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Mudhra scheme

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An article aboout the MUDRA Yojana

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Mudhra scheme

  1. 1. MUDHRA SCHEME PradhanMantriMudhra Yojana is a schemeunder theMicro Units Development And Refinace Agency(MUDRA).A new institution set up by the government of India for developing and refinancing activities related to micro units. It was announced during the annual budget of 2016.It helps young and potential entrepreneurs’ by providing loans upto one lakh crore sanctioned under the Mudhra scheme. The scheme is divided into three major types or categories of interventions namely the following  Shishu -loan up to Rs50,000  Kishore- loan ranging from Rs50,000 to Rs5,00,000  Tarun-Loan above Rs5,00,000 upto the extent of Rs10,00,000 These three categories will symbolise the growth, development and funding needs of the young entrepreneurs.The loan amount is allotted by the Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency Bank. Results of the Mudra scheme  Under this scheme 1,65,000 people avail the over-draft facility also to which the government mobilised the US dollar($).  Banks have disbursed Rs 240 billion to 27 lakh small entrepreneurs’.  It has been highly beneficial for the upcoming entrepreneurs’ especially from the rural parts of the country. Advantages of the Mudra scheme The emergence of start-up’s and their success in India is starting to get recognized globally.Foriegn companies have started noticing and are investing in India.
  2. 2. Looking at the advantages of the MUDRA scheme we can see that it is suitable and helpful in providing low cost funding for micro finance institutes, with special preference given to the backward classes. Onemore advantage is there is more liquidity and access for funds for small scale businesses allowing them to work flexibly. The small scale businesses by integrating with MUDRA, would lead to their success. Uniformity in regulations and best practices for the SHG bank linkage programme, NBFC, MFI’s and trusts, societies and non-profit companies engaging in MUDRA activities as MUDRA banks will be the sole regulator for the participants in the Micro Finance Sector. Application procedure for taking a loan from Mudra bank.  Individuals mustspecify to which of the 3 categories their business belongs to.  Shishu category -will be granted loan up to Rs50,000  Kishorecategory-willbe granted loan from Rs50,000 to Rs5,00,000  Tarun category- will be granted loan from Rs5,00,000 to to Rs10,00,000  After preparing the necessary business plan, he/sheshould contact the nearest Public or Private bank where applications of the MUDRA Yojana are available. After the loan is approved a MUDRA card will be given to the individual which can be used similar to a credit card, wherethe individual can buying essential commodities and goods required for his business. Thelimit on the card will be 10% of the business loan taken by the individual. This is the firststep in promoting and producing potential entrepreneurs’ in the country. The schemenot only promotes entrepreneurs but also helps in the development of the countries small scale industries which are a sign of our nation’s heritage and diverseculture. The epitome of this schemeis simply not focusing on FDI’s or MNC’s butencouraging our very own identity and to improvethe standard of the people.