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As we saw with the Finnish ferry, the first autonomous ships will be deployed on simple inland
or coastal liner applications where waters are calm, the route is simple, and there isn't much
There’s also an inland electric container ship, Yara Birkeland, under construction that is
expected to be completed in 2020 and fully autonomous by 2022. Some companies are
building fully autonomous ships from scratch, while other start-ups are developing semi-
autonomous systems to be used on existing vessels. When Rolls-Royce sold its autonomous
maritime division to Kongsberg, it gave the Norwegian company a boost in its goal of being a
leader in the autonomous shipping industry. Samsung is another company that uses machine
learning, augmented reality, analytics, and more to create a smart shipping platform through
its Samsung Heavy Industries division.
Existing cargo ships have the chance to get retrofitted with autonomous technologies thanks
to the efforts of start-ups such as San Francisco-based Shone. Shone’s technology helps crews
with piloting assistance and to detect and predict the movement of other vessels in the
Autonomy in Ships

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