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  1. 1. WK8P1: The Contactee Movement
  2. 2. Steven Greer’s CE 5 • Greer’s method called CE 5 • Later development of J. Allen Hynek’s concept • Contacts that are initiated by the humans • Via various techniques of meditation and Eastern spiritual practices • Experiences and method are not unique
  3. 3. The Contactees • In the late 1940’s and into the 1960’s • Derisively called the ‘lunatic fringe’ by the UFO communities • Claimed to have seen extraterrestrials and their crafts • To have had contact with such beings • To have been taken rides in their flying saucers. • With messages for mankind: • World peace, human brotherhood, and the need for nuclear disarmament.
  4. 4. Common Traits of Early Contact • Focusing on Mars, Venus, and the Moon. • Contact was often established by some psychic/occult means. • A new branch of occult religion • Many of its early participants had ties to such groups. Contactees George Adamski and Dan Fry
  5. 5. Nick Redfern • “It might come as a disappointment to extraterrestrial nut- and-bolters, but… Such ethereal beings are part of the structure of that much-despised and rather unfashionable idea described by the phrase mystical experience. ”
  6. 6. George Adamski • Adamski wasn’t the first person to claim he’d met an alien, • But he was the first to go public post- 1947. • Most famous “contactee.” • Seized the imagination of popular culture. • Telling tales of ‘actual’ meetings with spacemen • ‘Actual’ rides on spacecraft. • Adamski was able to keep peoples’ interest • Able to connect his Theosophical speculations with the UFO craze https://www.history.com/news/george-adamski-ufo-alien- photos
  7. 7. Palomar Gardens • In 1944, moved to Palomar Gardens • Claims to have seen his first “spaceship” on October 9, 1946. • George got into aerial photography, using his telescope. • Several of his photographs gained media • In 1949 published science-fiction novel • Pioneers of Space: A Trip to the Moon, Mars, and Venus. • Material therein would reappear as part of a factual encounter.
  8. 8. Mount Palomar Observatory • In 1949 works as a cook at a small roadside restaurant • The restaurant’s customers were mostly tourists • On their way to Mount Palomar Observatory • Many associate his address with the observatory
  9. 9. Adamski meets Orthon • November 20, 1952, first face-to- face meeting reportedly occurred • Near Desert Center, in the California desert. • Six witnesses who later signed a sworn affidavit. • Adamski meets Orthon, a man from Venus • In Flying Saucers Have Landed (1953). • Co-author Desmond Leslie
  10. 10. Encounter with Orthon • Orthon’s saucer descends from a huge “Mother Ship” • Smooth-skinned, beardless, and well dressed. • Shoulder-length blond hair • About five feet six inches tall • Ski suit with a broad belt around the waist.
  11. 11. A visitor from Venus at Desert Center • Of the encounter, George wrote: • “…I felt like a little child in the presence of one with great wisdom and much love…”
  12. 12. Orthon’s Revelations • He was from the planet Venus • In an earlier life he had lived upon earth. • Behind flying discs seen around the world • Many lived on earth unbeknownst
  13. 13. Adamski’s Call to Enlighten Humankind • Communicating by telepathy • Space Peoples’ friendly intentions • Concern over “radiations from our nuclear tests.” • Earthlings had better start living according to the laws of the “Creator of All” • Sounded very similar to Adamski’s Theosophical teachings • Must serve as a channel to enlighten humankind
  14. 14. Footprints in the Sand • Adamski discovered clearly defined footprints in the sand • Distinguished by strange symbols and figures. • George Hunt Williamson made casts of the prints • A sketch of which is included in the book.
  15. 15. Visit as Vessel of Higher Truth? • In a letter to a close friend, Adamski wrote: • “Sometimes you have to use the back door to get the Truth across.” • On Adamski’s behalf, it can be said that he was trying to get across certain truths • Desmond Leslie in the foreword to Adamski’s second book: • “We are in no position to sit and split hairs when the very foundations of this planet are teetering on disaster. Read, then, the following with an open mind and see whether the light of its teaching rings true.” (Adamski, 1955)
  16. 16. Socio-religious Teachings Reworked • Sociologist David Stupple pointed out: • Adamski and most of the other leading contactees of the 1950s were utopians. • Were flying saucers merely a means to an end for him and his new age occultism? • The old ideas of the theosophists reclothed in a new mythos • More in line with the spirit of the age that caught fire in public consciousness. Author Desmond Leslie
  17. 17. Adamski’s Earlier Occult Participation • Rooted in the Theosophist tradition • Adamski founded the ‘Royal Order of Tibet’ in Southern California in 1934. • Taught Theosophist ideas of ‘universal laws’ or ‘universal progressive Christianity.’ • Author of several books and pamphlets prior to his extraterrestrial experiences • Teachings suspiciously mirror those of Adamski’s Space Brothers • ‘Space Brothers’ resemble the ascended masters
  18. 18. Rethinking Adamski via Theosophy • As with theosophical masters • Orthon indicated that he had once lived on this Earth. • To be the end result of a long process of reincarnation • ‘Only one who through countless incarnations has attained great spirituality can hope to operate such a [spaceship] unaided.’
