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Top 8 languages to work successfully abroad

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Top 8 languages to work successfully abroad: English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Malay, German, Hindi, Russian.

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Top 8 languages to work successfully abroad

  1. 1. TOP 8 LANGUAGES TO WORK SUCCESSFULLY ABROAD ENGLISH English is the de facto lingua franca of the international community. Speaking English doesn’t just open doors in countries like the USA, GB and Australia; it also makes it that much easier to find work anywhere in the world. CHINESE China is bursting with professional opportunities. Learning to speak Mandarin with proficiency will take you far, especially as China's economic power continues to grow. FRENCH There is a high number of countries around the globe where French is at least one of the official languages such as France, the Caribbean, and Belgium. What's more, these economies cover a vast array of industries.. SPANISH No doubt, speaking Spanish will get you far, particularly if you want to work in Spain or South America. Countries like Ecuador are inexpensive and offer great opportunities. MALAY According to the World Bank, Singapore is number one in terms of doing business. Though the locals speak English, learning Malay will open many doors and give you an edge over other foreigners who rely on English to get by. GERMAN Germany is one of Europe's economic powerhouses. What's more, if you speak German, you can also find excellent jobs in Austria and Switzerland. HINDI India is one of the global economies experiencing the most significant growth and the expanding list of companies with offices in India puts Hindi in the top 10 languages you should consider mastering. RUSSIAN Russia has always been big in international business. The added benefit of learning Russian is that it is commonly spoken in many of Russia's neighboring countries, further expanding your options.