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Presentation of ELA AS

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ELA AS is a Big Data and Data Science Company based in Oslo, Norway but our clients are Worldwide.
ELA AS has a clear mission to make use of data to benefit business in the digital transformation journeys.
#DataForGood is our core corporate responsibility value.

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Presentation of ELA AS

  1. 1. ELA AS Corporate Profile 2015
  2. 2. Agenda Content in Brief 1. ELA AS : Company Profile 2. CIO’s Corner : Besim Ismaili 3. Solution Portfolio 4. Meet Our Team 5. References 6. Alliances 7. Cognic Edge ELA AS www.ela-as.no
  3. 3. ELA AS Company Profile ELA AS www.ela-as.no The model is built to satisfy clients need, to have it locally as much as is needed and the rest can be outsourced to low-cost companies in Western Balkan, but that has proven records of accomplishment working in European and US market. The model as shown in the image is estimated to reduce around 65% of the projects total costs, where in average will be around 80 USD per hour. The model is adjustable from 0 to 100% locally therefore, it’s up to our clients to decide. We are a team of 4 data professionals based in Oslo and 20+ in Balkan region. We have in our local team a GDPR and PSD2 expert that work closely with Business Intelligence, Big Data and Data Science in general. We work full stack, from planning to execution and production, from data integration to data representation, both back-end and front-end. Our work model looks like the image below and we called “the success capsule”.
  4. 4. Besim Ismaili CIO & Co-Founder Over a decade of experience in the field of Information Technology, Data Analysis and Design, Data warehousing, Business Intelligence, Software Development and Financial services. Experienced in implementing / managing large scale complex projects involving multiple stakeholders and leading and directing multiple project teams Track record of delivering customer focused, well architected, quality products on time, while adapting to shifting and conflicting demands and priorities. Experience in Data warehouse / Business Intelligence developments, implementation and operation setup Expertise in Data Modeling, Data Analytics and Predictive Analytics Knowledge in Data warehouse, Data Engineering, ETL Excellent track record in developing and maintaining enterprise wide web based report systems and portals in Finance, Enterprise wide solutions and BI & Strategy Systems Best new employee for 2011 of Nordic Choice Hotels AS. The price was awarded directly from Petter A. Stordalen, well known activist, environmentalist and billionaire Certified from the best Universities in the World including MIT, Harvard University, Stanford University and UC at Berkeley etc… Cognic Systems Pvt. Ltd. www.cognicsys.com
  5. 5. • CRM Analytics • Big Data Analysis • Social Media Analytics • Advanced Analytics • Mobility / Mobile Analytics • Penetration Checking • Security Assessment • Employee Training • Security Policy • Products Installation • QA process assessment and test consulting • Managed testing services • Automation testing • Performance engineering and testing • Enterprise application testing (SAP, CRM, DW, BI) • Web services and service-oriented architecture • Product Engineering Testing • Compliance testing • Analysis & Consulting Services • Desktop Application Development • Web Application Development • Enterprise Application Development • Application Migration & Integration • Application Maintenance & Support Solution Portfolio An Overview Enterprise Application Development1 IT Security – Virosafe AS Partner3 Big Data & Analytics4 Testing Services via Partners2 ELA AS www.ela-as.no
  6. 6. Meet Our Team Talent we have (need to change) From Left to Right Besim Ismaili - CIO Altrim Aliti Nurjeta Ismaili - CEO Rahman Aliu Bottom Line Agathe Tørris (Advisor) Thomas Staven (Numus Partner) Fisnik Kadriu Besar Ismaili + 20 developers ELA AS www.ela-as.no
  7. 7. Client References Patron With Us And Many More… ELA AS www.ela-as.no
  8. 8. Partners : Microsoft, Virosafe, Google etc.. Analytical Edge ELA AS www.ela-as.no
  9. 9. Cognitive Edge Differentiators Domain Specialists Focused Approach On Quality Flexible Engagement Model Latest Technology Impressive References and Track Record Impeccable Business Value to Customers ELA AS www.ela-as.no
  10. 10. The Pitch Differentiators ELA AS www.ela-as.no
  11. 11. • Explain potential of ELA to address target segment needs • Identify potential growth areas for mutual benefits • Formulate a strategy map to meet the desired goalsDemonstrate tailor made solution approach Identify Target customer challenges Engagement Strategy Our Approach would be multi-fold encompassing multi-step method. Gauging the business environment ELA AS www.ela-as.no
  12. 12. A Transnational Company Contact Us : info@ela-as.no ELA AS www.ela-as.no
  13. 13. ELA AS www.ela-as.no