  19. 19. On the 20th November (1952) • Enter Mr. and Mrs. Williamson with Mr. and Mrs. Bailey • They were 4 of the 6 people in company with George Adamski… • Williamson was a self-described anthropologist • Interested in the native American accounts of saucer like flying gods • Bailey was a rail conductor and a seriously devoted amateur anthropologist • They both had corresponded about flying saucers • Williamson, George. The Saucers Speak: Calling All Occupants of Interplanetary Craft (p. 76). Unknown. Kindle Edition.
  20. 20. George Hunt Williamson • “I was with George Adamski in November of 1952…The event as it is described…is accurate and true… However, our work in flying saucers started long before our contact with Mr. Adamski.”-From A Lecture Given By George Hunt Williamson On Monday, June 21, 1954 in Detroit, Michigan • The Saucers Speak (1954) • Explains they had several months earlier established contact with E.T.s • When correspondences finally garnered a friendly visit • Williamson, George. The Saucers Speak: Calling All Occupants of Interplanetary Craft (p. 15). Unknown. Kindle Edition.
  21. 21. Meeting the Baileys • “One evening in late summer (1952), Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C. Bailey of Winslow, Arizona, came to visit with my wife and I in Prescott… We spent the… evening together in Prescott enjoying a line supper in town and entertaining ourselves with certain games and parlour tricks. One amusing pastime known to many families as a diverting trick is automatic writing. We thought it would be fun to try it. We had heard that the idea was for one or two people to hold a pencil over a sheet of paper and then see if it would write some sort of a message. Although there are some who seriously consider the writing obtained in this manner to be genuine spirit communication, we never had such thoughts in our minds. We were just doing what many people will do in their own parlour for an evening’s entertainment. In truth, since our dinner, we had just about forgotten the elusive saucers, and now were having a good time. What we did not know was the people of other worlds were watching and waiting for a sign of receptivity on the part of their brothers on Earth, standing by and ready with their superior equipment to contact any and all who sought the answer to their presence in the skies of Earth. Little did we know what we had started with our simple little amusement. It was to change our entire life!” • Williamson, George. The Saucers Speak: Calling All Occupants of Interplanetary Craft (pp. 41-43). Unknown. Kindle Edition.
  22. 22. George H. Williamson • Downplaying of his awareness and prior involvement with occult • Became entranced by the occult in his teens • Deeply influenced by William Dudley Pelley • Star Guests (1950) • Helped produce the group’s monthly publication Valor.
  23. 23. Influence of William Dudley Pelley on Williamson • History remembers WDP as an Occultist and Fascist sympathizer. • Pelley had generated huge quantities of communications via automatic writing • With "advanced disincarnate intelligences“ • Pelley’s co-channeller as described in the book was a prominent NY editor by the name of Mary. • Ideas a mixture of theosophy, spiritualism, Rosicruciani sm, and pyramidism. • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Hunt_Williamson & https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Dudley_Pelley#Spiritualism
  24. 24. Star Guests (1950) William Dudley Pelley • 28th Oct. 1928, 9pm • Author guest of a middle-aged Manhattan editress (Mary) at her personal apartment. • We sat side by side on the divan, I upon her right, and across our two laps lay a four-foot writing board. On the board was a pad of legal-sized writing paper. The right cuff of my hostess’s housecoat was turned back so I could lightly clasp her wrist, and held in her fingers was a vertical pencil. This pencil was writing. The pencil was writing, I say, not the lady. That was the strange part.
  25. 25. The Automatic Writing Message • “Memory is not Memory if we must forever make new Thought-Bodies each time we give up our material bodies. Man will someday known the truth and then he will make new bodies in the image of God. Make no mistake, we are those now in the Light and we have much to tell you. “Music of the Spheres” is no idle phrase, but the center of the mystery of this, our universe. “Where there is harmony there is life, and all discord is death. We of the more harmonious planes, which are next above the planes of earth, make this statement to yours because you are of that company whose bodies are yet of earth by whose eyes are opened to perception of the truth. “Many of us are with you, not alone at this moment but in many moments when you are unaware of our presences. We will make more power for you in all that you undertake if you will but open yourselves more completely to our touch…”
  26. 26. What Moves the Pencil? • In trying to explain who was writing, the editress claimed that it was composed by Invisible Intellects. • Dudley asked if she meant spooks? • She replied, “Illiterate people might refer to them as spooks. Those of us who’ve done considerable research in such matters, have satisfied ourselves there’s such a thing as Disincarnate Intelligence…”
  27. 27. William Dudley Pelley • I found ways on my own after returning to California to transcribe over ONE MILLION WORDS of information that I contend belongs to the higher octaves of life… • For upwards of twenty-two years now, I have been employing such clairaudient faculties…
  28. 28. Station-Stop Planets Pelley’s Vision • “WHAT were men and women? They were cosmic bits of God, to put it in ecclesiastical terms… Had they derived biologically from the essences of this residence-planet, as the purblind scientist assumed? No, they had not, according to this New Intelligence now being revealed by personages who called themselves The Masters… Men and women, in the creative sense, seemed to have been derived from some other planet, or some other set of star worlds, from which they had voyaged celestially to arrive on earth and find habitable.”
