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Minimize time-to-market with UI5

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For a sales-pitch we had to implement a SAPUI5 prototype within two weeks. A mighty framework met the busy-developer everyday life: giga-tons of documents, outdated, not-quite-fitting or vague examples and a small stackoverflow-community. At ui5con we would like to report on how we won UI5 for the light side of The Force. We think that three well-known, badly- or over-documented principles can get you started on ui5 very quickly: The event-bus, two-way binding and expression binding in XML-Views. Keeping those in mind we like to demonstrate the short time-to-market you can achieve with ui5 by the example of our prototype

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Minimize time-to-market with UI5

  1. 1. Minimize time-to-market with UI5 UI5Con Frankfurt, Benjamin Steinvorth, eXXcellent solutions GmbH
  2. 2. #me 2 | Benjamin Steinvorth l HANA-Stack l Senior Project Manager eXXcellent solutions GmbH l Stuttgart, Ulm, München l Culture-driven Development l ~100 People - Hiring!
  3. 3. Talk About Nice Things 3 | Two-Way Binding Two-Way Binding and MVC-Pattern Event-Bus Event-Bus and Two-Way Binding Nice! Inter-Page Routing Aggregation- Binding Expression- Binding XML-Views and Dynamic Controls Nice! = Narrative + Imperative + Clean + Easy
  4. 4. 2-Way-Binding Angebotspräsentation eXXcellent solutions4 | Model View 2-Way-Binding State of the View is persistent in the model Model-attributes used in the view are always in sync Pull all view-attributes From a Model
  5. 5. Two-Way binding and MVC-Pattern 5 | Model View Controller Model View Controller 2-Way-Binding Events Manipulate Manipulate 2-Way-Binding !!
  6. 6. Event-Bus 6 | Criteria.controller.js Consumer Emitter
  7. 7. Event-Bus and 2-Way-Binding 7 | Searchbar.ctrl Event-Bus 2-Way-Binding Criteria.ctrl Preview.ctrl Controls.ctrl ) addCriteria) setCrit ) updateData :critEntered :updatePreview :adjust Controls :eventEmitter ) eventConsumer XML- View XML- View XML-View Controller Model 2-Way- Binding
  8. 8. Inter-Page Routing Angebotspräsentation eXXcellent solutions8 | l What‘s the point in using a router if I have to add all pages anyway?
  9. 9. Inter-Page Routing 9 | /index.html#/customers /index.html#/trans/2
  10. 10. Inter-Page Routing 10 | https://openui5.hana.ondemand.com/docs/api/symbols/sap.ui.core.routing.Route.html#constructor https://openui5.hana.ondemand.com/docs/api/symbols/sap.ui.core.routing.Targets.html#constructor l Since March 2016: l December 2015: sap.ui.core.routing.Targets ???
  11. 11. Inter-Page Routing 11 | Index.html router.js
  12. 12. XML-Views: Dynamic Control Creation Angebotspräsentation eXXcellent solutions12 | „Your competitor told us that XML-Views do not support dynamic control creation.“
  13. 13. XML-Views: Dynamic Control Creation 13 | Expression Binding Aggregation Binding JSONModel XML-View Property Binding
  14. 14. l Thank you! l Questions? Angebotspräsentation eXXcellent solutions14 |