSESS: experiences. Don’t mistake the progress toward a goal, for success of the platform EVALUATE: experiences in context, not separately. BALANCE: your portfolio as you would any investment
  52. How Many Steps In Your Buyer’s Journey? X100 2,800 km X50 3,400 km It is infinite.
 Stop mapping every step to content. You won’t. And can’t. Instead, be remarkable at a
 few strategic touch points.
  53. The Buyer’s Journey Is Not A Guided Tour Awareness Experiences
 (Feed interests and passions)
 Nurturing Experiences
 (Build trust and change beliefs) Loyalty Experiences
 (Illuminate shared values)
  54. What Do You Really Do?
  55. I Create Remarkable Experiences
 www.7thEraOfMarketing.com @Robert_Rose www.RobertRose.Net