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© 2018 Bernard Marr, Bernard Should You Still Buy A Huawei Phone?

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© 2018 Bernard Marr, Bernard Marr & Co. All rights reserved
Should You Still Buy A Huawei Phone?
As Huawei’s phones aren’t officially available in the US, this post is mainly aimed at readers in
Europe, where Huawei has seen tremendous success in recent years, and other parts of the
world where their phones are readily available and packaged with monthly tariffs by major
mobile operators. Huawei users in China, where Google’s services are largely blocked anyway,
will be mostly unaffected.
In the UK, carriers EE and Vodaphone have both dropped plans to provide the Huawei Mate X
5G from their line up of devices which will access their upcoming 5G mobile networks. EE’s
parent company, BT, said this was because it is unsure what level of support it will be able to
offer in the future to their customers who buy Huawei handsets through them.
In these markets, and others such as Japan where carriers have announced a scaling back of
support for the devices, owners are likely to see a reduction in the level of service available to
them from Google apps, as updates can no longer be applied.

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