  29. 29. William Dudley Pelley • Claimed he had an out-of-body experience • Travelled to other planes of existence devoid of corporeal souls. • "My Seven Minutes in Eternity", • Published in The American Magazine in the late 1920s. • Ability to levitate, see through walls, and have out-of-body experiences at will. • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Hunt_Williamson & https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Dudley_Pelley#Spiritualism
  30. 30. Seven Minutes in Eternity (1929) • In the late 1920s, Pelley lived in a California bungalow with his dog Laska. • One night he had two out of body experiences. • In the first, he fell in a great blue mist till he was grabbed by two virulent men, put on a medical examining table, and told to gather himself. • He was naked but went swimming in a garden/pool that made him lose this awareness. • Subsequent he conversed with one man, Bill, who had been an officer in the southern army of 1918 until he had died instaneously from friendly fire from behind. • Bill told Pelley that he’d been there on this other plane many times and he had also been on earth many times reincarnating.
  31. 31. The Second Sequence in Eternity • In the second, he reenters the lucid dream state on purpose that same night after hearing Bill call to him to return that they weren’t done talking. • This time he reenters without falling and meets many people who are ideals that he feels that he has known intimately throughout his many incarnations. • Likewise, he attracts a living person who he knew back on our plane of existence to him which is some kind of astral zombie type of manifestation without eyes and is possessed by some kind of fiendish agency that suprises Pelley yet changes his perspective on the worldly person who goes unnamed. • Being chased by this type of eyeless zombie, he falls out of the astral back into his material self, awaking in his bedroom around 5am in the morning with Laska at the foot of his bed. • He felt that he wanted to stay and when regaining his physical body he describes it as an excruciating experience of embodiment during his fall back to earth.
  32. 32. Reflections on 7 Minutes via Disincarnate Intelligences • “Did I actually DIE that night?” I asked anxiously. “Not exactly,” came the answer. “When you die actually… you come up into our more radiant dimension to stay for your allotted period on the next stage of your life’s journey, you cannot go back…”
  33. 33. Combining the Occult with Flying Saucers • Pelley’s occultism inspiration to Williamson • The Saucers Speak (1954) wherein: • They commenced communicating through automatic writing • A homemade Ouja board • Morris Code messages over short-wave radio (ham) • Direct telepathic communication with various E.T.s • Communicated with through his dreams
  34. 34. Automatic Writing Gets a Tech Update • “In our endeavor to establish radio contact with the flying saucers or other space craft, a radioman whom we called Mr. R was contacted by Al.” • Williamson, George. The Saucers Speak: Calling All Occupants of Interplanetary Craft (p. 55). Unknown. Kindle Edition.
  35. 35. 22 August 1952 • “On the evening of 22 August 1952, Mr. R saw what he thought was a very small meteor display over Winslow, Arizona. He also observed what appeared to be a very bright light traveling at a high altitude in the sky above him. He turned on his receiver to 400 kc, and many strange signals were heard but not identified… This strange code used a system of dots and dashes.” • Williamson, George. The Saucers Speak: Calling All Occupants of Interplanetary Craft (p. 55). Unknown. Kindle Edition.
  36. 36. Mr. R’s Ham Radio Reception Decoded Saucers Speak: Calling All Occupants of Interplanetary Craft (p. 56). Unknown. Kindle Edition.
  37. 37. Zo’s Self-Description and Life/Death Explained • ‘“This is Zo again…. We know what life is. There is no death, for all life is eternal. Peoples of Saras are afraid of death. But it should be a time of rejoicing for a soul has gone on to greater progressions. Pray for the salvation of Creation. Good night, my beloved friends.’ Saucers Speak: Calling All Occupants of Interplanetary Craft (p. 56). Unknown. Kindle Edition.
  38. 38. Zo Elaborates on Adamski’s Space Ships Williamson, George. The Saucers Speak: Calling All Occupants of Interplanetary Craft (p. 57). Unknown. Kindle Edition.
  39. 39. The Teachings of Williamson’s UFOs • Blend of Christian, theosophical, and hermetic (esoteric) insights • About reincarnation, spiritual evolution, and ascended master type E.T.s • On their mission, Williamson says: • “The UFOs are here to help awaken us… Man has been enslaved by the powers of darkness on this strange little planet…” • Williamson, George. The Saucers Speak: Calling All Occupants of Interplanetary Craft (p. 105-106). Unknown. Kindle Edition.