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This is an overview for SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1808. for more details, please checkout: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083C3X8YY ERP Made Simple: ERP Explained in 80 Pages or Less

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  1. 1. HANA Integration •SAP Delivered (for SAP cloud-to-cloud; max time-to-value; eg SF-EC, Ariba) •Template Based (SAP OP to Cloud) •Customer Driven (using SAP API) Side-by-sideExtension In-App Extension •In-App Key User •Managed (ABAP in App) •Classic (for OP Only) •Custom fields, forms, reports •Custom table •Custom logic (ABAP web) Extensibility Explorer •Restrict Syntax •Whitelist API •Adapt UI at Runtime •Custom Field & Logic App •Custom BizObj App •Custom CDS Views App •Custom AnalyticalQuery App •Smart BizModeler App •Report Design Modeler App •AnalyticalApp base on APF •Form Template App (Adobe) •Email Template App •UI Extension •Integration •New Solution * Extensions are transported by HANA import/export HANA Extension F2S Workshop 1.Review Best Practice 2.Demo Concept + Scope-item 3.Discuss process fit to reqt 4.IdentifyDelta reqt 5.IdentifyRequired Config 6.Enable Customer runs Scenario (std) •F2S Workshop •Soln Definition •Scenario Demo (Std) •Delta Reqt •Release Planning Fit2Std Appliance Semantic Adaption •Fiori •S4 Innovation •Customcode •Integrationoption •View Soln Scope •Configure your soln •Test Your Processes •Guided Migration •Train / Learn More MyS App F2S Accelerators SAP BP Explorer •Business Process Flow •Test Script •Integration/API List SAP Roadmap Explorer •SSCUI/ExpCf references •Biz Questionnaires •Backlog Template Others •S-System, SAP LH, LearnCenter App UM Activate Pillars •Best Practices •Methodology •Guided Config https://www.linkedin.com/in/benytx/ SAP S/4 HANA Cloud, Methodology, Scenarios •OP (S4 HANA On-Premise) •CD (S4 HANA Cloud) •HEC (S4 HANA Enterprise Cloud) •STE (ERP Cloud, Single Tenant Edition) •SAP CAL (Cloud Appliance Library) •CP (Cloud Platform) •CPI (Cloud Platform Integration) •MP (Maintenance Planner) •DVM (Data Volume Management) •CVI (Customer Vendor Integration) •OM (Output Management) •CDS (Core Data Services) •CFIN (Central Finance) •SUM (Software Update Manager) •DMO (Database Migration Option) •RDS (Rapid Deployment Solution) On-Premise Private Cloud Public Cloud S4 HANA Cloud HEC SAASIAAS PAAS HANA Digital Core Base-on Base-on Intelligent ERP P Q S BP Activated (w/ data) BP Not Activated S4 HANA Cloud (Single Tenant) IMG Config Soln Package •Sales Presentation •Project scope, schedule •OrgUnit, MD overview Scope Item •Scope factsheet •Process Diagram •Testscripts BuildingBlock •Buildingblockfactsheet •Config guides •Activationcontent DM KM (Consultant enablement) (Customer enablement) UG •Enterprise •Marketing •Professional KM KM EUT Finalize Doc STE Received Q Request P immd (ensure same release level) Q Perquisites •F2S complete •Config defined •OrgUnit defined •CoA defined •Q-Questionaire •Transports •Non Tpt Setup •Defects Cutover KM Continuous Learning New Scope •MyS – Manage Your Solution •OCM – Org. Change Mgmt •SSCUI – Self-service config UI •ExpCf – Expert configuration •DM – Data Migration •KM – Knowledge/Training Mgmt •UM – User/Access Mgmt •Biz Test – Business Testing •Reg Test – Regression Testing •UG – Upgrades •CLM – Content Lifecycle Mgmt Proj. Initiation & Governance T Scenarios New Implement Landscape Transform System Conversion On-PremiseCloud On-Premise CloudOn-Premise HECHEC HEC Migrate Tools •MigrationCockpit (MC) •MigrationModeler (MOM) •Data Services Tool (DS) Transform Tools •System Landscape Transform Services (SLT) Selective Migration (Value-based) Maintenance Planner Custom Code Inspector System Reqt MP Pre-Check Custom Code SUM (+DMO) Follow-on Checks •Biz Function •Industry Soln •Add-Ons Stack.xml Migrate Tools •MigrationCockpit Only (Cloud is highly Standardized, with fixed MigrateObj) SAP Migrate Svc •Project Mgmt •Archit/Infra •Perform/Scale •Op. Readiness S4 HANA OP+HEC •Reqt Driven •31days Trial •All LoBs, Industries •Solman7.2 Support •IMG •UG customer pace (HEC -> Annual cycle) S4 HANA Cloud •BestPract. Driven •14days Trial •Selected LoBs Only •Implement. Portal •SSCUI •UG Mandatory (Quarterly) S4 HANA Implementation Fiori CDS Preparation Deploy Options •Embedded •Central Hub •Cloud Edition Fiori AppLib Functionality •Check Tcode->App •Check App Ready •Search & Filter •Aggregate view (Export TL->Auto Cf) •Recom Relv App Discover Prepare Explore Realize Deploy/Run Operation Run Preset Exploring, Evaluating, Scoping Project Plan Team Setup Target Soln Scope,Time Simplification List Prerequisites: 1. ECC 6.0 & Above 2. Unicode 3. Pure ABAP stack Assessment Onboarding (+migration) Infra (SLA) Appl Mgmt OP -> HEC •Standardized (Focused Scope) •Innovation (Qtr Releases) •Landscape (Public Cloud) •Timeline (12-25wk) •Roles (Client own more tasks) •Support (SAP Cloud Support) S4 HANA Cloud Differentiators CLM CFIN •SAP FI •SAP Cash •SAP BPCFiori Objects RoleUser TileGrp Catalog AuthManage Tile •Concept •Design •Technology •Phases •Deliverables •Tasks •Accelerators Best Practices SSCUI Custom Code Tools •SQL monitor identifies bottlenecks •UPL identifies dead codes Tips •No native SQL/Hints; No sort assumption •Avoid “SELECT *”; Use “WHERE” clause •Push-down with HANA function for Aggregating, Filtering and Sorting •No more pooled/clustered table Protects personalization (SSCUI) from unwanted change UI5 •Fiori base on UI5 technology •UI5 app has less guided design HDB Log Trends for HANA 1. AffordableRAM 2. Multicore CPU 3. OptimizeCache *Disk no impact on performance Disk is needed for serialization •RowStore •ColumnStore Data Aging: 1. Hot 2. Warm 3. Cold ABAP Managed •AcIF •MDG •ECS ACDOCA •GreenField •BrownField •BlackFieldGenerally: 1. Business->Scope 2. CIO->Sponsor Purpose •Planning for actual conversion •ImplementS4 Compliantitems CustomCode MigWorklist Category •Change in functionality •Functionalitymissing with S4 •Functionality"still" available, but not targeted RDS Benefits: 1. OLAP Aggregating 2. Parallel (Column) Processing 3. Aggressive Compression Reduced Data Footprint Aggregate Line-item On-the-fly * Linkage to MP HANA Cloud UM ERP Cloud ERP in the CloudERP OP Savepoint (every 5min) IAAS + Managed Svc Solution Manager 7.2 •Ariba •Concur •Hybris •FieldGlass •FinSvcNetwk •SuccessFactors Landscape SAP Applications SAAS CP Integration Services Cloud Platform (CP) CVI Steps to CVI •Prepare •Synchronization •Conversion •Post Processing Sizing Sizing Aspects •CPU (“SAPS”) •Memory (GB) •DB Space (GB) •Disk IO (oper/sec) •Bandwidth (MBPS) DVM Activate Methodology Supported by Certified Hw SAP MM SAP SD Scope decides MIG Object iPAAS Business Testing •Zero Footprint •Testing as a Service •Data Independent •Best Practice •Agile Support •Fiori UI (User focus) SF-EC Maintain BizUser App Import Employee App BizCatalogApp IAM InfoSys App Stakeholder Mgmt Cycle Backlog Document OCM OCM OCM OCM Review Review Initiate OCM Measures Define OCM Concept Cutover Plan 2-tier ERP •Governance, Visibility •Optimized Cost/Speed •Less Complexity,Risk •M&A, JV, Divestiture Reg Test Legal Content Mgmt 1.Biz Activity 2.Residence Period 3.Block Period 4.Deletion •Soln Impact (BP) •Gap identified •Config values reqt •Forms, Auth reqt Testing Plan Extension reqt Integration reqt Output reqt (activities) (output) (Customer enablement) MyS App Request Q-System S-System will be decom in 30days Reg Test BizDriven Config Questionnaire Dryrun in Q-System Real run in S-System Demo Best Practice Solution in Q-System Change •SSCUI •ExpCf (SAP SvcCtr) •Sprint & Confirm •Weekly Transport Soln Realization Biz Test Demo Best Practice Q-System not active Predel ‘ID’ (eg CoA) can be edited •HTTPS (ODATA/SOAP) •CDS •BAPI/IDOC Managed Svcs •CP Auth Svc •CP Integration Svc •Form-as-a-Svc API Biz Hub

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This is an overview for SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1808. for more details, please checkout: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083C3X8YY ERP Made Simple: ERP Explained in 80 Pages or Less


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