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Google Design Sprint (english) #GoogleDE

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An intensive and compact introduction into the method mix from Google Ventures, that combines aspects from business strategy, design thinking, and user research from places like IDEO and Stanford d.school. How the structured process works, and what its strengths are, as well as its comparison and interplay with the established combination of Design Thinking and Lean Startup.

How Design Sprint helps answering critical business questions through rapid prototyping and user testing. How teams reach clearly defined goals and deliverables and gain key learnings, quickly. How the structured process helps to spark innovation, encourage user-centered thinking, aligning teams under a shared vision, and gain insights about a products marketability before launch.

This presentation offers answers to these questions and a lot of practical insights.

#DesignSprint, #DesignThinking, #LeanStartup #GoogleForEntrepreneurs

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Google Design Sprint (english) #GoogleDE

  2. 2.   AUTOMATIC DOORS  Photo: @BennoLoewenberg
  3. 3. @BennoLoewenberg   AUTOMATIC DOORS  Video: @BennoLoewenberg
  5. 5. HILLS ≈ MVP Graphic: @BennoLoewenberg (aft. IBM)  COMBINATION 
  6. 6. Graphic: @BennoLoewenberg (aft. IBM)   DESIGN SPRINT 
  7. 7. LAUNCHIDEATE BUILD LEARN 1 3 4 2 Here it costs a lot of time & money Graphic: @BennoLoewenberg  PRODUCT 
  8. 8. LAUNCH  AGILE  1 3 4 2 Graphic: @BennoLoewenberg IDEATE BUILD LEARN
  9. 9. LAUNCHIDEATE BUILD LEARN  LEAN  1 3 4 2 Graphic: @BennoLoewenberg
  10. 10.  DESIGN  1 2 3 LAUNCH 4 IDEATE BUILD LEARN Graphic: @BennoLoewenberg
  11. 11.  TIMEFRAME  Photo: @BennoLoewenberg
  12. 12.  STRUCTURE  Graphic: DesignSprintKit
  13. 13.  RESULTS  Photo: @BennoLoewenberg
  14. 14.  TOOLS  Graphic: @jakek Theexerciseworksbestwhenyousketchseveralvariationsofthesameidea.Takea favoritepiecefromyourideassheetandaskyourself,“Whatwouldbeanothergood waytodothis?”Keepgoinguntilyoucan’tthinkofanymorevariations,thenlookback atyourideassheet,chooseanewidea,andstartriffngonitinstead.
  15. 15.  TEAM   & SPACE  Photo: @BennoLoewenberg (in “The Garage” at Google)
  16. 16.   1. UNDERSTAND  Graphic: DesignSprintKit Shared knowledge and shared brain View from/illustrate all angles Mapping the problem space
  17. 17. Graphic: DesignSprintKit Individual work Focus and strategy Not the 1st ready, but many ideas   2. SKETCH 
  18. 18. Graphic: DesignSprintKit   3. DECIDE  Collaboratively surfacing the best ideas Narrowing down to what makes sense Building consensus on solutions
  19. 19. Graphic: DesignSprintKit   4. PROTOTYPE  Gaining knowledge earlier on what has potential Rapid Prototyping to test ideas before investing a ton of time, money, or resources Real Enough-Experience
  20. 20. Graphic: DesignSprintKit   5. VALIDATE  Most important part of a sprint Answer the hardest question: “How good is this idea actually ?” Immediate feedback from potential users
  21. 21.  DETAILS  @BennoLoewenberg
  22. 22.   VISION & MOONSHOT  Photo: @BennoLoewenberg
  23. 23.   FEATURES & ROADMAP  Photo: @BennoLoewenberg
  24. 24.   CHALLENGE STATEMENT  @BennoLoewenberg at the beginning of the sprint: We will redesign  {what} to improve the experience  {for whom} because they value  {why} later during the sprint: by  {taking what action}
  25. 25.   EXECUTION TIMELINE  Graphic: @BenoLoewenberg (aft. @kaihaley) NOW SHORT MID and LONG TERM WHAT IS POSSIBLE ?
  26. 26. Graphic: @BennoLoewenberg (aft. @mpowel85) BEFORE SPRINT AFT. WORK TIME  PREPARATION 
  27. 27.   FLEXIBLE FRAMEWORK  @BennoLoewenberg Tailored to each task and team On the fly-adjustments by Sprint Master Method toolbox, no rigit corset/cookie cutter
  28. 28.   TOOLS & TIPS  @BennoLoewenberg
  29. 29.   NO GUESSWORK …  Photo: @BennoLoewenberg
  30. 30.   … BUT THINKING & TESTING  Photo: @BennoLoewenberg (prototyping an elevator cabin)
  31. 31. @BennoLoewenberg  BENEFIT  Ensuring that customer needs have been identified and looked at from different angles Several solutions validated in a very short duration in an early stage & with real users Clear vision of the actual customer acceptance before execution/production
  32. 32.   NO ROCKET SCIENCE …  Photo: @BennoLoewenberg (in a real spacesuit at Eurpoean Space Agency)
  33. 33.   … BUT A PRACTICAL SHORTCUT  Photo: @BennoLoewenberg
  34. 34.   BENNOLOEWENBERG   LINKEDIN / XING / TWITTER  @ Design Sprint